There are “buildings” and “spoons” on the surface of Mars, and extraterrestrial life appears? NASA retorts!

Many people dare not accept that human beings are the only higher wisdom in the universe.

With geological activities and volcanic eruptions, hundreds of millions of years of weathering have formed such a shape.

Was it built by Martians? Scientists believe that these building like relics are not built by alien life, but all kinds of strange stones.

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The truth about this little spoon may be a stone.

In fact, many countries have sent probes to Mars, but most have not survived in the terrible seven minutes.

In addition to the photos taken by curiosity, NASA has also formulated a pirate exploration plan.

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At that time, Mars was also a vibrant scene.

After scientists choose these photos, they will be spread to the website for human reference and learning.

Two of them took more than 50000 high-definition photos for us.

Since mankind entered the space age, we have begun a new journey to explore extraterrestrial life.

It took them 20 days to launch two probes to Mars.

These UFO hunters chose several strange photos among the 50000 photos.

If this conclusion is true, humans are too lonely.

According to the magnification, the small spoon is still very large, so some people think it may be part of the aircraft, but what part will be in this shape? Scientists can’t explain.

UFO lovers’ daily work is to browse a large number of websites and photos to try to find the trace of aliens.

We have launched several detectors into the universe, which have sent back a large number of photos.

In the distant past, the environment of Mars was very suitable.

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Some UFO lovers even believe that some photos are evidence of extraterrestrial life.

We all know that there is no life on Mars, but the buildings in the photo are the same as the buildings we live in.

However, over the course of hundreds of millions of years of evolution, Mars has gradually moved away from its habitable zone and has now become a bad planet.

Facts have proved that in this photo, although the surface of Mars is photographed with the same color as the desert, there are traces of similar buildings.

Not long ago, they were attracted by a picture of Mars.

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Fortunately, we also have the curiosity Rover.

Like this photo, we can clearly see a small spoon on the rock surface.

Through curiosity, we can also see the real shape of Mars.

During its work, curiosity took many photos of the surface of Mars.

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