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   Although he passed the four swords to Zhao Layue, Jing Yao, Gu Qing and Liu shisui respectively, they will naturally return to him when he needs them.


   The sea of clouds suddenly broke into ten thousand strands, like countless leaping flames.

   This is not a disguise, but because she hasn’t done it from beginning to end.

      Learning should have three hearts, one confidence, two determination and three perseverance – Chen Jingrun.

On the one hand, he should ensure that Bai Zao lives, on the other hand, he should also ensure that she can stay in Chaotian mainland for a long time.

Who could have thought that immortal Bai acted so cruel and shameless?    In the restaurant, Qing’er looked at the cloud boats in the sky and said nervously, “what should I do now, what should I do?”    Yin San suddenly turned and looked to the south, slightly raised her eyebrows and said, “are you more crazy than me?”    The sky was overcast and calm as felt.

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     The biggest obstacle to our learning is the known, not the unknown.

   Gu Qing stands beside him and silently prays that Shifu can see these eyes and wake up.

   Isn’t the immortal killing sword array a mythical thing? Just like the vermilion bird, it has long lost its inheritance.

Thank you for your understanding and tolerance.

   If Han Chan were present at this time, he would certainly pretend to be dead.

Fang Jingtian asked him to come back several times, but he didn’t listen to the call.

        I happen to have what you need and am willing to share it with you.

I really like Zhen Tao.


”    Gu Qing didn’t deny her statement and said, “but that’s just one thing.

   I don’t know how long it took, snowflakes suddenly fell from those holes.

If he insists on going back, let the green mountain protect him.

  ……  ……   After hearing the report of the Yuan opera, Zhao Layue asked, “where’s Gu Qing?”    Yuanqu said, “elder martial brother Gu Qing is supervising the country in Chaoge city.

   Yuan arrived by whale.

   He drank more and more, but his tears were more and more.

   If Bai Ren doesn’t want to die in this immortal Qi explosion, he can only leave the body and take away most of the immortal Qi.

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   Those are the wings of Yin Feng.

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“Yin San looks at immortal Bai and says calmly.) Chapter 104 Gu Qing’s story    Gu Qing looked at her quietly without saying anything to comfort her.

   This is an irreversible process.

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”    Zhao Layue was silent for a moment and asked, “how’s he over there?”    The most concerned questions are always asked last.

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Why does it reappear in the hands of Jing Jiu?    The emotions of the disciples of Zhongzhou sect are more complicated.

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”    “If he Kai comes, don’t let him go back to the north.

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What’s more puzzling is that Jing Jiu answered seriously.

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   Even in March, the immortal Qi in the body had been exhausted, and the golden thread naturally dissipated in the air.

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   When the fog dispersed and the clouds disappeared, immortal Bai came out from inside, looked at them and said, “so, who’s next?” chapter 96 the flute starts again    It is recognized by the practitioners that Bai Zhenzhen is one of the most powerful digital objects in Chaotian, but it is strange that practitioners do not think highly of her in private.

   Zhongzhou school is silent like a mountain closure.

   It’s puzzling to ask for advice from the opponent who just defeated him.

                 Fill, negligible               Baicheng ushered in an earthquake.

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The name of the immortal killing sword array is really an ominous sign for them.


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