Witness together! Unveiling ceremony of smart building research center of China Housing Association

Among them, we have cooperated with Intertek construction group to develop the world’s first set of flexible and intelligent manufacturing equipment for reinforcement cage, and made major breakthroughs in the industry.

It gathers the resources of backbone enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and well-known experts in the field of smart building, carries out innovative R & D and political, industry, University, research and application cooperation, and is committed to cultivating and promoting the high-quality development of smart building industry..

Secretary General Chen Yiming and director Chen Zuxin came to the stage to unveil the smart building research center.

On October 28, “2021 China Real Estate Technology Innovation Conference” was successfully held in Nanjing.

At present, the company has become a member of the construction robot Standard Committee of China Construction Standardization Association, reached in-depth strategic cooperation with several leading enterprises in the construction industry in China, and jointly promoted the innovative development of advanced intelligent construction technology.

Among them, we have applied for 8 international invention patents, 17 domestic invention patents, 6 soft works and more than 100 utility model patents.

The Institute will continue to focus on the field of intelligent construction, focus on building construction robots / intelligent construction equipment, industrialized intelligent production technology of building components, R & D and industrialization of intelligent management technology on construction site, break through the key technical bottleneck of the development of intelligent construction industry, and build an open industrial innovation system with the comprehensive ability of intelligent construction system solutions, Build an intelligent building industry service platform with close connection between “technology and market”.

The ceremony was presided over by Gao Xuefeng, Deputy Secretary General of the housing Technical Committee of China Real Estate Association.

Hunan Gugong robot Co., Ltd., the core operating entity incubated in the intelligent construction division of our institute, participated in the unveiling ceremony as an invited enterprise and became one of the main co construction member units of the “smart building research center of China Real Estate Association”.

The conference attracted nearly 400 representatives from national real estate enterprises, design, construction and parts enterprises.

Liu Zijing, general manager of solid robot, attended the meeting as a representative and witnessed the unveiling ceremony.

Wire Lifting Loop

The conference also held the unveiling ceremony of the smart building research center of China Real Estate Association.

[China real estate smart building research center] in June 2021, with the approval of China Real Estate Association, China Real Estate Association smart building research center was established to comprehensively promote the construction and evaluation of smart building projects.

     Based on its own core technology development and application platform for robots and intelligent equipment, Changsha intelligent robot research institute established the intelligent construction business department in early 2019 and incubated and established the solid robot, a company focusing on the R & D and industrialization of intelligent equipment (robots) and prefabricated building smart factories in the construction field, by the end of 2020.

The smart center of China Housing Association is an open innovation platform established around the technological innovation and development of smart building industry.


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