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The double gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism like butterfly is also an exclusive innovation of the brand.

A large area of color blocks overlap, and the colors and lines are so direct and neat.

The furniture designed by franzvonstuck for this villa also won the gold medal at the Paris World Expo in 1900.

Like matching with a full black totallook, the watch has become the focus of the whole shape.

I always have more desire to explore this country full of history and conflict.

Under the amazing hemispherical dome, it was once filled with the surging source of free creative genius.

The movement inversion has always been the original and unique design of glash ü TTE original grasuti, which is the crystallization of creativity and time everywhere.

I prefer the design of large dial and sometimes wear men’s watch.

When reading architecture, it is like reading.

Glash ü TTE original glasuti, who recently planted grass, created another brand-new room gold SEAQ watch, which is very suitable.

Slide to the left to find more, and the state behind my work is eager to relax and be free.

The buildings built in the early 19th century now seem to exude classical beauty, but they were ahead of modern existence at that time.

If you understand these buildings, you will understand the city- Colombo   GeoffreyBawa   Residence is probably a little-known good place in Colombo.

The collections collected from all over the world reflect Bawa’s outstanding taste everywhere.

The building itself is a work of art.

The exquisite Ji carving decorative pattern is meticulous, modern and simple.

The sunlight penetrates and falls, just like a drizzle of light- mexico city   My trip in Mexico City was almost a pilgrimage to the works of Luis Barragan, Mexico’s national treasure architect.

It is not limited to the size or style to define the watch.

When the light falls, the surface will shine because of different irradiation angles, and the pattern is more vivid.

Now, it has brought unprecedented inspiration to glash ü TTE original grasuti’s original creation and created this new platinum version panofinverse eccentric movement inverted watch with a global limit of only 25.

The watch has a sports style, inspired by the appearance of glasudi’s first diving watch spezimatic, fashionable, dynamic and energetic..

Strong composition and light and shadow aesthetics bring visual shock.

This is probably the independent and courageous side I often show in my work.

At that time, the leading position of culture was owned by Munich and Dresden.

Gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism has a long history.

  The prosperity of the Holy Roman Empire, the success or failure of the German Federation, and then from war to today’s peace.

  Architecture itself is art and a carrier of creativity.

Stuckvilla was an integrated work integrating life, architecture, art, music and drama.

This used to be the private house and studio of artist franzvonstuck.

At that time, Berlin was not an art center.

Based on its original basic principle, grasuti expanded its function by adding a second gooseneck spring, creating unparalleled accuracy.

The minimalist and avant-garde modern architecture is actually inspired by many Arab cultures and local customs.

It is a traditional device used in glash ü TTE town of glasuti since 1888.

Referring to Dresden, the Dresden Academy of fine arts, a local landmark built by Constantin Lipsius between 1887 and 1894, outlines the magnificent skyline of the city.

  This new platinum panofinverse eccentric movement inverted watch originally created by glash ü TTE original grasuti is such a watch that can be worn by both men and women.

Located on sadiat Island, it is a pure white land from far to near.

Built on the original site of the Muslim mosque, the main building is Gothic style, the interior decoration absorbs the artistic style of mudhar style, and the altar in the chapel reveals the Baroque Renaissance style.

  In my opinion, a wristwatch is like a building on your hand.

I prefer to follow the style I think I like.

Just like the transparent light of the dome, the new platinum panofinverse eccentric movement inverted watch boldly presents the movement on the dial.

Slide to the left and find that I have shared more with you.

Now it has become a private museum and a source and treasure house of inspiration and artistic exchange.

This is also a semi mechanized carving pattern loved by glash ü TTE original grasuti.

Traveling through different cities, large and small, with curiosity about the world, I often set out for a certain building and a destination.

  I remember that Zweig once mentioned in “yesterday’s world” that he had studied in Berlin.

It is said that the high wall engraved with words like a stone tablet and the most eye-catching dome design refer to the leaves of the palm forest.

A variety of extremely complex styles coexist peacefully, witness history and mix charming and fantastic colors.

His former residence and studio were full of his ideas of architecture and life.

 – Abu Dhabi   I came for Jean Nouvel, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Award, when Louvre Abu Dhabi had just opened a few years ago.

  Stuckvilla Munich   Traveling to Munich, Germany, is my last trip in Europe so far, so I am also deeply impressed.

Slide left   Find more in the handsome and capable appearance, without losing the fine beauty.

The urban residence of Geoffrey Bawa, the “father of Asian Architecture”, was designed by him.

The first stop and one of his most famous works, cuadra San Crist ó BAL, is a stable and house, but it is more like a dream paradise.

In addition, several parts and components have been newly developed.

The abstract picture of straight line, from plane to three-dimensional, and the flowing waterscape runs through the whole strong building gently- Toledo   From the 12th century to the 14th century, Toledo Cathedral created an architectural miracle in 250 years.

Groups of poems of light and color represent the most beautiful place in Mexico City.

Echoing the unique relief pattern on the dome of Dresden Academy of fine arts, it is exposed on the three-quarters splint of the dial.

Simple and atmospheric sense of lines, sassy style.

Prop Sleeve

In order to achieve this, the movement parts that can only be seen through the sapphire glass bottom cover are replaced by inverted assembly.

A close reading of the dome of the Dresden Academy of fine arts reveals its subtle connection with this watch.

The polished platinum case and crown form a contrast with the dark gray of the dial.

These colors are pure and gorgeous from the natural component dyes that can be seen everywhere in the Mexican market.

At the same time, it also brings a source of inspiration to other designs.

Immersive, really shocking.

It has the beauty of appearance, but its structure is more fascinating.

Ancient and modern, the fusion of different cultural elements has also provided me with a lot of home inspiration.

For me, when looking at architecture, I can also use the word “reading”.

The beautiful white tone, transparent patio and lush green plants constitute an indoor space integrated into nature.

It does not follow the wave.

Starting from the design of space, we can read the architect’s interpretation of lifestyle; Through the structure and aesthetic orientation, it also reveals the local culture and the style of the times.

When I came to stuckvilla to visit the exhibition, I was surprised that the building itself left a deeper impression on me.

Match with gray Louisiana suede crocodile leather strap to make the watch more soft and elegant.


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