Construction technology and precautions of real stone paint — EPS line coating drawing deepening design, grid and joint effect drawing /

2 construction process of real stone paint 2.1 construction conditions and process flow.

The deepened exterior wall drawings can greatly improve the convenience and accuracy of budget and construction.

It has one underground floor of Building 1, forty-one floors above the ground, one underground floor of Building 2 and thirty-two floors above the ground, all of which are pure shear structures.

Xinming design studio exterior wall deepening design case display: insulation line deepening drawing: deepening design of exterior wall insulation line drawing of a project in Jiangsu — deepening design of EPS line coating drawing of building insulation and decoration project; division and joint effect drawing / construction drawing / as built drawing; insulation line deepening drawing: deepening design of exterior wall insulation line interface of an external wall in Shandong Province — EPS line coating real stone paint of building insulation and decoration project Water in water sand drawing deepening design division and joint effect drawing construction as built drawing coating construction drawing: interface deepening design of an exterior wall coating project in Shandong Province – EPS line coating real stone paint water in water sand drawing deepening design division and joint effect drawing construction as built drawing of exterior wall insulation line coating project how to deepen the design cost process here – Xinming design studio 2.2 key technologies Measures during the construction of real stone paint, the following technical control measures shall be taken: ① before construction, adhesive tape or protective paper will be used to cover the doors, windows, lamps and glass on the construction surface; ② Base course treatment, level the plastered wall to meet the intermediate plastering requirements, and keep the wall dry.

The spraying pressure shall be controlled to 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa.

When using elastic coating for priming, the requirements are basically the same, and there shall be no missing parts.

3.2 the sealing primer shall be applied after the putty leveled on the base surface is completely dry, and the sealing primer shall be applied.

Roller or spray gun can be used to control the uniformity of brushing; ④ Before spraying the real stone paint, it shall be stirred evenly and sprayed with a special spray gun.

Genuine stone paint putty is 210 type, primer is 301 type, intermediate paint is 6008 elastic paint, genuine stone paint is 6100 type, finishing paint is 6010 type and finishing paint is 6008 type.

Due to the complex construction of real stone paint spraying, once there is an error in the construction process, it will cause the real stone coating to flower.

3.3 solid color primer spraying and colored primer spraying can improve the consistency of substrate color, avoid the color blooming phenomenon of real stone paint film through the bottom, and reduce the amount of real stone paint, so as to reduce the cost.

Bbs-210 type putty shall be used for two times, the surface thickness and flatness shall be controlled, and the joint shall be leveled.

The external wall area of plot D1 of the project exceeds 60000 m2.

It needs to be carried out after the finish is cleaned.

The external emulsion paint with strong adhesion shall be selected as the general solid color primer, and the color and ingredients shall be adjusted according to the color of natural stone to make the paint color consistent with the color of real stone paint.

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3 precautions for stone paint construction 3.1 precautions for base surface treatment before base surface treatment, ensure that the base strength meets the requirements, the surface remains flat and clean, the wall maintenance time is generally 1 ~ 2 weeks, and the new wall is 1 month.

Therefore, the base wall shall be inspected before construction, and the problems found shall be handled in time.

At present, real stone paint has been widely used in exterior wall decoration of villas, apartments and office buildings.

After the putty is dry, local grinding is carried out.

Materials and machines and tools shall be prepared before construction.

The first process is mainly leveling to fill large gaps and holes.

Only in this way can the spraying quality of real paint spraying be guaranteed.

Before puttying, the powdered and hollowed base course shall be removed, and the external wall putty shall be used for wall repair.

3.4 stone paint spraying in the process of stone paint spraying, it is not necessary to add water under normal circumstances, and it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of water for adjustment under special circumstances.

The main purpose of brushing sealing primer is to clean the base course, so as to increase the film bonding strength of stone paint materials.

Then conduct detailed leveling through the second process to provide guarantee for construction quality.

With the continuous development and progress of social economy, buildings increasingly pursue external aesthetics, which requires complex exterior wall decoration.

Generally, it is not necessary to add additional diluent.

The warranty period of real stone paint is generally more than 15 years, and it has good fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance and freeze-thaw resistance.

The deepening of exterior wall decoration lines, coatings and stones is becoming more and more essential.

In addition, the grid spraying technology can also be adopted.

Control the distance between the nozzle and the wall, and keep it at 0.4 ~ 0.8m; ⑤ Grinding treatment: grinding shall be carried out after spraying and curing of real stone paint.

In the spraying process, it is necessary to ensure uniform brushing and avoid missing coating and bottom penetration.

In order to ensure the spraying quality, both sides generally need to be sprayed.

When brushing the sealing primer, roll coating or spraying can be adopted.

The thickness must be uniform without color difference.

3.5 topcoat spraying the topcoat is designed to protect the stone paint finish, and increase the gloss and anti pollution ability of the stone paint layer, so as to improve the overall decorative effect and service life of the decorative surface..

After curing, it is very hard and elegant, similar to real stone material.

1 real stone paint project case: plot D1 of a construction project has a total construction area of 74000 m2.

After puttying, check the finish to ensure that there are no holes, cracks and other problems; ③ Brush the primer to improve the adhesion of stone paint.

In case of renovation of old walls, loose surface layers and impurities need to be removed.

From 0.1 yuan / m2, how to deepen the design cost process of exterior wall insulation line coating stone curtain wall project is here! Taobao platform announced – Xin Ming design studio genuine stone paint is a kind of thick architectural paint based on synthetic resin emulsion.

True stone paint itself is a thick coating material, and the requirements for the flatness of the base course are relatively low, but the leveling of the base course should also be done well.

Before the construction of real stone paint, first check the construction conditions to meet the following requirements: ① the construction quality of base course passes the inspection and there is no hollowing; ② The base course shall be kept dry, and the moisture content shall not exceed 10%; ③ During construction, the temperature shall be kept above 5 ℃; ④ Construction cannot be carried out in windy and rainy days.

The brushing section shall be set at the internal and external corners.

The pressure shall be controlled at 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa by spraying.

Snap the line and divide the grid according to the construction design requirements, and use bbs-6100 to apply real stone paint for priming.

When spraying in a large area, the grid joint shall be covered, and the joint shall be scraped, and the earth rock base coloring material shall be applied to the grid joint.

Generally, after 24h, ensure that the real stone paint is cured, properly Polish its uneven parts, and clean the surface dust; ⑥ The top coat can be applied by brushing or spraying.

However, in the construction process, there are specific requirements for the construction process, so it is necessary to make construction preparation and technical control, so as to ensure the construction quality of real stone paint.

It is proposed to use real stone paint.

The spraying sequence from top to bottom or from left to right can be adopted to avoid missing spraying.

In addition, when the wind force in the spraying environment exceeds level 5, in order to reduce the impact of the environment on the spraying quality, the spraying shall be stopped and the construction shall be continued after the wind force is reduced.

Prepare a corresponding number of rollers, digital, spray guns, rubber water pipes and air compressors according to the construction needs.

Then spray bbs6200 water-based multi-color paint, and finally brush the finishing coat to avoid sagging during the brushing process.

The primer shall be bbs-301, which shall be applied evenly without missing.

Spraying solid color primer can obtain better decorative effect and make the color more uniform.

However, in this process, it should be noted that the viscosity, air pressure and nozzle size of the product should be kept within the specified range.

Scaffolding Adjustable Base Jack Nut

In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to avoid spraying on the construction surface in the process of gun discharge and gun collection.

In the actual operation process, spray a thin layer quickly, and then spray evenly and slowly.


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