Who will identify the illegal buildings in rural areas? Finally, there is an answer. This will be done in the future

There are often problems such as over occupation and building houses in other places, of which the over occupation and non local parts are also illegal buildings! 3.

Non agricultural facilities built on agricultural land without approval: agricultural land is mainly used for agricultural planting and production.

They are handed over to construction units and individuals for use after being punished: this kind of treatment method is mainly aimed at the problems of rural residents building houses without approval and over occupation of homestead.

In the urban planning law issued by the state in 2008, the preliminary concept of illegal construction is put forward, which clearly points out that if the rural construction planning license is not obtained according to law or the construction is not carried out in accordance with the provisions of the rural construction planning license in the township or village planning area, the township or town people’s Government shall order the construction to stop and make corrections within a time limit; If it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it may be demolished.

Failure to build houses in accordance with the approval conditions: at this stage, some rural residents have not built houses in accordance with the scope and area standards specified in the approval certificate, although they have followed the building process and obtained the approval certificate.

Building a house without approval or obtaining approval by fraud: it refers to that rural residents occupy cultivated land and homestead to build a house or rebuild a house in violation of the provisions of the measures for the administration of homestead and the regulations on the administration of planning and construction of villages and market towns, do not submit an application for building a house to the rural collective economic organization or villagers’ committee before building a house, or obtain approval by forging materials Reconstruction and other phenomena, these are illegal buildings! 2.

They even think that the villagers committee has the final say.

Because some rural residents meet the building conditions, but have not been approved by relevant departments, The houses built by themselves are in line with the provisions of urban and rural planning.

It should be professionally and legally recognized by urban and rural planning subsidies and land management departments! At present, the treatment methods of illegal buildings in rural areas mainly include the following two categories: 1.

Even some villagers’ committees violate the illegal and illegal buildings to infringe upon the rights and interests of the rural residents.

If it conforms to the overall plan for land use, the new buildings and other facilities built on the illegally transferred land shall be confiscated…

According to the provisions of the land management law, the construction of non-agricultural construction facilities on agricultural land requires the permission of the land management department and the approval of agricultural land conversion, but many people have not obtained this approval procedure, Building villas, houses and greenhouses on agricultural land are illegal buildings! Who should identify illegal buildings? At present, many rural illegal buildings are recognized by many rural residents.

The way of frequent demolition and treatment not only damages the vital interests of rural residents, but also does not meet the needs of the current rural reform and development, and even leads to many rural residents having no fixed place! So what is illegal construction? Illegal buildings are mainly buildings built only in violation of the mandatory provisions of national laws and regulations.

In fact, the Committee of the villagers’ committee violates illegal buildings.

Therefore, the land management law clearly stipulates that those who change agricultural land into construction land without authorization in violation of the general land use plan, Demolish the new buildings and other facilities built on the illegally transferred land within a time limit and restore the land to its original state.

In recent years, with the continuous development of rural land reform, the state is also actively carrying out land cleaning and remediation, and rural illegal buildings are the focus of remediation in rural land reform, but what is illegal buildings? What are the standards for illegal buildings? Who should identify illegal buildings? After being identified as illegal buildings, what will be done? Farmers do not know much about these problems.

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In such cases, they will be appropriately punished! 2.

In fact, the state has not made clear provisions on the identification of illegal buildings all the time, especially in the treatment of illegal buildings.

Forced demolition: this kind of punishment is mainly aimed at the problems of occupying cultivated land and building non-agricultural facilities.

At present, the state is strengthening the management and control of rural land and strictly observing the red line of rural cultivated land.

At present, the greenhouse houses vigorously renovated by the state, houses occupying cultivated land and basic farmland without approval are illegal buildings.

However, with the continuous development of rural land reform, the state has become clearer about illegal buildings, which mainly refers to various buildings built on Rural Cultivated land, homestead and other land without obtaining the approval procedures such as rural construction planning license! What are the standards for identifying illegal buildings? 1.


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