China’s top ten modern buildings have amazed the world. The last one is really beautiful!

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It blooms in Chengdu Wanda City Exhibition Center in Dujiangyan, Sichuan.

Dujiangyan hibiscus flower should be the largest “hibiscus flower” in the world.

Each piece of glass has an overall gradient according to the real Hibiscus color.

The whole structure adopts steel structure grid and covers metal curtain wall.

This glittering Hibiscus Flower costs 150 million yuan, with a total of 8000 pieces of colored glaze glass, with a combined area of more than 10000 square meters.

It has a total construction area of more than 330000 square meters, including 166000 square meters of office buildings and 86000 square meters of commercial area.

12000 LED lamps are installed.

The theme of the design is to learn from the idea of Chinese courtyard and create an inner world.

It is composed of transparent glass and steel structures.

It’s an eye opener.



It is built according to water, which is consistent with the positioning and design of Harbin cultural island and reflects the design concept of northern scenery and land landscape.

It is one of the landmark buildings in China’s top ten cities.

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During the day, it is an elegant building.

The Park aims to provide a place for festival activities.

Each glass is a three-dimensional shape of spatial curved surface, all of which are manually polished and spliced.

The main building is in the shape of black piano, and the stairs are designed in the shape of transparent violin.

It is a super large world-class hotel complex integrating super luxury hotel, commerce, exhibition, entertainment, leisure, culture and gambling.

The unique tree shaped buildings, 100 meter high buildings and the appearance of large trees look like a towering forest during the day.

Some netizens think it is more like a ring magnified infinitely, while others think it is more like a Stargate.

After the completion of this romantic building, many foreign couples came all the way to take pictures.

The external enclosure structure is a steel structure shell, which adopts the appearance design of special-shaped hyperboloid.

Tianjin eye Ferris wheel Tianjin Yongle bridge Ferris wheel is a Ferris wheel with river crossing construction and bridge wheel integration.

Although the ring of life implies tradition, its shape is very sci-fi and gives people infinite reverie.



Fushun ring of life the ring of life is located in Shenfu new town, Fushun City, Liaoning Province.

It is a complex of three lotus shapes.

The outer diameter is 170m, the inner diameter is 150m, the top height of the structure is 153.98m, and the total weight of the steel structure is 3500 tons.

48 360 degree transparent cockpits are installed outside the wheel.

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With the repaired royal palace of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the total construction area is 26500 square meters and the investment is 339 million yuan.

After sunset, the lines outlined by the lights on the borders of the violin and piano are more charming.


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The salary increases by 20 cents.

Sanya beautiful crown seven star hotel beautiful crown seven star hotel stands in beautiful Sanya, facing mountains and water, with superior location and unique environment.


It is a comprehensive museum integrating modern museum buildings, ancient buildings and innovative landscape gardens.

The overall building scale of the project is 600000 square meters.

On October 6, 2006, the new Suzhou Museum was completed and officially opened to the public.

Changzhou Wujin lotus Pavilion is located in Wujin, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 3.5 hectares.

Harbin Grand Theater was rated as the most beautiful building in the world in 2016.

The “Piano” of Anhui piano house is located in the new urban area of Huainan, Anhui Province.

With a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, it is the largest hotel project complex in China.

Erection Anchor

“The ring of life” means connecting the round sky and places, connecting heaven and earth, and its height and form are unique to the world.

Pei, a world Chinese architect.

The new Museum covers an area of about 10700 square meters and a construction area of more than 19000 square meters.

Lotus Conference Center will become a representative symbol of Wujin’s growth and prosperity.

It’s completely free.

It has both sightseeing and transportation functions.

During the day, the black mirror body and the transparent violin next to it present an elegant and charming picture.

This Ferris wheel is the only Ferris wheel built on a bridge in the world.

The building includes 1600 grand theaters and 400 small theaters.

The “Piano” covers an area of 1100 square meters, with a maximum of 16 meters.


The height of the highest point from the ground can reach about 120 meters, which is equivalent to the height of 35 floors.

It is not only the landmark of Sanya, but also the most brilliant landscape of Sanya at night.

The lotus dome in the middle is made of blue glass curtain wall, in an irregular format shape, looking like a budding “stamen”.

Harbin Grand Theater Harbin Grand Theater is a landmark building in Harbin.

There is an illusion of time travel.

At night, turn on the LED lights from the floor to the top floor.

When night falls, the night lights here are the largest neon landscape project in Hainan.

New Suzhou Museum the new Suzhou Museum was designed by I.M.

Each cockpit can take 8 people and 384 people can visit at the same time.

The diameter of Yongle bridge Ferris wheel is 110 meters.

This beautiful architectural complex not only creates a flowing and organic internal space, but also forms a striking landmark architectural landscape on the adjacent East Second Ring Road.

You can see the scenery within 40 kilometers, so it is praised as the “eye of Tianjin”.

This quietly blooming hibiscus flower has reached the world’s top level in terms of technology and quality.

Beijing Galaxy SOHO Galaxy SOHO is located in the southwest corner of Chaoyang Gate Bridge on the East Second Ring Road.


The building is located next to the existing artificial lake.

The Sheraton Hotel in Huzhou is like an inverted U-shaped horseshoe, similar to the old bridge depicted in traditional Chinese paintings, which is very creative.

Its changeable lights are reflected on the surface of Taihu Lake at night, revealing a luxurious style.

The new pavilion adopts Chinese classical design imitating Suzhou garden style, with green bricks and white tiles.


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