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Thank you for your understanding and tolerance.

Shenmo peak didn’t make a voice.

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He came to the middle of the square and shouted, “well nine! Come out!”    Three days ago, the whole Chaotian continent saw the vision of heaven and earth in Dayuan city.

From a certain point of view, Zhongzhou school did have two people.

   Fortunately, the Imperial City array is under Gu Qing’s control.

   In this case, even if Fang Jingtian became the leader of green mountain, he would not easily move him.

        I happen to have what you need and am willing to share it with you.

   When his father died, he didn’t go back.

   Jing Jiu and Bai Ren have been separated, separated by more than ten miles.

   He went to the hall and all the ministers, including the emperor, knelt down.

   Even in March, holding Bai Zao, he returned to the stone steps and sat down.

   Lian March walked to the stone stool with his hands on his back, and then sat down.

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He also saw the morning light deep in the snow field.

  ……  ……   The invisible barrier in front of him suddenly disappeared.

   Suddenly a very thin cloud line appeared inside, which looked like curled hair from a distance.

Naturally, he didn’t dare to have any opinions.

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The most powerful opposition was Tianguang peak.

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   Fang Jingtian said that Jingjiu was not the great uncle of Jingyang, but a sword demon of all things.

   He knows her better than anyone and her way of turning silkworms into butterflies.

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”    From beginning to end, there was no expression change on her face, but everyone could see her sadness, because her eyes were very light and there was no color.

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   These swords are aimed at the white blade with Jing Jiu’s mind.

   Ah Piao was floating on the beam, and Ping Yongjia was lying flat on the couch.

      Learning should have three hearts, one confidence, two determination and three perseverance – Chen Jingrun.

Zhuo rusui even went out of seclusion once.

   Even March looked at the little girl and asked, “who is this?”    Well nine said, “my student, the youngest one.”   ……  ……   The cold trumpet bird felt that his head was wet and unhappy, but he Wei clearly felt that He Wei was a little angry and did not do anything.

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He Kan slightly raised his eyebrows and broke into the imperial city without fear.

   But everyone knows that the words of immortal Bai, bu qiuxiao or Zen are excuses.


   The white blade immortal came to Bai Zao’s body.

He guessed something vaguely and patted him on the shoulder to express comfort.

He turned and looked at the sky with a faint worry in his eyes.

He is not worried that this matter will be exposed.

   Gu Qing was told by Guo Jingjiu.

No one can peep in the imperial palace.

   What does it have to do with me?    He didn’t wake up until he felt something strange on his face, reached out and touched it, and found that he had been wet with tears.

     The biggest obstacle to our learning is the known, not the unknown.

   If yuan Qijing hadn’t been alive, Fang Jingtian might have suppressed Shenmo peak and welcomed his master back.

Plastic Nail Plate

  ……  ……   Gu Qing invited he Kan into the hall.

   The difference between Kunlun sect and other Jianzong actually stems from the sword meaning emitted by Jing Jiu.

   Gu Qing said calmly, “empress dowager, please speak carefully.

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Who would believe it?    Zen and the fact that even March admitted, how can you deny it?    Zhao Layue was in seclusion and Gu Qing was in Chaoge city.


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