Case sharing: Kazuo Huipai architectural courtyard!

Junqi decoration does not slander the opponent, does not belittle the peer, does not disappoint the customer, makes the best product, makes the best service, makes the opponent admire, makes the peer recognize and makes the customer satisfied.

“White walls, black tiles, and scenery walking along the steps” is the essence of Anhui architecture.

Junqi decoration completed real map architecture adheres to the composition technique of Chinese traditional Hui school, combines virtual and real, and the winding path leads to secluded areas, which greatly restores and transforms Chinese traditional architecture.

Junqi Decoration – case sharing [project name]: Kazuo Huipai courtyard [project area]: 4000 m2 [design team]: Junqi decoration design team [design style]: Huipai Architecture [design concept]: the whole building is designed in Huipai style, and the facade is white to emphasize the clean texture of the house, which can get more sunshine and make the overall shape more ethereal, Extraordinary impact.

Pay attention to the single reduction of 2000 yuan under the public number.

Architecture from the appearance and functional layout inherited the traditional Huizhou style of China.

It has been working hard to share the decoration experience with you and take you through the one-stop service from decoration scheme design to construction   Junqi decoration decorates your life and looks forward to our cooperation.

The skyline of the building is uneven and scattered.

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The roof level is very rich visually.

Under the white wall and gray tile, it reflects its happy life atmosphere under the mild sun.

The top of the wall is scattered, forming the style of “Five Mountains facing the sky”, which reflects the traditional aesthetics of Chinese architecture incisively and vividly.


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