Architecture | the huts of the global minimalist healing system are all here!

This is a new concept of Resort Hotel, focusing on the design and architectural form of high-quality products.

It is located on the Bank of Lake MI in Northern Iceland.

These huts may form a complete village in the near future.

Here we have selected some representative works.

The designer skillfully combines the warm dark color (such as oak ceiling) with the cool cold color concrete floor to form the unique style of the cabin.

The interior was designed by VIPP, and the minimalist architectural form was the work of John Birger grytda of norgeshus.

Users can travel with it and place the cabin anywhere they want to live or work.

TheBoulder,NorwayJohnBirgerGrytdal   This Norwegian concept hotel creates a design led environment and experience space, so that users can immerse themselves in the vast beauty.

Arcana   Aruliden&LeckieStudio   Arcana is a group of wooden houses built with the concept of health and nature, which is a wilderness area 2 hours away from Toronto.

The dwelling on wheels (also known as DW) cabin provides a flexible, compact and simple residence.

At present, this kind of space outside the house has attracted much attention, and its relationship with nature is more important.

It has strong durability and can effectively and continuously protect the hut from various factors.

  The designer combines exquisite space with convenient facilities, covering public areas, sports facilities, spa, organic farming and shared workspace.

The furniture with unified style and the gray and white tones full of changes form a unique modern indoor space.

At present, the series has two ski huts in Lysefjord, which are located on the cliff and have a panoramic view of the fjord.

The biggest highlight of the design is the plywood structure made of charred pine.

This platform can be expanded into a porch to provide users with a sitting rest space-.

Majamaja cabinlittow architects with the help of Helsinki, this cabin provides visitors with the option of staying on the quiet Gulf side of the Finnish islands.

AskaStudioHeima   This is a sustainable all wooden cabin designed by Heima studio.

The clean cedar outer surface allows the building to blend humbly into the surrounding environment and respect the rich natural landscape around.

At present, the first majamaja cabin has been built in vuorlahdenniemi, Helsinki, and more cabins of this series are also under preparation.

From the dense forests of northern Europe to the vast green space of the United States, we will visit the representative cabin buildings together.

The architect explained: “we refine and simplify the needs of life, and integrate this minimalist concept into architectural design.

Hyttekotodesign & Aylott + vantromp kotodesign and Aylott + vantromp have jointly designed a modular Resort Hotel, which can be placed and put into use in any place.

  This minimalist cabin adopts wooden technology and meets the highest ecological standards.

It is located in a village on the mountains of New Zealand, overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean in the distance.

They have perfect intelligent service system and minimalist design style, and can be used as work space, family vacation and shelter.

Ryan Smith, the founder of the design company, explained: “DW can do a lot – it is very suitable for short-term travel or as people’s second home.”   The interior design of the cabin is also a minimalist style.

To this end, we added 20cm thick rock wool between the wooden structures, and suspended a stove in the middle of the cabin to heat.

Scaffolding Boards

PermanentCampingCaseyBrown   This distinctive hut is the work of Casey brown, a local architecture studio.

The outside of the cabin is covered with mirrors, which are almost integrated with the surrounding green environment, reflecting the surrounding landscape and changing weather.

Writer’sCabinMuDDArchitects   The owner of this cabin in the north of Madrid is a writer of children’s literature.

The area of the cabin is only 21 square meters.

These huts exist on the slopes of snow capped mountains, by the water, in the northern European fjords, or in the forests of the United States, no matter how bad the environment is.

Shousugiban is used as the material, which is a kind of wood processed by ancient Japanese treatment technology.

Backstage reply “design theory” on the day, you will push a design story for 365 days, 365 classic sentences, which will be updated only once a day.

Therefore, the project is named “Aska”, which means “ash”, which means that the volcanic ash and lava of Iceland volcano are spread in the landscape like a blanket.

Smart embedded storage room, solar panel on the roof, original fireplace and high-strength and thin heat insulation board on the wall are the highlights of the design.

These small and exquisite spaces are suitable for any place.

The modern shed, headquartered in Seattle, has launched its first portable cabin.

The designer combined digital technology and traditional architectural technology to build a small house with beautiful curves in Sierra village.

Considering the local climate conditions, the design should create a transparent and bright building that can ensure warmth and comfort in winter.

The curved bookshelf in the cabin is combined with the sloping roof, and the local pine with maple sugar coating on the surface is selected as the material, so that the space presents a warm and modern texture.

TetraPodAlexisDornier   Alexis Dornier, an Indonesian architect, has designed a template for a forest cabin, called tetrapod, which is a series of rentable dwellings developed by slit studios, and plans to build the first cabin in uruwatu, South Bali.

This small family office was designed by Mudd architecture in Barcelona.

It contains a simple and flexible living space, kitchen, shower and a dry toilet.

The cabin also has a small entrance platform, which is connected to the ground through retractable stairs.

It is equipped with a double bedroom, a single bathroom and an open kitchen.

Littow architects designed and planned this return to nature lifestyle.

This cabin can be bought by everyone, so in theory it can be placed anywhere people want.

At present, these hotels are accepting reservations this autumn.

The winter temperature in northern Madrid is as low as minus 20 degrees.

The layout is compact but elegant.

The large area of glass allows users to enjoy the distant Suomenlinna maritime fortress and the United Nations site.

  Nathan Aylott (Aylott + vantromp) said: “hytte project is looking for interested partners to break the existing hotel and tourism accommodation mode and inject fresh blood into the hotel industry.

The indoor functional facilities are durable.


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