The Student Party Branch of the School of Architecture and Engineering held the 39th and 40th Party Joining Activists’ Third Party Class

First of all, Li Kai focuses on the obligations and rights of Party members, and emphasizes dedication and achievement.

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At 19:30 on March 19, 2023, the Student Party Branch of the School of Architecture and Engineering held the 39th and 40th Party Class for Party Joining Activists in Room 102 of the Adherence Building.

In order to further strengthen the study of the basic theoretical knowledge of the Party by Party Joining Activists, improve the theoretical level of Party Joining Activists, and ensure the quality of the development of new Party members.

Through this party class study, activists for joining the party have expressed that in their future life and study, they must be strict with themselves, race against themselves, keep forging ahead, constantly improve and improve themselves, and strive to approach the party organization.

As an active member of the Party, you must learn to use your spare time to seriously study the latest theoretical knowledge of the Party, conscientiously implement and learn the Party’s policies and strategies, and take practical actions to approach the Party organization.

Subsequently, Fang Peihong explained to the students the basic conditions and procedures for joining the Party.

The rights and obligations of being a qualified Communist Party member are inseparable.

Through systematic teaching, activists for joining the Party fully realize the long road to joining the Party and the efforts that need to be made.

Straight Anchor

The keynote speakers are student party members Li Kai and Fang Peihong.

Wu Ling, secretary of the student party branch, student party members, activists for joining the party, and all members of the party affairs group attended the party class.

Click on the blue letter to follow our 39th and 40th issues of the Third Party Class Learning for Party Joining Activists.

Fang Peihong hopes that the activists who join the Party will continue to strengthen their ideological construction, constantly enrich themselves, arm themselves, and improve themselves with the important thoughts of the Party, strive to join the Party as soon as possible, and realize their greatest value in life.

Fulfilling obligations is the prerequisite for exercising rights, while exercising rights is the guarantee for fulfilling obligations.


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