Guidelines for novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects

3.2 personnel access 3.2.1 set up temperature monitoring points at the entrance of the construction site to detect the temperature and check the “Health Code” of all personnel entering the construction site, and check their identity and health status.

The principle of special personnel for construction machinery should be adopted, the processes and processes on the construction site should be optimized, and information technology means should be used as much as possible to reduce personnel contact, aggregation and cross operation.

4 construction site management 4.1 construction site preparation 4.1.1 closed centralized management shall be adopted at the construction site, and the real name attendance system for entry and exit shall be strictly enforced.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work guide 1, general 1.1, is to thoroughly implement the Central Committee and State Council’s decision and plan for the prevention and control of epidemic situation of the new crown pneumonia, and comprehensively implement the overall prevention and control strategy of “external defense input and internal anti rebound”.

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1.2 1.3 under the unified leadership of the local Party committee and government, the local competent housing and urban rural construction departments and relevant departments at all levels shall adhere to the principles of prevention first, scientific management and accurate prevention and control, strictly implement the industrial supervision responsibilities, practically strengthen the guidance on the normalized prevention and control of epidemic situation on the construction site, and urge all parties involved in the construction to strictly implement various prevention and control measures, Ensure the normalization of epidemic prevention and control in place.

Vehicles that need to enter the construction site shall be disinfected..

The supervision unit is responsible for reviewing the work plan for normalization prevention and control of epidemic situation on the construction site, carrying out inspection and putting forward suggestions.

4.2.2 all participating units shall strengthen project quality management and implement quality responsibilities in accordance with the construction law, regulations on quality management of construction projects and other laws and regulations and mandatory standards for project construction.

Strengthen the improvement of environmental sanitation on the construction site, eliminate the blind area of sanitation, ensure the normal use of hand washing facilities on the construction site, and provide soap or hand sanitizer.

3 personnel management 3.1 health management 3.1.1 strictly implement the personnel management and control requirements of the project location, verify the identity and health information of project personnel by relying on information means such as the national integrated government service platform and the real name management system of construction site, and do not recruit and hire privately, and do not use casual workers and labor personnel without health information, It is not allowed to deploy and use labor personnel unorganized between projects, and it is not allowed to use labor personnel who need to be isolated and observed according to relevant regulations.

3.1.2 the project department shall carry out health management for all personnel employed by all parties involved in the construction according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, establish a “one person, one file” system, and accurately grasp the health and mobility of personnel.

4.1.3 all participating units shall, in accordance with the principle of combination of purchase and storage, economy and efficiency, reserve an appropriate amount of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing, disposable gloves, alcohol, disinfectant and intelligent temperature detection equipment that meet national and industrial standards, and establish a material reserve account to ensure the normal prevention, control and protection of epidemic situation at the construction site and personnel.

3.2.3 key people who really need to return to the construction site, such as inbound personnel, personnel in medium and high-risk areas, close contacts and discharged patients, shall return to the construction site after strictly implementing the relevant regulations of the project location and verifying that the “Health Code” is correct, and do health monitoring and follow-up for at least two weeks.

We should focus on strengthening the quality management of key links such as pile foundation and concrete to effectively ensure the project quality.

The general contractor shall be responsible for the organization and implementation of the normalization prevention and control of epidemic situation on the construction site.

3.2.2 if external personnel really need to enter the construction site temporarily, the project department shall designate a special person to connect.

Special recycling bins (garbage cans) for waste epidemic prevention materials shall be set in public areas, and the special garbage cans shall be disinfected regularly.

3.3 personnel protection 3.3.1 the project department shall distribute protective articles to employees according to the needs of epidemic normalization prevention and control, and establish material account.

3.3.2 it is necessary to wear masks in closed places with dense personnel and when contacting others at a distance of less than 1m.

  2 construction of prevention and Control System 2.1 establishment of epidemic situation normalization prevention and control system.

3.4.2 strengthen public health education and training, and guide construction site personnel to develop good health habits such as frequent hand washing, frequent ventilation, scientific wearing of masks, use of public spoons and chopsticks.

4.1.2 the office, meeting room, living area and other places for personnel activities shall be ventilated, cleaned and disinfected regularly, focusing on the disinfection of densely populated places (areas) and frequently contacted articles (parts).

According to the joint guidance and prevention mechanism of the State Council, the guidelines for the prevention and control of epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia are formulated, combined with the actual situation of construction industry, the guide is formulated.

Before entering the construction site, the temperature shall be measured, the identity and health status of personnel shall be checked, and they can enter only after verification and registration.

All participating units (including construction, construction, supervision, etc.) shall formulate the epidemic situation normalization prevention and control work plan of the project in combination with the actual situation of the project, establish and improve the work system and organization, clarify the responsible department and person for epidemic situation prevention and control, set up full-time epidemic situation prevention and control posts, and improve the epidemic situation prevention and control management system.

All parties should perform their respective duties, strengthen cooperation, and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control and quality and safety.

4.2.3 strengthen the inspection on the safety status and on-site protection of building hoisting machinery, deep foundation pit, formwork engineering and support system, scaffold, temporary power facilities for construction and urban rail transit engineering, timely rectify the problems found, leave no dead corner, and strictly implement the safety production responsibility system.

4.3 construction area management 4.3.1 regularly disinfect confined and narrow spaces and long-term contact parts such as basement, pipe gallery, sewer, construction machinery, hoisting machinery cab and operation room, and form a standing book.

The office area, living area, construction area, material processing and storage area and other areas shall be separated, the enclosure and enclosure shall be tight and firm, and the flow of personnel in the site shall be realized as far as possible.

The project leader of construction, construction and supervision is the first person responsible for the normalization prevention and control of epidemic situation and quality safety of the unit project.

If the site does not meet the conditions, it shall be set in different places according to the standard.

2.2 strengthen the main responsibility of epidemic normalization prevention and control of all parties involved in the construction.

The construction unit is the general leader of epidemic normalization prevention and control of the project, and is responsible for the command, coordination and guarantee of epidemic normalization prevention and control on the construction site.

The construction site shall be provided with isolation rooms and isolation areas that meet the standards.

3.4.3 publicity and education shall be conducted in batches in an open and well ventilated place as far as possible, and the personnel interval shall not be less than 1m.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work is carried out scientifically and orderly in housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects.

4.2 construction organization 4.2.1 when preparing construction organization design and special construction scheme, the construction unit shall add a special chapter on epidemic normalization prevention and control, and put forward specific measures such as optimizing construction operation and reducing personnel aggregation and cross operation.

Anyone with fever, dry cough and other symptoms shall be prohibited from entering, and shall be reported and handled properly in time.

3.4 publicity and education 3.4.1 strengthen the publicity, education and training of epidemic prevention policies and health knowledge of construction site personnel through billboards, bulletin boards, special lectures, online training, pre shift education, technical disclosure, etc., and strive to improve the prevention awareness and prevention and control ability of employees.

Construction site personnel shall correctly use and store disinfectant, disinfection equipment, alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials to prevent accidental swallowing, poisoning or fire.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common guideline for the prevention and control of pneumonia in the new building.

Cooks, garnishes, cleaners and other key groups working in closed public places shall wear masks, and the project department shall do a good job in daily management.


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