Building structure – C130! The strongest concrete was born!

Advanced technology! The strength of C130 ultra-high strength concrete has reached 149.5mpa, 1.5 times that of C80, and the strength is higher than that of granite.

The pumping height has exceeded 130m, the strength has reached 100MPa, and the cumulative pouring has reached 11000m3, which has greatly assisted the project construction, enhanced the building strength, reduced the occupied area and improved the building use area.

Moreover, the C130 super high strength concrete pumped this time has a revolutionary significance, that is, the artificial manufactured manufactured sand is used to replace the increasingly depleted natural sand, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development.

C130 ultra high strength concrete is successfully pumped at the pouring site.

Inspired by the success of C80 pumping, in December 2020, the project took the lead in establishing a C130 technology R & D team, with members including South China University of technology, the owner and design firms to jointly carry out C130 concrete research.

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Since the design strength of C130 is 149.5mpa, which exceeds the strength of C80 concrete by 62.5%, the difficulty of R & D and pumping is also greatly improved.


Promote production, study and research! The development of C130 ultra high strength concrete is guided by South China University of technology and jointly carried out trial mixing with a series of units such as RBS design office and mixing plant, realizing the function and function The coordination and integration of resource advantages have formed a complete chain of production, study and research of C130 ultra-high strength concrete.

The ultra-high pumping of high-strength concrete faces great technical problems.

As a super high-rise building, the highest building area of the new world Zengcheng comprehensive development center project has reached 241m, and great attention is paid to the research of ultra-high strength concrete.

Before pumping C130 concrete, the project has successfully pumped C80 concrete through hundreds of proportioning tests.

Focus on carbon neutralization! The strength of C130 ultra-high-strength concrete increases, and the coagulation is very difficult The amount of soil and formwork will be reduced.

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At the same time, the use of formwork reinforcement components will also be reduced, and the use of revolving materials for the project will also be reduced, so as to reduce a large amount of material consumption and respond to the call for carbon neutralization.

According to the understanding of China gravel Association, C130 high-strength concrete greatly reduces the area of concrete components and increases the building use area, which is in line with the concept of improving land use efficiency of super high-rise buildings, and can effectively save concrete and formwork and reduce labor.

In summary, C130 ultra-high strength concrete mainly has four characteristics.



What is C130 super high strength concrete? As the saying goes, “reinforcement, formwork and concrete” for every engineer, concrete must be the most common building material.

Star setting: enter the official account homepage, click the “top” corner, click “set star”, and the official account will appear yellow Pentagram (Android   According to the understanding of China gravel Association, on September 30, 2021, the new world Zengcheng project of the first company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, in conjunction with South China University of technology, design firms, mixing plants and other units, jointly developed C130 high strength and ultra-high performance machine-made sand concrete (strength up to 149.5mpa), which was applied to the engineering entity for the first time, pumping more than 220m, It has set a precedent in Guangzhou and even the whole country.

After completion, it will attract large enterprises and build a high-end talent center in Eastern Guangzhou.

After ten months of continuous joint research, the C130 technology R & D team finally trial prepared C130 concrete, which was successfully pumped and applied to the construction of super high-rise projects on September 30.

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Building structure – what is anti floating anchor? Building structure – 9 dead and 8 injured! Five storey demolished building collapsed and the bus was buried when passing! Attention to building structure! Ministry of housing and urban rural development: from July 1, if no application for renewal of registration of first-class constructor is submitted, the registered specialty will be invalid! Warm tips 1) some pictures in the text are from the Internet, The copyright belongs to the original author and original source.

If pumping ordinary concrete is pumping tap water, pumping C130 ultra-high-strength concrete is transporting glutinous rice balls in pipes.

1 company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, China gravel Association, etc.

New development concept! The use of cheap manufactured sand to replace relatively special and expensive quartz sand and other raw materials will help promote environmental protection and ecological restoration.

The research team adopts a series of processes such as cementitious material active powder matching, optimization of sand and stone close packing integration design, preparation of composite high-performance admixture and so on The mix proportion finally prepared C130 high strength and high performance machine-made sand concrete suitable for super high-rise pumping.

Waved Anchor

On the 1 ㎡ C130 concrete component, it can bear 15000 tons of weight, which is equivalent to In 3000 adult elephants (elephants weigh about 5 tons) Moreover, the pumpability of concrete will decrease with the increase of strength.

The manufactured sand is crushed, processed, screened and polished with common and easily available rock as raw materials In the production process, the use of advanced technology to reduce dust emission and water resources, and the use of other materials that form concrete together with machine-made sand to replace natural sand greatly increase the difficulty of C130 mix proportion research.

it is recommended to read the building structure.

This pouring is the last frame beam of the main body of the project, which indicates that the project has fully entered the closing stage and an important breakthrough in the application of C130 ultra-high strength machine-made sand concrete in physical engineering.

It is clear that in the next five years, we will support such construction enterprises to “grow bigger and stronger” building structures.

C130 ultra high strength concrete means that the concrete specimen is formed by using the cube Standard Test mold with a side length of 150mm and cured for 56 days under the conditions specified in the standard (temperature 20 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity above 95%) The C130 super high strength concrete with compressive strength of 149.5mpa is poured on the site by standard test method.

At the same time, C13 0 ultra high strength concrete can reduce the section size of components, increase the building use area and space, improve the utilization rate of land resources, and conform to the green development concept in the new development concept.

The technical difficulty is very great.

The new world Zengcheng comprehensive development center project is located in Zengcheng, Guangzhou.

This event marks that after the successful pumping of C120 high-performance machine-made sand concrete to the 401m height of the twin tower 1 of Guiyang international financial center in December 2019, China’s machine-made sand concrete technology has made another breakthrough, which will greatly promote the popularization and application of machine-made sand in China.


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