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At the same time, this work is completed by modern and dynamic sculpture methods.

  Part of the exterior wall of the building has been damaged, so Peter has added reinforced concrete structure.

Due to the adverse evaluation of its historicity by the people, the local traditional buildings are missing.

Peter haimerl founded his own office in 1991, mainly engaged in “his” Work.

He is famous for his commitment to building culture in the forest of his hometown Bavaria.

Marteau house is a three storey villa built in the 19th century.

Paten” Plan, which is looking for old farmhouses to be transformed in a spectacular and poetic way.

Here, he launched “Haus.

Therefore, this farmhouse reconstruction project aims to preserve the original architectural style – especially the characteristic buildings Celia structure.

Some of the removed materials were reused and made into furniture, which continued to be used in the building-.

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The windows, walls and floor tiles remained unchanged.

  The concert hall consists of three practice rooms, a lounge, a dining room, a lobby and a hall.

harbourme, Celia, Germany 2012 nearly 30 years, the old farmhouses in Bavarian Forest have been almost destroyed.

Schedlberg meditation house, Germany 2018 Peter Heimer transformed Sch in the Bavarian Forest The Edlberg house, formerly a traditional farmhouse, was abandoned in 1963, but still retains the general wooden frame and granite basement.

The underground lobby includes multi-functional areas such as dressing room, bathroom and bar, and It can guide the audience into the hall.

In order to maintain the original shape and landscape of the villa, Peter only renovated the ground floor and the new garden.

The unmodified color and the remaining ancient wood complement each other, giving the facade of the house a sense of splicing beauty.

Backstage reply “design theory” on the day, you will push a design story for 365 days, 365 classics, which is only updated once a day.

Only from the aspect of appearance, Peter kept almost all of the farmhouse.

The main body of the building is made of precast concrete, so the wall of the hall can form this undulating shape.

He added concrete elements to the new room to carry the aging building.

The owner can invite friends to come here for retreat, seminars, etc.

In addition, the inclined surface helps the audience get better sound effect, and the stage of the hall is equipped with modern led stage technology.

He built the cellar The depth of the has been increased by 60 cm, making it an accessible tunnel to the concert hall under the hill.

Projects are often described as stubborn, full of personality, contradictory or ambiguous.

The building extracts the historical elements of mining in the area and converts the materials previously mined here into building materials.

Peter haimerl is a German architect.

He was called “an alien” in German architecture by the architectural magazine Baumeister.

These concrete blocks continue to the interior, and tables, cabinets, beds and other furniture are combined with them to create a simple and simple space atmosphere Wai.

The overall inclined building looks like a concrete block from a distance, conforms to the slope terrain of the site, and the audience can go down to the underground entrance from the stairs connected with the square.

The wall and ceiling design are the highlights of the hall, with 33 giant granite “fragments” Embedded on the wall, these fragments are inspired by the historical tradition of mining in the area, which can guide the sound and ensure excellent sound effect.

This prompted him to complete projects such as “birgmich, cilli!” , hausschedlberg or the incredible blaibach concert hall.

He graduated from Munich University of Applied Technology in 1987.

The uniqueness of the project stems from the extreme attachment to the place, which is considered in a consistent and very modern way.

Peter transformed this lightweight and fragile building into a temporary residence for thinkers.

Villamarteau Concert Hall in 2021, Germany, a new underground concert hall was added to the Marteau house in Lichtenberg, upper Franken administrative region.

Brebach concert hall, Germany 2014   In order to revive the new center of brebach, the owner entrusted Heimer firm to build a concert hall next to the new community center.


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