Construction enterprise recruitment difficult? Failure to retain talents is the crux of the problem

When dissatisfaction and helplessness overflow, they will choose to leave.

The career development of countless young people who like to “lie flat” ended in the “three parts of one mu” of the project site.

However, as of June 2021, the turnover rate of fresh graduates of the fourth session of the company from 2015 to 2018 still exceeds 80% (front-line project managers).

Finally, they are eager to see their daughter-in-law pregnant and giving birth to children, raising young children and serving the elderly at home.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

When young people go to the construction site, they must first learn to embrace loneliness, and then slowly accept the working environment parallel to the Loess and accompanied by concrete.

As a result, it is difficult for the young men on the construction site to find objects without objects.

In terms of project environment, living conditions and salary treatment, they are much higher than those of domestic projects of the same level.

  To promote the solution of employees’ marriage and love problems, first, it is a fact that there are few female employees in the project department.

In a secondary overseas unit of CSCEC group where the author worked, the engineering projects are mainly concentrated in Southeast Asian developed countries.

The key to effectively solve this problem is to establish a multi-dimensional career development channel and a long-term mechanism of systematic vocational training system in line with the company’s business development and employee needs according to the company’s business type, post situation, employee background and other factors..

It is more obvious to settle in the construction enterprise.

As one of them, the author can talk about his understanding   one  — Reasons for employee turnover employee turnover in all walks of life has its unique industry characteristics, but there are no more than “personal”, “professional” and “environment”.

Lucky enough to go on the “fine, difficult and big” project, some learn high-end technology, don’t worry about fund collection and payment, project experience and engineering honor are more famous, and career promotion is nothing to mention; I was lucky enough to go to the daily projects with general technical scheme, engineering benefit and management level.

Not to mention the enthusiastic eldest sister who worries about introducing objects to young colleagues.

However, there are not a few single female employees in the construction enterprise, such as the general affairs department, the Ministry of Commerce, the finance department and other departments.

Although the development of the construction industry has slowed down in recent years, the overall recruitment of construction units remains stable, and the employment rate of graduates of related majors is still on the professional red list.

At the same time, the members of the project team who have married regularly visit their families, comprehensively consider the family situation of employees and the development needs of the company, and arrange their spouses or children to join the company to solve practical life difficulties.

Construction enterprises, especially large groups, can be led by regional companies to organize all departments of the headquarters and subordinate project departments to carry out single employee friendship activities, build a blind date platform, establish a “love fund”, try their best to arrange paired employees for work deployment in the region, provide sufficient official support and guarantee, and encourage internal communication among employees.

Even if there is such a eldest sister in the project department, few people are willing to introduce the little girl they know to a guy who is outside 365 days a year, almost 350 days a year, and the salary may be paid once for several months.

Therefore, it limits the development of talent ability, makes it lose the way to realize personal value, and leads to the waste and loss of resources.

Does that sound cruel? This is the reality under the characteristics of cold industry.


  The most direct personal factor is the problem of employees’ marriage and love.

On technology, what you have learned in one or two months on the construction site is suitable for working in the same position for a lifetime; In terms of management, the internal management of the project has its own set of standardized system, and the external management depends more on the availability of funds.

Almost all those with objects can’t survive a project cycle.

The construction unit has too much helplessness, and everyone can bear different thresholds.

In the environment where the industry is still moving forward and enterprise construction still needs to develop, reducing standards and recruiting new people is a way out, but the key to breaking the situation of the enterprise is to strive to reduce the passive helplessness of employees and retain as many old employees as possible   two  — How to break the game? How to digest helplessness and break the situation? It mainly puts forward suggestions for the three pain points mentioned above.

Young employees who should have become the backbone of the company choose to leave the construction site one after another.

At the same time, the construction industry is labor-intensive, the employment threshold is low, and the overall quality of personnel is not high.

Even after marriage, they can only ask for leave regularly and run home.

As a husband, they can’t be warm hearted, and as a father, they can’t do their duty and love As a son of man, you can’t accompany him.

However, in addition to some technical problems that will be encountered in “fine, difficult and large” projects, the construction technology of general construction projects in China is almost mature, and Engineering Technology is no longer the core element affecting the promotion of the project.

  Most of the young people recruited by the vocational development school to enter the construction site have taken up the posts of project site management.

As the on-site management personnel of the construction general contractor, on the one hand, a lot of work is promoted by noise and personnel management by shouting, and swearing is always on the lips and respect can only be hidden in the heart; On the other hand, in order to receive and maintain the necessary relationship with the owner, we need to force ourselves to face all kinds of demons and monsters passively.

All male employees in the project Department of the construction unit closed the door for the newcomer at the moment of entry.

Fundamentally, no matter how many newcomers are, it is difficult to put out the fire of leaving old employees.

Second, help the family, establish and improve the employee leave system in line with the construction characteristics and strictly implement it, eliminate the behavior of linking leave with performance, reasonably arrange the leave of the employees of the project department, adopt the rotation leave system to give the employees time to go home and try their best to take care of the employees’ life and family.

  Working environment as a pillar industry of economic development, the development characteristics of building roads and bridges, factories and houses determine the “undeveloped” living conditions of the front-line natural environment and commercial environment of the project.


There is also the embarrassment that it is difficult to find objects due to the construction background.


However, under such a favorable situation that fresh forces continue to flow into the industry, many construction units are still facing an increasingly serious talent problem.

The reason for many poor project site management is that the collection and payment are not timely and insufficient, which affects the working attitude of relevant units and personnel, and then leads to a series of management problems.

  Improve the career development channel of employees.

The construction site has never had the cultural, entertainment and life attributes associated with the city, modernization and young people.

The so-called “on-site technician” and “on-site engineer” Most of them are small things such as team deployment, concrete pouring supervision, contradiction coordination and so on.

Many construction enterprises often only pay attention to the career planning of senior managers and ignore the grass-roots personnel and technicians, or the development planning of grass-roots personnel is only a formality and has not been truly implemented.


Under the background of a large number of employees in the same post and the standardization and homogenization of project management, the career development channel of project site management post is becoming more and more narrow and unfair.

By seeing off batch after batch of colleagues in the same period, I adapted to the site life year after year, accumulated project experience one after another, and worked hard to find a promotion road with time under the background of acceptable industry prospect and company scale development; The projects with poor luck that lost money before winning the bid repeated the work processes of the same owner, the same leader, the same subcontractor and self compromise.

The author wants to talk about why more and more construction practitioners choose to leave the construction site from the perspective of the parties concerned and from the inside out in combination with their own working experience in the construction line in recent four years? In 2009, driven by the national implementation of the four trillion rescue plan, the development of China’s construction industry entered the fast lane, and a large number of colleges and universities added specialties such as construction engineering and civil engineering, which reserved a large number of talent resources for the construction industry.


Why is it more and more difficult for construction enterprises to recruit talents? This is a question from the outside to the inside.


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