What are the first works of architects like?

Johnson himself said that his glass buildings have been trying to “solve the same problems as ashstreet houses”.

some people complete their first work by building a house for their relatives; Some works can see a strong personal style, while others are completely different from his later style; Some make architects popular, while others are rarely mentioned.

However, this project was deleted from the collection of works edited by Alto himself.

Even the back beam support also indicates the trunk sinking on the inclined ground.

At least it is a good place for parties and afternoon tea.

Ambitious design sketches waited a long time before they gathered into the first project.

  02 Frank Lloyd Wright hillside home school   Wisconsin completion time: 1887 in 1887, a young architect without a degree found that the job market in Chicago did not meet his preferences.

The Mies layout is determined by the existing structure.

The colored patterns on the facade of kobusier in the apprenticeship era refer to the grooves of the fir cone.

Under the guidance of what his mentor silsbee called “the home building” when he was young, Wright showed his emerging talent.

Sullivan hired him to design the auditorium and theater project the second year after the school was built.

Some people have completed their works in their early 20s, while others have been entrusted after more than 10 years of honing; Some people buy their own land and do their own party A.

It is a work reflecting regional ideology.

Johnson’s home has been praised by the teachers and students of Harvard architecture school.

Later, the building was described as the “best example of the United States” of Smith van row’s attitude towards architecture.

Pei combines innovative design and exquisite negotiation skills.


  05 Alva Alto alaj ä RVI youth center, Finland completion time: as a college student in 1919, when he won the job, alto had completed a small public project for the town – the granite monument of the Finnish civil war.

Philip Johnson is a rare architecture student who can not only realize his thesis project, but also complete it before graduation.

After five companies and five rejections, Frank Lloyd Wright, who lives with relatives of his neighbor oakparker, decided to find a family friend to help, hoping to find a stable job.


Lyman silsbee, a prolific architect, had offices in Buffalo and Chicago.

What are the first works of 18-year-old Corbusier and 43-year-old Zaha? 01 Le Corbusier Fallet villa, Switzerland completion time: 1906 this work was designed by Corbusier when he was 18 years old.

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Pei received a good architectural education, his performance in the first project proved his mastery of financial knowledge.

From then on, the geometric abstraction of nature and the spiritual mission of architecture run through Corbusier’s career.

Johnson repeated the design many times, partially challenged by the shortage of materials during World War II, but it was finally completed in 1942.

Marble and fixed glass panels, installed from the inside to the outside, make it easier to build a simple rectangular box.

The entire 50000 square foot building took only four months from start to finish.

It gives people the impression of a traditional school building.

New designers are full of longing for their first work, and architects are no exception.

Pei once drank cocktails here.

Pei Bay oil building, Atlanta, USA completion time: 1952   In the late 1940s, businessman zeckendorf established a huge empire and decided to carry out real estate development and construction.

Alto’s design is a contemporary expression of contemporary simple classic works.

Actual view of Gulf oil building before it will be demolished   04 Philip Johnson 9ashstreet residence   Massachusetts completion date: in 1942, the early career of most architects was full of unconstructed concepts and experimental dead ends.

There is not much description of the project.

The completion of this project made Corbusier stand out and win more projects.

On the recommendation of a friend, he met with I.M.

In this project, I.M.

The house is far away from its dense Cambridge block and hidden behind its own wall, just like a turtle hiding in its own shell.

Pei in 1950 although I.M.

This small feature provides some personality.

Compared with Le Corbusier’s more exciting masterpiece of modernism, these examples of regionalism seem less typical, but villafall is a key starting point.

According to scholar Richard Weston, this small project fully conforms to the characteristics of the early stage of Alto’s work and can be defined as “Nordic classicism”.

According to William Curtis, an architectural historian and writer, the house is built on a slope and is intended to be a reflection of the surrounding Alpine scenery and forests.

The businessman appreciated Pei’s wisdom and ability, and the young architect also left a good impression on the developer.

Pei’s first conceptual design, the helix residential project in 1949, was not completed, but another opportunity soon appeared in Atlanta.

So he decided to buy a piece of land on Ash Street and build the project designed in his paper – a self owned house.

Young Johnson’s house on ashstreet is an open courtyard house with 9-foot-high walls surrounding the courtyard and connected to the building itself.

There are many stories behind their first completed work.

More coincidentally, it was later found that part of the reason why he was hired to design the city National Bank building and Iowa City Park Hotel was that Party A’s family had read the school and learned about his design.

Within two weeks, a series of the same compartments are assembled into a skeleton frame to form the outline of a central open workspace surrounded by the administrative office.

Perhaps the architect himself felt that the building was not as revolutionary as his later projects, or used new modern technologies and materials..

In 15 years, the building will be replaced by a new building designed by Wright.

After Alto’s influential buildings such as the Finnish National Museum in Helsinki in 1912, this youth center shows the present and future of Finnish architects, and walks out of the recent dominant romantic trend.

The youth center was originally a small U-shaped building, a functional structure with some features on the top.

The lines of the balcony are designed to reflect the appearance of the fir branches with heavy snow.

Because of his rich family, Johnson was a millionaire in his twenties.

The designer also haggled over the raw materials and persuaded the nearby Georgia marble company to reach an agreement with him.

The owner asked for a shiny new office space for Gulf oil company, but the budget is only $7 per square foot.

The popular residence was a hot spot for aspiring architects and designers, and more important for his booming career at that time.

Despite their differences in personality, the two hit it off at once.

This is to provide people in it with the space closest to the glass house experience, and try to create openness where it does not exist.

Pei, a 30-year-old professor at Harvard University.

The school played an important role in Wright’s early resume.

What the school looked like when it was built 03 I.M.

Gropius often comes to this party, and I.M.


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