[builder] there are 108 complete construction schemes for housing construction projects, disclosure ppt + word (104 +) and 700 construction

[builder] complete set of word version of construction management personnel in engineering industry (more than 700 articles) 001 catalogue of construction scheme for the whole housing construction project 002, catalogue of scheme 003, relevant appendix 004 of construction organization design (special scheme), preparation and management system of construction organization design 005, requirements for scheme cover 006, account management of scheme 007, sample of construction organization design 008, catalogue of construction organization design 002, catalogue of technical disclosure documents [First Edition] (updated regularly after formal offering) Word version of technical disclosure: ppt version of technical disclosure: 003 700 pieces of treasure book on the whole process of housing construction project + emotional sponsorship this word treasure book can bring you: 1.

Comprehensively study the construction management of housing construction project 2.

Recommendations: 1.

[builder] complete set of high-quality schemes for housing construction projects (108 schemes +) 3.

[builder] complete set of high-quality technical disclosure for housing construction projects (with pictures and texts) 4.

Compile training materials for various construction units, projects and departments 5.

Plastic Nail Plate

Compile scheme and disclosure compilation materials 3.

Produce ppt materials for mid year, year-end, review and kick-off meeting 4.

Engineering papers The official account of the work report, the material needed for the work report, the main page: bluemaner [civil engineering circle] housing construction project massive construction data collection, large release, attention to the building public number..

[builder] senior member group of builders (permanent member) 2.


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