Exclusive sale + Yongjia new village + excellent historical buildings + foreign houses with property rights + price of 13 million +

     The school has been awarded the honorary titles of civilized unit of Shanghai education system, Shanghai primary and secondary school code of conduct demonstration school, Shanghai language standardization demonstration school, Shanghai safety demonstration unit, Shanghai safe and civilized campus, etc.

There is only 1% personal income tax, and the transaction cost is low.

The school has two campuses, 255 Yueyang Road and 177 Jiashan road.

Yongjia new village can be called the top community among the new lane houses in the old house market in Shanghai.

Introduction to housing sources: the building surface is 87.8 square meters, two rooms, one living room and one bathroom, the kitchen and bathroom are all bright, and there are four families on the first floor.

   ( 2) Enrollment counterpart neighborhood committee: Yongjia New Village neighborhood committee, Jianyue neighborhood committee, Taiyuan neighborhood committee, Xi Village neighborhood committee (part): Jianguo West Road (No.) 319-419, Zhaojiabang Road (double No.) 384388446, Taiyuan Road (No.) 231-327, Taiyuan Road (double No.) 232-308, Yueyang Road (No.) 255-333, Yongtai neighborhood committee (part): Taiyuan Road (No.) 25-89, Yongkang Road (DOC No.) 141 / 1-11143-209, Yongjia Road (even No.) 382-404, Jianxin Housing Committee (part): Taiyuan Road (DOC No.) 105-219, Yongjia Road (DOC No.) 387-425    Today’s recommendation (Yongjia new village, excellent historical buildings, commercial loans for property rights, and development of attics) property introduction: Yongjia new village is located in lane 580, Yongjia Road, near Yueyang Road.

The focus is on the nature of property rights and commercial loans.

Solid Lifting Socket

A house with high cost performance.

There are 1 super grade teacher, 7 senior middle school teachers and 55 senior primary school teachers, accounting for 75.29% of the number of teachers in the series.

The last tax cost is low and can be signed by the owner.

Jianxiang primary school, student status unused.

Among the teachers in the series, 80 have a major education or above, accounting for 94.12% of the number of teachers.

The school covers a total area of 7268 square meters, a school building area of 8512.49 square meters and a sports ground area of 2490 square meters.

Of course, there are few houses sold.

     Over the past 60 years, the school has formed the school spirit of “civilization, discipline and diligence”, the teaching style of “loving self-discipline, rigorous innovation” and the study style of “all-round development, lively”.

The north side is close to art apartment and nianping apartment, with a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere.

The school’s teachers have solid teaching skills, professional dedication and innovative spirit.

There is a developable attic.

The houses with the right to use this community account for a large part, and the operation of buying and selling is relatively difficult.

Jianxiang primary school, which has gone through a year, is moving forward with the spirit of striving for success and making continuous efforts to cultivate innovative talents who meet the requirements of the new era.

Yongjia new village is the representative of Shanghai apartment Garden Lane.

There are 33 teaching classes, more than 1400 students and 85 full-time teachers.

And there is an attic to develop, and the transformation space is very large.

It is not the only one after five years.

Selling point introduction: very scarce property rights Xinli, top garden residence.

   ( 1) Jianxiang primary school in Xuhui District was founded in 1958.

The property right is clear, and the owner can sign when the price arrives.

On the basis of inheriting the traditional educational thought of “teaching every student well”, constantly enrich and enrich the school running objectives, shape Jianxiang teachers who are “willing to contribute, proficient in teaching, diligent in reflection and good at cooperation”, and take the cultivation of Jianxiang students with “design power, empathy and Symphony power” as the school running pursuit.

Price introduction: the price is 13 million yuan.

The school has more than 20 special rooms such as art room, music room, reading room and computer room.

Showings Tel.: 13761519046 same as wechat! I promise to only make real and effective houses, and never waste your precious time!!!..

The environment of the community is elegant and quiet, with lush trees and very good greening.

It has a library collection of 47139 books and an electronic reading room collection of 3305g.

This house type faces the south, and the pattern is the best, Good vision and daylighting.


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