New architectural design in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is controversial! Netizen: goose bumps fall off the ground!

The design inspiration of Wuxi Taihu theater comes from the bamboo sea in Yixing.

Do you silently clench your fist Let’s take another look at the theme concepts of the other two areas ↓↓↓ 03 “whale” independent exhibition space ▼ this area is six small exhibition spaces specially designed for concerts and other activities.

The surface appearance of the tower is tiled by hexagonal elements.

You can stand on it to enjoy the sea scenery, and the underground can lead to the parking lot ↓ 04 “dolphins” Independent restaurant ▼ built on a road connecting several building areas, it is an independent restaurant.

The slender white columns represent the columns around the outside of the building.

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More netizens say it is oysters on the rocks on the beach.

This large raised hexagon is like a reef covered with barnacles.

In general, Kaohsiung pop music center is controversial in appearance, but it is still very good in terms of inspiration source and functional services.

Speaking of this, in fact, the architectural design inspiration of art centers in many domestic cities is also very interesting ↓↓↓ for example, pearl The Sea Grand Theater — the sun moon shell is inspired by the shells in the sea.

See that netizens are not calm one after another, indicating that there is a secret terrorist! It looks like a tortoise covered with barnacles, Don’t put it up, or it will be black every minute.

When you think “huge waves” make Mi fear feel very uncomfortable, in fact, what makes people’s scalp numb is its {02 “Coral” Compound commercial space ▼ the roof of the area focusing on life and entertainment is a small partner with dense phobia, which is made up of hexagons, It is estimated that at this time, it should be covered with goose bumps.

At night, it is crystal clear against the light, which is vividly called “double gravel” The inspiration of Suzhou Bay cultural center comes from the soft ribbon, and the designer of this building is also a Pritzker award winner.

Feel it from different angles.

This area is a music center, Four areas are designed by Manuel Alvarez monteserin lahoz of Spain and Weng zumo architects of Taiwan.

The friend who is associated with the toilet by netizens has a rich imagination.

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However, the final effect can only be seen by different people.

When they see it, it is a beautiful place I don’t want to pry open one by one with pliers, especially the hexagonal floor tiles around me look like scales that haven’t been scraped clean.

The tower of Kaohsiung pop music center, a main building designed with waves as the main image, mainly hosts some musical activities.

From above, it’s like six whales jumping into the sea, and the roof is covered with green vegetation.

The Guangzhou Grand Theater takes the stones washed by the water of the Pearl River as the design concept.

The roof was originally designed to be full of green plants and allow tourists to visit, but this design was rejected by the local government.

The architectural design is inspired by the ocean, so the architectural design of these four areas is based on “whale”, “dolphin”, “Coral” and “giant wave” As an entry point and serving different pop music industries in each region, this well-designed building also won the Global Excellence Construction Award, but even so, Injured all over the body, make complaints about the 01 waves.

It may be due to factors such as safety and health.

Good connotation can add artistic sense to the design, especially some art buildings.

From the effect picture of the night scene, this building is like a creature on the bottom of the sea.

On the whole, it looks like a pair of giant shells rising from the sea.

From afar, the buildings are like the billowing waves in the ocean.

From: logo master (ID: logos) this article has been authorized photo source: Manuel Alvarez monteserin lahozf count microblog, the network just shared with you some time ago the 2021 “China’s top ten ugly buildings” competition launched by, many of which have brought you many “surprises” Recently, Xiaobian found an eye-catching building in China, Taiwan Kaohsiung pop music center ▼ © Weimaxtudio yes, you’re right.


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