Henan zhongyiheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Ringlock Scaffolding System Parts

The company adopts one modern concrete flow production line with the highest scientific and technological content in China, six sets of intelligent reinforcement production equipment and one fixed formwork production line, One special-shaped PC component production line.

Covering water conservancy, bridges, municipal and other new components, it is a modern group enterprise integrating R & D and production of thermal insulation, production and sales of commercial concrete.

Two large environmental protection mixing plants.

       With the support of Anyang Construction Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd., zhongyiheng has transferred a large number of elites from Anyang construction engineering, Henan run’an and Zhongrun to form a strong management team to prepare for the establishment of BIM R & D room, reached growth cooperation agreements with Anyang Institute of technology, Henan Academy of construction Sciences and other institutions, and reached long-term strategic cooperation agreements with advanced enterprises such as CSCEC technology and Beijing Yantong, It has greatly improved the innovation and development ability of enterprises.

Strive to contribute to the rise of the Central Plains and quickly realize the Central Plains dream…

         The establishment of zhongyiheng company has filled the gap in the field of building materials in our city, improved the overall scientific and technological level of our city’s construction industry, and shortened the gap with advanced areas.

         Henan zhongyiheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

        In August 2019, the company was awarded “Henan prefabricated building demonstration base” by Henan Provincial Department of construction, and passed the national prefabricated building industry base in 2020.

       Henan zhongyiheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

It can meet the comprehensive production capacity of 100000 cubic meters of high-quality PC components, 100000 tons of reinforcement processing capacity and 400000 M ‘concrete production and transportation.

At present, the company mainly focuses on PC components, focusing on the research and development of high, precision and cutting-edge products such as long-span steel structure, steel and concrete structure.

is the first new building material company integrating R & D, production and operation of assembled building PC components in Anyang City.

has a registered capital of 100 million yuan, covers an area of 140 mu, 30000 square meters of high-standard industrial plants, 5000 square meters of R & D and office facilities, and more than 50 sets of various experimental instruments.


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