Ghda residential building application – Shimao emperor’s river closure

Each book has its own characteristics and is carried out layer by layer around “creating a better living environment”, from different design angles such as architecture, landscape and interior, It expounds the living ideal that contemporary people have been exploring.

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Golden proportion of three-stage Aesthetics: respect proportion, emphasize symmetry, highlight axis sculpture feeling: heavy feeling, rich layers, gradually closing decoration at the top: sharp edges and corners, simple lines, exquisite detail node design & material language ▲     Elevation joint ▲     Balcony node ▲     Grid node ▲     Octagonal window node stone architecture shows a solemn style.

Thank Shimao Strait company for its strong support for this project.

Therefore, it is not surprising that “ten passengers and nine Qingjin are on the road, and the sound of reading in the South Lane and the North Lane”.

Fuzhou is known as “Zou Lu on the seashore”.

The facade adopts the metropolitan style recognized by urban elites, which is noble and elegant and shows identity.

Ingenious thinking of details – octagonal window facade adds the architectural vocabulary of classical octagonal window, making the whole building balanced and full of changes.

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Project name of the main creative team — the owner of Shimao emperor river closure facade design project — Shimao Strait development company project location — beside Huandao Road, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province(   Shimao emperor fengjiang Marketing Center) has a building area of 676261.59 ㎡ architectural design – design team of Shanghai Bochuang Zhicheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

▲     Material analysis – real scene display – design highlights & details.

Staggered splicing responds to classicality and matches with stable bronze color.

(Regional Planning) – Liu Yang, Shen Deli, Zhao Hongyuan, Zhu Lu, Zhang Hongzhe, Li Kunpeng, Li Shuai, Yu Chao party a team – Peng Xiaowei, Chang Li, Zhang Yalin Guo Jingquan, Liu Lingkun, Chen Shuang, Chen Jiaxiang, Huang Shuang, Guo Qi design style – metropolitan style ghda global Habitat Design Award 2021-2022   Habitat   Design   Awards architecture + landscape + interior + cultural tourism + B & B hotel application ▼ opening ▼ click the picture below to view the details of the award ▼▼ the application for ghda global Habitat Design Award in 2021-2022 is open.

Ingenious thinking of details – the elegant and introverted entrance temperament of the entrance lobby shows the perfect integration of noble rationality and sensibility.

Warm tips: the investigation activities are on September 11 and September 12.

(residential facade) & Jieshi planning architectural design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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▼▼ “materials can determine the style and form of buildings, and can also provide possible suggestions for previous structures of architecture, such as concrete and other raw materials are helpful to building structures”——- Robert stern – Introduction to the project – Culture & Location: “ten passengers and nine green people are on the road, and the sound of reading at the end of the lane.” -《 Dengjun city refers to Fuzhou, which is governed by the Jin Dynasty.

A landing work with highly restored design requires the design team to keep improving and strive for perfection, without the pursuit and strong support of the owner.

The cultural level is comparable to that of Chang’an in Kyoto.

The details of the facade are derived from the classic Metropolitan Architecture polished by historical precipitation, which has been reproduced, deduced and simplified.

▲     Difengjiang project is planned to be a low-rise foreign house community to create an ideal residence in the core area of the city for urban elites.

Click the picture below to view the details ▼ planned and published by the new micro design.

▲     Aerial view of the project – shape analysis – Block & scale respect Robert Stern’s pure neoclassicism design, take the metaphysical architectural philosophy as the motif, explain the order, balance and proportional relationship in architecture, how to give the value hint of spiritual aesthetics and pursuit of residents, and point out the pure neoclassicism, which is unparalleled in this field.

Ingenious thinking of details – the petal canopy extracts arc art symbols, and the balanced and rhythmic fan-shaped elements are combined into a classic petal canopy, giving the angular geometric modeling poetic and euphemism Conclusion – the facade of the river sealed by Emperor Shimao | engraved, rigorous proportion, exquisite structure, mellow temperament, and the aesthetics of investigating the inheritance of classics.

Ghda global Habitat Design Award   Habitat   Design   Awards – residential building application project – Shimao emperor’s river closure application unit: Shanghai Bochuang Zhicheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

During the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty, there was a “Lizheng academy” and four schools.

▲     Scale, proportion and sculptural sense  — Modeling analysis – texture & features base and head increase the proportion of solid wall to enhance the overall stability and massiness of the building.

Base lighting settings: indoor, floor lights, custom wall lights, canopy downlights.

This case takes the three characteristics of Metropolitan Architecture: proportion, sculpture and decoration as the starting point for the overall facade design.

In the future, the water jasmine of Difeng river will fully activate the cultural axis of Fuzhou.

In terms of product building, the scale and functional configuration comply with modern living habits, and create light luxury houses in terms of space quality.

Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger End

The number of places is limited.

The exquisite hierarchical design on both sides of the entrance lobby, combined with the exquisite arc canopy, reflects the sense of ceremony and dignity of the entrance.

Your support is the driving force for us to move forward Recommendation for real estate investigation] the number of places in the investigation activities of 8 high-quality real estate in Hangzhou is limited from September 11 to September 12.

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The project is located in Nantai Island, Fuzhou City, in the southern transportation hub plate and belongs to the southern portal.

The new micro design 10 “Da Mei series” design series “rural private houses” return to the countryside to build a beautiful house.

The sculptural sense of rich layers, gradual retraction of the top and straightness adheres to the stable temperament of classical architecture.

Click the picture below to view the details of the activity.

Lighting setting above the base: the vertical column is provided with upward wall washing lamp and projection lamp.

All interested units are requested to contact the staff in time to submit the application materials.

Shimao Fuzhou emperor’s sealing of the river is a “grand drama” supporting the backbone of Fuzhou City.

Detailed thinking – lighting design the use of lighting increases the vividness of the building.

It is a good whole field design series.

▲     The facade generates the golden ratio of horizontal and vertical three-stage classic aesthetics, the contrast between real and large surfaces in the middle, and a balanced grid structure.


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