Establishment of safety and civilization standardization in construction site

Li Zongyun is a rare teacher in China who has been lecturing the construction safety series courses in the form of speeches.

Li Zongyun has been employed by Hunan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, Hunan Safety Vocational College, Hunan Engineering Vocational College and other universities and professional training institutions across the country.

He is good at summarizing and analyzing, perfectly combining abstract and boring technical regulations with safe production equipment and facilities at the construction site, and developing a series of courseware with pictures and texts, which is straightforward and easy to understand.

He has lectured more than 500 courses related to construction safety production in safety supervision units, construction enterprises and construction units in more than 100 large and medium-sized cities across the country.

His teaching style is full of spirit, enthusiasm, passion, and humor.

The standardized management of construction site safety and civilization is a systematic and comprehensive management, and its management content involves all aspects of construction production.

Each training exceeds the expected effect of the organizer.

Everywhere he goes, he will receive high praise, Among them, Luneng Group, Gezhouba Group, Guangxi Liudong Group, Quality and Safety Supervision Station and other units have invited speakers for many times.

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Compared with other industries, due to the characteristics of the construction project, it has objectively increased the difficulty of safety management and labor protection at the construction site.

He can be called the lecturer with the most invited times in the country.

In addition, the mobility of personnel is large and the overall quality is uneven, which also increases the difficulty of the standardized management of construction safety and civilization, and further increases the risk of the construction industry.

With the rapid development of the economy, especially since the reform and opening up, the construction industry has risen rapidly.

Standardized lecturer of safety protection at construction site, Mr.

He has strong classroom interaction ability, strong field control ability, and can quickly bring the students into the state by following the course theme.


Designing a scientific and reasonable standardized management system for construction site safety and civilization is of great significance to the sustainable development of enterprises and the formation of a harmonious development of safety, production and efficiency.

The course income provides the theoretical basis and method guidance for safe and civilized construction for construction enterprises and project management personnel, perfectly combines the construction enterprise culture with the construction site safety culture, and provides conditions for the creation of high-quality projects, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of highlighting the enterprise culture, establishing the enterprise brand image, and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise.

At present, Mr.

▼ Pay attention to the construction management and obtain the latest national construction policies.

Li Zongyun, worked in Shanghai Industrial Equipment Installation Company in the early years, taught in the university for 6 years, and has been engaged in the research of project cost and construction safety informatization since 2005, with rich theoretical basis and on-site control experience.

Course content I, safety and civilization standard on construction site II, purpose and significance of safety and civilization standardization site III, measures for the establishment of safety and civilization standardization site IV, standardized layout of safety and civilization in construction area 15, standardized layout of safety and civilization in construction area 26, standardized layout of safety and civilization in construction area 37, standardized layout of safety and civilization in construction area 48, standardized layout of safety and civilization in construction area 9 Standardized layout of safety and civilization in living quarters X.

The construction industry is the pillar industry of the national economy.


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