This week’s latest news summary of huaizhou, huaikou new landmark buildings, etc

Block the line of sight.


I hope the government can solve it as soon as possible, otherwise we have to move to the government.

At present, the construction of Building 1, building 7 and building 8 is coming to an end, and the work of edge closing is being done.

Now the developer privately raised the parking fee to 200 yuan.

Bring interference or accidental injury to other normal vehicles and pedestrians.

” Huaihuai learned at the construction site that building 1, as the core of the whole project, is an arc-shaped steel structure building and needs to be built according to the mountain.

If both parties still have contradictions and disputes over parking charges, they can apply to the territorial streets and communities for building a platform for mediation, or they can file a lawsuit in the people’s court to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

The second phase is just started this year, and the capping of the main body is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Initiative 1.

Recently, it was learned that after more than a month’s rectification by the traffic police brigade, obvious results have been achieved.

The property was not collected.

The overall terrain is relatively high, echoing the Convention and Exhibition Center opposite the Tuojiang River, forming another bright spot.

The ground parking fee is 80 months per month, The underground parking fee is 1.4 yuan, and the displacement is 100 yuan per month.

02 demolition payment Q: Group 27, group 26, yuxigou village, Gaoban Town, has been relocated for more than half a year, and the house has been pushed.

At present, the final interior decoration work is being carried out in Building 1, which is expected to become the first single building to be delivered for use Building 1 has three main features, which are round and arc-shaped as a whole.

A dear netizen friend:   Hello! We have received your letter.

I hope the government will mediate this time.

13: “from February 1, 2015, the prices of the following seven services that have met the competitive conditions shall be liberalized and the market adjusted price shall be implemented”, and item 7: “parking service in residential area”.

The completion acceptance is expected to be completed next month.

Electric vehicle is one of the means of transportation that everyone inevitably takes or uses.

The traffic police millet also calls on all units and individuals not to use sunshades Illegally or arbitrarily changing the quality, brakes, overall dimensions and other structural structures and characteristics of non motor vehicles the harm of installing sunshades the installation of sunshades leads to the expansion of the vehicle body area and increases the incidence of collision accidents.

has built a general aviation operation base in the navigable area (West Area), with a total construction area of about 95000 square meters.

Increase the casualty rate of traffic accidents.

In recent days, traffic police brigades under various jurisdictions have carried out “special rectification action to remove electric vehicle sunshades” at main road sections and intersections to investigate and deal with traffic violations of installing sunshades on electric vehicles without permission.

The community industry committee came forward to communicate with the developer.

Forced not to open the door, forced to charge 200 January, its purpose is to deliberately raise the parking fee and let the owners buy his parking space..

After the awning is installed on the body, it is not easy to control when turning due to changes in wind force and volume.

The construction is difficult.

The living service area of the industrial park can display the image of the park and ensure the living service of the industrial park.

Start from me, do not ride or use electric vehicles equipped with awnings and umbrellas.

At the same time, our sub district will also strengthen the upward efforts.

In 2014, the owner receives the house and signs a parking contract with the property.

The atrium is in the form of open air, with a rotating escalator in the middle, which is close to nature.

It adopts pure steel structure and pure glass curtain wall, which has good daylighting and modern wind.

Especially when turning, the line of sight of the rear-view mirror is blocked, which also increases the blind area of the line of sight, which is easy to cause accidents.

The developer increases the parking fee privately.

The construction content includes a display center and two single family office buildings in phase I and a single family office building in phase II.

The developer is too strong.

In case of violation of regulations, in case of traffic police, obey the command and remove the installed canopy and umbrella..

The people have no money to rent the house.

Riders are difficult to control the driving balance, resulting in rollover and other accidents.


In case of collision or side tilt, the driver is not conducive to avoid danger in time due to the shelter of the awning, resulting in traffic accidents.

This is the first phase of the project.

After the market regulated price is implemented for parking fees in residential areas, the charging standards for monthly parking and temporary parking shall be independently formulated by the developers, the parking service fees shall be independently formulated by the property management company, and the parking space rental fees and parking service fees shall be implemented by both parties in accordance with the contract.

After verification by the staff of our sub district office, we reply as follows:   Our sub district has reported the fund accounting of the project to the relevant county-level departments.

The construction team has overcome many difficulties and worked actively in the early stage of the construction progress of Building 1 to ensure the promotion speed of the project.

The official account is familiar with home affairs 1 recently, HUAIMEI found that a new modern landmark building general aviation operation base on the Tuojiang River has entered the general aviation operation base of huaizhou new city.

According to Article 3 of the price law of the people’s Republic of China, “market regulated price refers to the price independently formulated by operators and formed through market competition”.

After the county-level departments allocate the funds to our sub district office, our sub district will cash the farmers immediately.

Consciously remove the installed electric vehicle canopy and umbrella.

It is understood that in order to meet the “success energy In order to solve the current situation of scarcity of high-quality office resources in the area, Chengdu communications investment huaitou Investment Co., Ltd.


The police station has sent the police four times in two days to collude with the property, and the developer ignored it.

In order to keep out the hot sun, some electric vehicles have started to use sunscreen equipment – sunshades.

Next, the traffic police brigade of Jintang County Public Security Bureau will investigate and deal with electric bicycles without sunshades at multiple points.

Poor turning flexibility.

Although the awning can play a certain role in sunscreen, it also increases the hidden danger of traffic safety.

Up to now, no money has been paid.

The project integrates “close to the mountain into a settlement” according to the requirements of building a new benchmark of the western general aviation industry, The design concept of “ups and downs and falling jade plate” will create a gathering place for navigable high-end talents and a shared office platform with aviation characteristics.

Electric vehicles began to run on the streets with colorful “big umbrellas”…

There are still a few buildings that have been formed.

  Thank you for your understanding and support! 3 in hot summer, in order to keep out the sun and rain, many electric vehicle owners have added sunshades to their cars.

There are such ↓↓ and such ↓↓ but they do not know that this is a small convenience but a great harm.

Many buildings have been completed and the main body is being built.

Installing the awning changes the original structure of the electric bicycle and increases the wind resistance of the vehicle, which is equivalent to adding a “sail” to the electric bicycle.

201 huaizhou pearl community is asked about the parking fee.

The safety of electric vehicles equipped with awnings and umbrellas becomes worse, and there are many potential safety hazards that threaten each and every one of us…

Three buildings are mainly built, namely building 1, building 7 and building 8.

The developer ignored the purchase.

Dear netizens:   Hello! We have received your letter and now reply to your inquiry as follows:   According to Article 1 of cfgjg [2015] No.

Magnetic Steel Chamfer

The overhead floor and outdoor framework function layout of large-scale office R & D buildings are divided into three core functional blocks, namely, a small high-end manufacturing area to provide intelligent manufacturing for enterprises The smart R & D area of space industry provides enterprises with R & D and designed office space.

Take the initiative to dissuade others from installing and installing awnings and umbrellas with real cases.

The general aviation operation base project is divided into one and two phases.

This illegal act of installing sunshades on electric bicycles on the road has been significantly reduced.

The owner paid the parking fee for 120 months.

Property service enterprises or parking service enterprises accept the entrustment of the owners and provide parking spaces, facilities and parking order management services to the owners or users of residential areas in accordance with the parking service contract “.

From August 5 to 6, the property broke the law and did not open the community door, and the owner’s vehicles could not go out.


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