Su Junfeng research group of Xi’an University of architecture and technology WR: n electron shuttle immobilized bioreactor to enhance low C

The low C/N and high efficiency denitrification mechanism of RM immobilized biological treatment system was explored.


For low C / N denitrification, this study The AHAQ was immobilized on polyurethane modified hydrophilic gel carrier successfully, and the stable and efficient operation of RM immobilized reactor was achieved by combining three denitrifying bacteria.

4), which is conducive to enhance the biological electron transfer activity.

The hydrophilicity and long-term stability of RM immobilized carrier were verified by scanning electron microscope, Fourier transform infrared and three-dimensional fluorescence.

Building a multi strain combined immobilization system to enhance the survival and competitiveness of target strains is expected to improve the stability of biological treatment system.

Combined with the FTIR characterization results in the attached drawings of the paper, the material has good biological affinity.

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3) Compared with the control group, NRE, nia and PN are more sensitive to the change of C / N, indicating that RM immobilized reactor can significantly promote the removal of nitrate and maintain the stability of effluent organic matter and biological activity when C / N changes.

First author: Zhang Shuai corresponding author: Su Junfeng paper doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2021.117899 brief introduction of graphic summary results recently, Professor Su Junfeng team of School of environment and municipal engineering of Xi’an University of architecture and technology published a paper entitled “Performance and enhancement mechanism mofredoxmediator for nitratemovalinimmabilized bioreactor with reponderant microbes” (DOI: 10.1016 / j.waters.

3   Correlation analysis for additional parameters in the control (a) andRm (b) reactor.

Combined with scanning electron microscope (Fig.



Combined with three strains of denitrifying bacteria, the RM immobilized bioaugmentation treatment system was constructed, which significantly promoted the reduction process of NO3 — N → NO2 — n.

The enhanced performance of the rmbioreactor system in nitrateandnitriteremoval.

The difference of community function induced by ahaq and the biological synergistic mechanism of high-efficiency denitrification under low C / N conditions were clarified by macrogenomic prediction This study highlights the low C / N denitrification enhancement ability of RM in the combined dominant strain immobilized reactor, and provides theoretical basis and technical support for the new material of RM immobilization and the new technology of RM enhanced biological nitrogen removal Combined with the dominant bacteria, the RM immobilized biological enhanced treatment system was constructed, and the stable and efficient removal of nitrate in low C / N and short hydraulic retention time was realized.

The increase of the functional abundance of xylene, dioxin and bisphenol degradation indicates that the biological community tends to degrade the RM immobilized filler, which proves that its slight fading is caused by biodegradation..

andPUMHGC@AHAQ (before(e,k) And after operation (F, G, h, l)).

Introduction as an electron carrier, electron shuttle can reduce the activation energy required for biochemical reaction and improve the denitrification rate.

Compared with liquid addition, immobilized RM can avoid secondary pollution.

The accumulation of NO2 — N in RM immobilized reactor was mainly due to more carbon sources participating in the process of NO3 — N reduction to NO2 — N, while no excess carbon source was used for NO2 — N reduction.

However, in biological treatment system, RM loss The key problems such as the difference of biological affinity and the loss of immobilized carrier have not been well solved.

The immobilized RM filler has the advantages of long service life and good immobilization effect of RM.

The image guide material is Fig.1.SEMimagesandmorphologyofPUMHGC (before (a, I) andafteroperation (B, C, andafteroperation).


Through the correlation network, it is found that the complex interaction between ahaq and bacteria leads to the weakening of the correlation between indicators in RM immobilized reactor (Fig.

Differences in potential functions between the control and rmreactor SATC / nof2.0andhrtof3.0h.

During the operation of the reactor (Fig.2) , RM immobilized reactor significantly improved the removal rate of NO3 — N, and there was a strong correlation between C / N and ahaq accelerated nitrate removal (Pearson correlation, r = -0.827, P < 0.01, n = 15), ahaq promoted denitrifying bacteria to rapidly utilize carbon sources and improved their interspecific competitiveness.

Based on the understanding of the promotion mechanism and immobilization mode of electron shuttle (RM), 1-amino-4-hydroxyanthraquinone (ahaq) was used in this study A new type of RM immobilized filler was designed to improve the retention rate and biological affinity of RM in the system.

1), it was found that the experimental group (immobilized RM filler, PUMHGC@AHAQ ) Ahaq can promote microbial aggregation and improve the stability of biofilm.

On the other hand, the immobilized biological treatment system constructed by dominant strains is easy to collapse due to interspecific competition.

The characteristics of denitrification and effluent in RM immobilized reactor were analyzed The correlation change trend of organic matter and the genomic function prediction explain the important role of ahaq in low C / N enhanced denitrification system.

Pathways switched △ mean the core response The abundance of oxidative phosphorylation function, ubiquinone and other terpene quinone biosynthesis function related to ATP formation in the RM immobilized reactor was higher than that in the control group (Fig.


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