The building structure is completely cool! E-certificates, social security and professional titles are all online


Before that, many builders had been “certificate pressing” by the unit.

Not only constructors, the new “eight members” also implement electronic certificates and national networking.

Since 2018, more and more efforts have been made to investigate and deal with “hanging certificates”.

The subsequent change registration is handled in the computer system, and can be completed normally only by submitting materials as required.

According to the plan: by the end of 2020, all regional platforms shall be fully connected with the national social security platform.

This means that all registered information has been put into storage and connected to the national network.

No longer afraid of the “certificate pressing” of the unit.

Due to the limited personal level, there are mistakes.

Isn’t Yijian a national network? To be exact, the first construction certificate was universal and registrable across the country, but the registration information networking was not fully realized until the “four libraries and one platform” was launched.

Star setting: enter the official account homepage, click the “top” corner, click “set star”, and the official account will appear yellow Pentagram (Android   (the same as IOS user operation) after the release of the notice of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development on September 26, it spread quickly.

Because the official account official has adjusted the push rules, if you want to continue to receive the contents of the official account, please set the public building number of the building as the star sign, and more points of the “look at” and “praise” in the end of the article.

During this period, the paper registration certificate has been used all the time, and some registration information has not been summarized to the platform.

After the implementation of e-Certificate, builders no longer have to worry about being “withheld” by the company.

If the certificate registration unit is inconsistent with the unit paying social security, it is determined as “attached”.

At the same time, the national networking platform for social security and professional titles has been officially put into operation.

Obviously, in the next two years, with the help of the platform and smart big data, the supervision of practitioners will be more and more strict, and the “hanging certificate” is coming to an end.

Can we completely eliminate the “hanging certificate”? “Hanging card” is nothing more than 2 situations: one person or more certificates, each affiliated to different units, as long as the background data are compared.

Fixing Socket Waved End Nail Plate

I hope you can leave a message and correct it in time.

So far, tens of thousands of people have been publicly notified and dealt with.

If an ID number is found in two different units, it is judged to be “hang card”.

Although there are no mandatory requirements, most provinces no longer issue paper certificates to encourage everyone.

“If you want to continue to receive the official account, please note that the” WeChat “is a public key.

➤ if the certificate is attached to the same unit but is inconsistent with the work unit of the holder, it is necessary to connect the certificate registration system with the social security system.

However, the electronization of “professional qualification certificate” is also being implemented.

In order to protect their rights, they even had to report their “certificate hanging” in person.

1 construction will be electronic and the paper certificates will be invalid.

The nationwide implementation of the first construction electronic registration certificate represents the complete implementation of the national networking of registration information, and the “hanging certificate” is really cool! 1.

From January 1 next year, all the registration certificates of No.


There will be no missed fish in the future.

Previously, the national social insurance public service platform has been put into operation.

From this point of view, the implementation of e-Cert is a great benefit to builders! At present, there are more than 600000 registered first-class constructors in China, and the heat of registration for one construction has not decreased in recent two years.

Original text: from January 1, 2022, the electronic registration certificate of class I constructor will be fully implemented, and the paper registration certificate will be invalid.

Many friends in the background left a message asking, “what does it mean to invalidate the paper certificate” and “is it a good thing or a bad thing?” today, Xiaobian answered everyone’s concerns.

By the end of 2022, the national unified social security platform will be fully completed to realize the whole process online operation and supervision.

Is only the registration certificate electronic, or is the practice certificate also electronic? This document of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development only aims at the “registration certificate” and does not mention the “practice certificate” (specifically, it should be a professional qualification certificate).


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