Guangxi Xinchun construction engineering recruitment (monthly salary 4-8k, five insurances and one fund, including food and housing, weekend

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Cooperate with the project manager to manage the construction progress, quality and safety of the project site; Complete the accurate recording and sorting of various accounts of on-site hydropower project construction; 6.

Be responsible for the overall accounting and tax declaration of the company, ensure that the accounts are clear and the finance is clear, and ensure the standardization of the company’s financial work;   4.

Qualifications: 1.

Be responsible for the audit of accounting vouchers, general ledger and Sub Ledger, and actively cooperate with the group company in the audit and inspection of financial work.

Familiar with engineering cost accounting and cost control; Understand new materials and domestic project cost dynamics; 4.

Be responsible for the preparation of hydropower project schedule, process control and solving technical problems in the construction process; 3.

The company is headquartered in room 1204, Haotian garden complex building, No.

Accounting Supervisor (1 person) 6-8000 / month job responsibilities: 1.

Engaged in relevant civil engineering budget and settlement for more than 3 years, with cost controller certificate or budgeter practice certificate (construction) is preferred; 3.

Be responsible for the inspection and acceptance of important parts and concealed works during hydropower construction to ensure that the direction of water circuit is safe and practical, and the design should be reasonable; 5.

Welfare benefits including food and accommodation, weekend weekends, five insurances and one fund, holiday welfare contact information email: Telephone: 0771-5611003 address: welcome to the 36 friends of Baisha Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Proficient in financial and office software, practical operators of Kingdee and other financial systems are preferred.

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Complete the work temporarily arranged by the superior.

Technical secondary school or above, proficient in computer; 2.

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Work with a sense of responsibility, hardworking, good professional ethics and professionalism; Strong execution, strong team spirit.

High sense of responsibility, hardworking, positive and progressive, good professional ethics and professionalism, strong communication and coordination ability and team spirit, and can coordinate and solve problems in the construction process.

With the assistance of cash accountant, be responsible for dynamically providing monthly project cost status, organizing monthly and periodic cost analysis meetings, and timely and accurately providing cost analysis reports and improvement and rectification measures; 5.

Technical secondary school degree or above in industrial and civil construction, hydropower related majors, holding the electrician certificate of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development is preferred; 2.

Familiar with accounting and tax workflow, able to do accounts independently, familiar with industrial and commercial, tax and banking business; 4.

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Be responsible for calculating and reviewing the quantities and quota man days of the labor cost of the project, establishing the labor cost account, and summarizing and analyzing the labor cost when the project is completed; 3.

Civil engineering budgeter (2 persons) 6-8000 / month job responsibilities: 1.

Quick thinking, strong acceptance ability, independent thinking and good at summarizing work experience; 6.

At least 2 years working experience in building material warehouse management of engineering construction unit; 3.

Hydropower constructors (2 persons) 6-8000 / month job responsibilities: 1.

Be responsible for sorting and analyzing the economic visa (including on-site visa, technical scheme visa), design change and other data handed over by the project department, and hand over them for filing after confirming the cost; 4.

At least 5 years accounting experience in construction industry, with accounting qualification certificate and primary accounting qualification certificate is preferred; 3.

Have a sense of responsibility, be good at communication, obey arrangements, bear hardships and stand hard work, and consciously abide by the company’s rules and regulations.

Be responsible for the budget and settlement of Party A’s single and unit projects, the quantity work, timely submit the material summary sheet, sub divisional and sub divisional material summary sheet, and conduct economic and technical analysis.

Be responsible for submitting the completed output value report of the current month to Party A and the company according to the monthly project progress; Calculate the workload plan according to the monthly schedule provided by the project department, and be responsible for submitting the planned statement of quantities and output value to the company and Party A; 2.

Qualifications: 1.

Be responsible for the audit of expense reimbursement and payment and tax related work to ensure the financial security of the company; 5.

36-1 Baisha Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning, Guangxi.

Be responsible for the construction management within the scope of hydropower discipline, coordinate hydropower projects and guide the work of labor units, so as to ensure that the project progress meets the overall progress requirements, and the project quality meets the national specifications, industrial standards and internal requirements of the company; 2.

Familiar with CAD, Guanglianda, Boao and other cost and office software; 5.

Recruitment post project warehouse keeper (1 person) 4-5000 / month job responsibilities: 1.

Have good communication skills, careful, dedicated, hardworking and have good professional ethics; 5.

At least 5 years working experience in project hydropower management, familiar with relevant management processes of on-site hydropower projects, master CAD, and have strong drawing ability; Master the use of office software; 3.

job wanted! Official account name card is reliable.

Be responsible for the management and storage of its warehousing equipment and materials; 2.

Company operation: construction labor subcontracting; Various engineering construction activities; Real estate development and operation; Engineering cost consulting business; Engaging in investment activities with its own funds; Engineering management services; Information consulting services; Sales of building materials; Sales of daily wood products; Sales of cement products; Sales of thermal insulation materials; Wholesale of hardware products; Retail of hardware products; Sales of office supplies; Retail of Arts and crafts and collectibles; Sales of daily necessities; Leasing of construction machinery and equipment; Mechanical equipment leasing.

I wish you all a good job! Company profile Guangxi Xinchun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Major in accounting, college degree or above; 2.

Be responsible for receiving, warehousing, safekeeping and receiving of purchased materials, and establish various detailed accounts to ensure that the accounts and materials are consistent, accurate and clear, daily clearing and monthly settlement and intact.

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Qualifications: 1.

Qualifications: 1.

Be responsible for the quality control and dosage control of materials and equipment used for hydropower in civil engineering; 4.

College degree or above, engineering cost and other related majors; 2.

Supervise the financial operation of the company according to the financial plan, such as budget and final accounts, cash flow, tax, etc; 3.

was established on February 8, 2017 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million.

Be familiar with the current construction company’s workflow, accounting treatment and tax policies; 2.


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