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The cause of the fire is also under investigation.

In case of fire, quickly cut off the power supply to block the spread of the fire, and use the nearest fire fighting equipment to put out the fire( 7) Be familiar with the location of outdoor evacuation assembly place, and rush to the assembly point in case of emergency.

The fire burns high in the building and spreads everywhere.

Because: (1) equipped with fire-fighting facilities and some rescue equipment; (2) rescuers will give priority to searching the rescue refuge floor; (3) good natural smoke exhaust effect; (4) smoke proof stairs are separated in the refuge floor; (5) the net area meets the requirements for refuge of asylum seekers; (6) the fire resistance rating is slightly higher than that of other floors; (7) what should be done when there is a special fire-fighting telephone to guard for help( 1) Priority shall be given to the refuge floor for assistance( 2) Block the door gap and open the window for ventilation without affecting the fire( 3) Use flashlight, alarm sound and bright clothes to attract the attention of ground personnel( 4) Call the central control room to inform the fire safety personnel of your floor and location( 5) If possible, use a large amount of water to cool doors and walls( 6) Think calmly and actively find a way out( 7) When the refuge floor cannot meet the refuge needs, it can be considered to retreat to the upstairs or office.

Super high-rise buildings shall be equipped with fire-fighting facilities and automatic fire alarm facilities; Manual alarm device and smoke control facilities; Evacuation indication signs and emergency lighting devices; Sprinkler, fire hydrant facilities and fire elevator; Fire prevention measures for super high-rise building of safety department of property service center (1) strengthen fire inspection to ensure smooth evacuation passage.

At present, there are 419 households and 818 people living in it.

After the fire, firefighters quickly arrived to carry out emergency rescue, and conducted emergency evacuation for more than 1800 surrounding residents.

Popularize the knowledge of self prevention, self rescue, evacuation and escape.

Public information shows that Triumph International Building is an apartment building.

Source: Chongqing fire   Qijiang fire WeChat official account Banan fire recognition two-dimensional code concerns us..

How to prevent super high-rise fire is worthy of attention! The characteristics of super high-rise building fire are rapid combustion and rapid spread; It is difficult to put out the fire; Difficulty in organizing evacuation; Easy to cause mass casualties.

No trapped people were found and no casualties were found.

Can the refuge floor take refuge? Refuge floor: if you have to escape, you can temporarily enter the refuge floor for refuge.

Photo source: the video of Sichuan observation site shows that the fire is developing very fast.

Fire warning: in case of fire, call the police in time, and make clear the relevant information when calling the police, so that firefighters can rescue in time and effectively.

Correctly use fire-fighting facilities and fire-fighting equipment, alarm and extinguish the initial small fire( 4) At ordinary times, pay attention to fire safety publicity, understand the use methods of fire safety facilities, actively participate in fire drills and other activities, and strengthen personal emergency escape ability( 5) At ordinary times, pay more attention to the fire safety evacuation diagram behind the office door to understand the orientation of fire hydrants, manual alarm buttons and fire stairs( 6) Know the electrical switch position in your office area.

Nowadays, there are more and more super high-rise buildings, but in case of fire, these rows of high-rise buildings will bring huge losses to people’s life and property safety.

The fire door shall be kept normally closed, and the emergency lighting and evacuation signs shall be in good condition( 2) Hire a professional fire-fighting facilities maintenance organization to be responsible for the maintenance of fire-fighting facilities of super high-rise buildings( 3) Regularly organize firefighters to carry out skill training, and conduct evacuation and escape training for officially settled customers.

On August 27, a fire broke out in Triumph International Building, a landmark building in Dalian.

How to escape the super high-rise fire? What escape principles should be followed· Escape from the scene as quickly as possible and evacuate to the designated outdoor assembly place( 1) When it is determined that evacuation cannot be carried out and it is necessary to wait for rescue, it is preferred to escape to the refuge floor( 2) During evacuation, all elevators are not allowed to take( 3) Remember not to jump from a building easily( 4) Rescue each other during evacuation, evacuate effectively and quickly, and avoid crowding and trampling.

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Seven hours later, the fire was finally put out.


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