European architecture can’t be distinguished? After reading this article, I understand!

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3、 Heaven.

With the eastward advance of the Eastern Roman Empire and the blending and collision with oriental civilization, Byzantine architecture, which is similar to Roman architecture, has been formed.

This is because Germany has a temperate continental climate, cold in winter and warm in summer.

Tips: the division of the Empire led to the emergence of the two religions and finally affected the development of their respective architectural forms.

So the Germans invented Gables to facilitate the sliding of snow.

Greek architecture era key words: a large number of talents architecture key words: triangular lintel, greek column “mascot”: Greece not only has a large number of talents, but also architecture can be regarded as the ancestor of European architecture.

Note that it is not limited to Baroque architecture, but even Baroque clothes and furniture.

The advent of the theocracy era has changed Europe with Catholicism as the main religious force (Catholicism belongs to a faction of Christianity).

Why high? Because Catholics believe in the last four things to face in life: first, death.

One thing you should remember is that Christianity is slowly taking root in Europe.

If you don’t believe it, I’ll show you the first one.

Therefore, only high can be closer to God.

Baroque style era key words: showing off wealth and competing for power architecture key words: glittering “mascot”: gold.

Its characteristics are very distinctive.

2、 Trial.

Symmetrical is like turning a book.

It is very strong and adds color.

The Romanesque architecture is in the West (France, Italy), and it becomes Byzantine architecture in the East (Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey).

This architectural style is also widely used in Northeast China and Switzerland in Europe..

If the house floor is built into a flat roof, in the past without high technology, heavy snow is easy to directly crush the house.

Above Versailles Palace are the typical architectural features of various periods in Europe.

If you look carefully, you will find that each column is symmetrical.

To identify Byzantine architecture, we mainly look at its top.

The buildings in each period have a “mascot”.

Roman Colosseum Byzantine architecture era known as the symbol of the ancient Roman Empire key words: East-West blending architecture key words: cute “mascot”: onion Byzantine Empire = Eastern Roman Empire.

(this is the so-called four Weis of the people).

Athens University Greek National Library Romanesque architecture era key words: who conquers who constructs key words: concrete “mascot”: steamed stuffed bun as we all know, Greece was conquered by the Romans, but in terms of architectural style, the Romans did not get out of the shadow of Greece.

Therefore, there is a clear distinction between Romanesque architecture and Byzantine architecture in Europe.

This style is more gorgeous, boastful and resplendent on the basis of the Renaissance It is really resplendent.

We cut Europe in half.

The triangular lintel at the top and the Greek columns below are the soul of the whole building.

Add “steamed stuffed bun” directly, remove “sandwich”, put “steamed stuffed bun” on the plate alone, and put “steamed stuffed bun” (arch) tips: Why did the Romans make great contributions to the construction project? The Romans invented a universal material called “caementum”, which is a stone slurry mixed with volcanic limestone, lime and water, plus gravel or broken bricks.

They believe that good people want to meet Jesus, Mary, angels and saints in heaven.

Romanesque style adds a semicircle directly, while Byzantine style retracts slightly at the bottom of the semicircle, just like an onion.

The resplendence of Paris Opera House is the exclusive term of Baroque style.

Oh, yes, there are two architectural styles summarized according to national and regional characteristics: German gable.

Renaissance architecture era key words: Renaissance architecture key words: symmetrical structure “mascot”: book the most remarkable feature of Renaissance architecture is symmetry.

So you can see that the buildings in Roman times are basically equivalent to adding a garden roof (vault) to the Greek buildings, that is, the form of “mascot” steamed stuffed bun.

It is used in the construction industry.

As a result, the whole European tour may only remember what the Eiffel tower looks like In fact, the development of architecture in Europe has a context to follow.

This is the first concrete in the world that can support long-span buildings.

“Well, dear friends, the representative works of ancient Greece now in front of us…” “This Roman style building was built in XXXX, which is a typical…” “It is magnificent and exquisite.

Since then, the large arch, dome and vault can be independent without relying on many columns like ancient Greek architecture, which has become an epoch-making creation in the history of world architecture.

There are many local buildings in the shape of “mountains” in Germany, which are high in the middle and bottom at both ends.

The whole development of European architecture is based on ancient Greek architecture, and then gradually developed and continued: in more detail, they are not far from us.

4、 Hell.

Like Romanesque, the dome at the top of the building is essential, but the style is different.

It can be called a typical representative of Byzantine architecture.” Have you also experienced the above moment? Although there are world-famous buildings in front of you, you can’t understand which period they are typical, and you almost begin to doubt life.

The Romans invented concrete.

Key words of Gothic architecture era: Catholic architecture key words: bony “mascot”: corn cob , Holy Family Church in Barcelona, Spain with the demise of Byzantine Empire, the Roman Empire was completely destroyed.

The most important thing in the era when theocracy is greater than imperial power is wealth, so The sandwiches, steamed stuffed buns and onions we just introduced all pull aside.

There are many stories in the middle.


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