Early warning notice on price fluctuation risk of materials in construction market

188): in the second half of this year, the construction projects in our province accelerated the resumption of work and production, and the market increased the purchase of basic building materials such as cement, sand, stone, concrete and steel.

Notice on early warning of material price fluctuation risk in the construction market (Yue Biao Han [2021] No.

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However, recently, due to traffic channel load and current restrictions, local power and production restrictions and reduced inventory hoarding, the supply of some basic building materials in our province is tight, resulting in a rapid rise in prices, of which the prices of cement and steel have exceeded the red line by 5%.

Meanwhile, during the period of price fluctuation, I will increase the information sharing and market price concern with cement, concrete, gravel, steel and other industry associations, and make full use of the platform and official account of WeChat to release market dynamics and risk hints.

The system website is: http://cbprov.gldjc.com/gd/homepage 。 Guangdong construction engineering standard quota station September 24, 2021..

The construction parties are reminded to keep a close watch on the price of basic building materials such as cement, sand, stone, concrete and steel, fully consider the factors of material fluctuation in bidding quotation, contract signing and material procurement, and take effective measures in time to actively prevent the project cost risk caused by price fluctuation.

To learn more about the price details of materials in Guangdong Province, please log in to the price monitoring system of construction materials in Guangdong Province established by our station for free.


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