Group day activity on the theme of “reform and opening up” of the College of Architectural Engineering

The giant ship China has firmly set its course, broke through dangerous beaches and fought against torrents, completely got rid of the plight of narrow waters, opened up full horsepower, cut waves and waves, and successfully sailed into a new and broad world.

This great reform and opening-up, which has never been seen in history, has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of people and made China successfully realize the great historical turning point from a highly centralized planned economic system to a dynamic socialist market economic system, and from closed and semi closed to all-round opening-up.

The source of strength lies in the people, and the fundamental purpose is to seek prosperity for the people.

It is summarized and refined by the masses in practice, the wisdom of the masses and the collective wisdom.

This is a common ideal and firm belief, so that we can unite all forces that can be united and strive for the people’s own interests.

Group day activity with the theme of “reform and opening up” of the College of Architectural Engineering      Since the reform and opening up, China has undergone great changes that have not been seen in thousands of years, which has attracted worldwide attention and recognized.

The mighty wave of reform and opening up has allowed China to integrate into the broad world and let the world discover a new China.

2020 art design class   Learn Shi Mingli, learn Shi Zengxin, learn Shi Chongde and practice history.

Reform and opening up is not achieved overnight, but seeking truth from facts, and adhering to drawing ideological nutrition and forward force from the people’s activities of creating history.

We are all witnesses, participants and witnesses of reform and opening up.

This “change” is not only an astonishing miracle of economic take-off, a change in ideas, systems and mechanisms, but also a reborn change in China from “standing up” to “getting rich” to “getting strong”.

The reform and opening up of 2021 construction cost class has become the most distinctive feature of China’s development in the new era.

Never forget the original heart, remember the spirit of revolutionary struggle, and let our spirit of struggle for the people pass on from generation to generation!     2021 architectural interior design class      The theoretical quality of reform and opening up lies in seeking truth and pragmatism.

Whether China’s future reform and opening up can continue to develop in depth is not only related to the solution of a series of deep-seated socio-economic problems we are facing, but also related to China’s future future and destiny.

The mass line and the views of the masses are the heirloom of our party and need to be adhered to all the time.

All classes of the College of architectural engineering responded positively, conducted offline learning and exchange, and published their experiences.

It has put forward new tasks and new requirements for future development, and China has embarked on a new historical journey.

On the occasion of welcoming the Centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China, review the party’s history and improve the pattern; Review the history of the party, gather consensus and baptize their own thoughts.

The history of reform and opening up is a contemporary history.

Reviewed by: Wang Xiaoqin, PI Shengmin Instructor: Yuan Ding typesetting: Wang Shuo source: College of architectural engineering..

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     In order to enhance the spirit of the times of reform and innovation, forge ahead, overcome difficulties and take responsibility, Binzhou Vocational College organized secondary colleges to carry out the theme group day activity of “reform and opening up”.

From rural areas to cities, from the economic field to other fields, the process of comprehensive reform is unstoppable; From the coast to the inland, from the east to the west, the door to opening to the outside world has been resolutely opened.

Learning party history will help us strengthen our faith in following the party in the long river of history.

Specifically, we should accelerate the market-oriented reform in accordance with the requirements of changing the mode of economic development; Accelerate the comprehensive rural reform in accordance with the requirements of overall planning and coordination between urban and rural areas; In accordance with the requirements of improving the quality and level of the open economy, we will more actively promote opening to the outside world, accelerate the reform of the social system in accordance with the requirements of social harmony, and deepen the reform of the political system in accordance with the requirements of developing socialist democratic politics.

*** Reform and opening up are the most distinctive characteristics of the times in contemporary China, the most distinctive banner of the times of our party, and the greatest initiative of the Chinese people.

Each generation has its own mission, and each generation has its own destiny.

2021 art design class   *** This year is the opening year of the 19th National Congress of our party.

It is precisely because of reform and opening up that new China has ushered in a great leap from standing up to becoming rich and strong; It is precisely because of the reform and opening up that the Communist Party of China has overcome various risks and challenges under the condition of long-term governance, kept pace with the times and maintained its vitality; It is also because of reform and opening up that we have held up and stabilized the banner of socialism in the world.

Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, our country has undergone earth shaking changes and made great achievements that have attracted worldwide attention.

Studying party history helps us to look at problems from a development perspective.

We must comprehensively deepen reform in accordance with the requirements of scientific development and social harmony.


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