The first person of modern architectural design in China: LV Yanzhi

On September 20, 1925, he won the first prize in Zhongshan Mausoleum design, the first international design competition held in China, and became famous at home and abroad (Fig.

In late June 1921, Xuan was employed as an engineer by Hong Kong Jinxing weaving factory.

Sun Yat Sen’s two major buildings in memory of his death, the Zhongshan Mausoleum in Nanjing and the monument to the Zhongshan Memorial Hall in Guangzhou, are the first prize works of the Chinese government soliciting design schemes from the world for the first time and the second time, and they are all famous by the same Chinese architect! The architectural design master is Mr.

In early 1921, he returned from Europe and joined the Shanghai Branch of Murphy firm to continue the design work of Jinling Women’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Yan Boyu introduced him to Beijing Wucheng school and studied under the famous scholar Mr.

LV Yanzhi then returned to Tianjin.

LV Yanzhi (1894-1929) was named Zhongyi and Gu Yu (Figure 1).

Some researchers believe that this is the first firm established by Chinese people themselves Fig.

In the autumn of 1921, Huang Tanfu resigned from Hong Kong company, transferred to Shanghai and joined southeast construction company as the “director of textile department” In 1923, Huang Tanfu and LV Yanzhi jointly founded Zhenyu company.

Sun Yat Sen’s Mausoleum – front elevation of the sacrificial hall Fig.

In 1911, Tsinghua School was initially established (renamed Tsinghua School in 1912) In 1913, he went to the United States at public expense and entered Cornell University [3], majoring in electrical engineering first, and then transferred to the Department of architecture.

For example, Huang Tanfu attended the foundation laying ceremony of Zhongshan Mausoleum on March 12, 1926 and spoke at the ceremony meeting (see manuscript 2 above).

LV Yanzhi, the most famous architect in modern China, and the only architect who received official praise during the whole period of the National Government: “Nanjing: decree of the 11th National Government: LV Yanzhi, architect of the preparatory office for the prime minister’s funeral, has excellent knowledge and has the courage to work.

Huang Tanfu, a close friend of life and death.

On October 30, 1927, Huang Tanfu arrived in Guangzhou and met with the Preparatory Committee of Dr.

This decree (special telegram of the 11th)” [1] 1.

3 design of Dr.

He should be praised and a burial fee of 2000 yuan should be given to show his preferential treatment.

25 Renji Road, Shanghai As a branch of Zhenyu company, LV Yanzhi is mainly responsible for architectural design and construction drawing; Huang Tanfu is responsible for external liaison, project planning, supervision and other affairs.

From 1917 to 1921, Huang Tanfu studied wool spinning at the University of Leeds, England Department.

122 Ninghai Road, Nanjing), Yanjing University (now Peking University), etc.

His ancestral home is Tujiao village, xiaojiangxu, Taishan, Guangdong Province.

Objectively speaking, this experience of assisting Murphy architects in his work and investigation had a great impact on LV Yanzhi and laid a deep foundation for his future creation.

Sun Yat Sen’s Mausoleum – aerial view of the mausoleum and all front elevation views Fig.

LV Yanzhi forgot to eat and sleep and applied for medical treatment, and won the title again (Fig.

He once followed Murphy to investigate the buildings of the Forbidden City in Beijing (LV Yanzhi, who graduated from the Chinese Academy of the Qing Dynasty, should have visited the ancient buildings in Beijing and other places long ago) , he mapped and sorted out a large number of ancient architectural patterns in China.

Huang Tanfu’s collection drawing 7 design competition plan 6 – section drawing of the Memorial Hall (effect) LV Yan’s direct drawing.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and monument”.

In 1904, his second sister LV Jingyi followed his husband Yan Boyu (the eldest son of Yan Fu, an enlightenment thinker) went to Paris, France to become the counselor of the Qing Dynasty in France.

Huang Tanfu collects Figure 6 design competition scheme 4 – front elevation of Memorial Hall (effect) LV Yan’s direct drawing.

He suddenly died of illness just after the completion of the project.

LV Yanzhi.

In 1918, he graduated from the Department of architecture of Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

In 1911, Huang Tanfu and his family Huang Yuxiu went to a grocery store in Liverpool, England as an apprentice.

Sun Yat Sen’s Mausoleum – side perspective view of the sacrificial Hall (oil painting) on November 3, 1925, LV Yanzhi and the “Preparatory Committee for the prime minister’s funeral” in the name of “Yanji architectural office” He signed the design contract for Zhongshan Mausoleum, served as the architect of Zhongshan Mausoleum, and immediately devoted himself to the intense drawing work.


Today we can also see the legacy of Mr.

4 Design of Dr.

Second, LV Yanzhi behind him: Mr.

Huang Tanfu paid to keep these data.

2 design of Dr.

LV Yanzhi Drawings, models, photos of the construction process of Zhongshan Mausoleum and Zhongshan Memorial Hall and other relevant materials cannot fail to mention Mr.

PVC Chamfer

Huang Tanfu (1898-1969), famous in the country, is called “Tanfu” Photo 8 Huang Tanfu was born on March 27, 1898.

He was jealous of talents and the superstar died early.

Huang Tanfu’s collection in October 1927, LV Yanzhi and Zhang Guangqi, Zhuang Jun, Wu Zhenying, fan Wenzhao founded the Chinese Institute of Architects (initially known as the Shanghai Institute of Architects) , Zhuang Jun served as president, LV Yanzhi and fan Wenzhao served as vice presidents respectively.

4) [7] two days later (22nd), LV Yanzhi and Huang Tanfu founded “Yanji architectural firm” under the name of “Zhenyu company”.

In addition to Qiu Xiejun, the special architectural engineer of LV Yanzhi, who reported to the Preparatory Committee of Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall on the foundation of the Memorial Hall in October 1928, Huang Tanfu was the Plenipotentiary of many major negotiations..

On November 27, 1927, he participated in the work of the Art Committee of the University; in May 1928, he served as a member of the Art Education Committee of the University [8] LV Yanzhi, who had been overworked for a long time and worked meticulously and conscientiously, became ill from overwork.

7) It is unprecedented that two newly registered architects of young people undertake the design and supervision of the two most important projects in a country at the same time and have a great impact on future generations.

LV Yanzhi also went with him and received enlightenment education in France.

Lin Shu [2].

In March 1922, he resigned for some reason and turned to the University He worked for the southeast construction company [5] established by Guo Yangmo and Huang Xilin.

In 1908, Yan Boyu left office and returned home with his family members.


He remembers his labor and regrets deeply.

Figure 5 design competition scheme 3 – memorial hall plan (effect) LV Yan draws directly.

After returning home, he served as Zhizhou under Li Hongzhang and died in 1903.

On February 23, 1926, Guangzhou Republic Daily published “offering a reward for the design of Dr.

  At the beginning of 1926, LV Yanzhi was hospitalized [9], and Huang Tanfu had full powers to handle affairs on behalf of LV Yanzhi many times and perform internal and external duties.

Huang Tanfu and understand the life course that Mr.

The plans and drawings for the construction of the prime minister’s Mausoleum this time are new and hard-working.

Figure 1 portrait of LV Yanzhi was born in Tianjin on July 28, 1894.

Then he joined Murphy [4] (Henry K.

Resume of Mr.

By coincidence, he was accepted as an adopted son by Clark, a female teacher of Leeds middle school, and was allowed to study in Leeds middle school.

At the beginning of 1921, LV Yanzhi resigned from Murphy architects in New York, traveled to Europe, and met Huang Tanfu at the Louvre in Paris, France.


In 1925, after LV Yanzhi won the first prize in Zhongshan Mausoleum international design competition, he cooperated with Huang Tanfu to establish “Yanji architecture office” at No.

Murphy) in New York During this period, he assisted Murphy in his projects in China, participated in the design of Jinling Women’s College of Arts and Sciences (now Nanjing Normal University, No.

Sun Yat Sen’s Guangzhou Memorial Hall (the seventh meeting) On June 20, 1928, Huang Tanfu, in his capacity as the Plenipotentiary of LV Yanzhi, attended the 12th meeting of the Preparatory Committee of Guangzhou Memorial Hall On January 15, 1929, the foundation laying ceremony of Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall and monument was held in Guangzhou, and LV Yanzhi, the Plenipotentiary of Huang Tanfu, attended.

He died in the early morning of March 18, 1929 at the age of 35.

His father LV Zengxiang, an official of the Qing Dynasty, once served as counselor of the Embassy in Japan.

At the beginning of 1928, he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

After the expiration of the contract of Southeast Company, LV Yanzhi and his best friend Huang Tanfu [6] left the company and jointly set up “Zhenyu company” to undertake architectural design, repair design and house leasing.


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