What are the preparation contents of the formwork construction scheme of construction engineering?

There are four principles for the reserved positions of concrete structure walls, columns and mass construction joints..

During the erection of column and wall formwork, it is required to reserve the position of supporting and fixing reinforcement or guide formwork reinforcement in advance in the concrete or on the reinforcement; Formwork arching requirements; Requirements for formwork joint; Support form, requirements and turnover mode; Turnover mode of wall column formwork, beam side formwork, beam bottom and slab bottom formwork; Attention should be paid to the following when configuring the large steel formwork of the wall: ① treatment measures for the joints between floors ② treatment measures for the joint of formwork ③ when there is a floor superelevation, the formwork structure measures ④ the processing quantity of special-shaped formwork should be minimized ⑤ it should be minimized ~ ~ recommended reading ~ ~ key points of landscaping of municipal engineering roads.

(2) Formwork design and configuration: ① bottom plate formwork and reverse beam formwork; ② Wall formwork; ③ Column formwork; ④ Roof and beam formwork; ⑤ Other formwork (stair ramp formwork, construction joint formwork, beam column joint formwork, ring beam structural column formwork and opening formwork) (3) formwork checking calculation (strength and stiffness checking calculation) ① straight wall formwork (panel, back edge, through wall bolt, large formwork shall also have calculation of lifting points); ② Beam formwork (panel, primary and secondary keel, support); ③ Roof formwork (panel, primary and secondary keel, support); ④ Frame column formwork (panel, keel, through wall bolt, column hoop); (4) Formwork placement: large formwork shall be overturned and checked.

(4) Technical preparation 4 Design and configuration of formwork (1) the design basis reflects the basic consideration in formwork design and the basis for formwork selection.

Project overview (which should be related to formwork) (1) design overview and site overview should be attached with two drawings (above ground and underground, and the division of flow section should also be marked).

(5) Formwork lifting on site (6) formwork installation: ① construction process; ② Standard construction; ③ Formwork erection; ④ Formwork removal (it is not allowed to copy the standard table for formwork removal.



Therefore, the selection of formwork must be determined after comprehensive technical and economic comparison according to the quality requirements, schedule requirements and cost requirements of the project.

Specify the specific requirements of formwork control line and on-site control mode.

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In combination with the project conditions, if there are different removal requirements, a diagram can be drawn to indicate the formwork removal requirements of each wall panel; there should be measures to protect the safety of the operator and protect the formwork, the number of formwork turnover; how to support the construction load exceeding the service load; the removal requirements of post cast strip; prestress removal; formwork maintenance and repair) The selection of formwork and support has a great impact on the project cost.

(2) Labor plan (3) material preparation: specify the selection of various construction materials, including formwork, timber, support, release agent, etc.

Difficulties should be highlighted: on-site difficulties and technical difficulties (often on-site difficulties are written more and technical difficulties are written less, such as single-sided formwork erection of basement exterior wall, difficulties with complex outer edge shape, staggered floors, different thickness of floor slab and lower span elevation).

(2) Amount of formwork required for the project (3) height of formwork required for each floor 3 Construction preparation (1) surveying and setting out: set out the control network line on the slab surface or cushion according to the plane control network line, and set out five control lines for walls and columns: one axis, two wall column section sidelines and two formwork control lines.

Do you understand the joint review of construction drawings, design disclosure There are four principles for the difference between the three technical disclosure and the selection of the three connection modes of key point reinforcement, and which parts cannot be welded or bound.

Drawings, regulations, specifications and quality evaluation standards, including standards for scaffolds and fasteners.


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