Why does the architecture of the auditorium of poetry feed back the spirit? Tadao Ando gave Dawan an an answer

He hopes that by applying geometry to architectural composition, Infinitely close to the root and essence of architecture.

Moreover, in his vision, the auditorium of poetry will present a suffocating atmosphere – the shuttle of light and shadow between trees will strengthen the depth of space.

Tadao Ando has both wisdom and firmness in his eyes   © Tadao Ando Architectural Research Institute’s “poetry auditorium”, I hope it can gather many people.

In Tadao Ando’s life as rich and exciting as an epic film, drama conflicts are often staged, and he lives a real and natural life.

In the early years, more than one or two Chinese Party A were rejected by Ando.

This time at the source of the beautiful valley of South China, Ando auditorium series will play the Fourth Movement: the auditorium of poetry.

For international architects who cherish feathers, it is the basic standard to prefer lack rather than abuse.

The triangular plane layout fixed according to the shape of the base is in line with Tadao Ando’s consistent design proposition that buildings must be based on the local natural appearance, comply with the unique congenital conditions there, conform to the nature and coexist with the environment.

Pickiness is sometimes synonymous with responsibility.

Green apple is always young, and it is a spiritual symbol.

The possibility of architecture and local future is related to and exists in everyone’s heart.

Until he left, he said his own idea: what to do with such beautiful mountain scenery is a kind of destruction and interference.

In the same period, named “eternal youth”, Ando’s large green apple sculpture officially landed in the town, facing the auditorium of poetry to be completed by the end of next year.

A series of key words whetted my appetite.

Lifting Clutches

The next day’s “auditorium Trilogy – Tadao Ando’s architecture and image works exhibition” was opened in chunmuyuan town.

The views he often expresses on architecture are meaningful from every perspective: architecture is not just a business, but a moving art.

Picky and persistent   The “challenge” in the continuous tour before the unveiling of the auditorium of submission to nature poetry Tadao Ando’s grand exhibition has enabled more ordinary people to understand his architectural career more thoroughly.

The appearance of the auditorium full of Ando style gentle poems and green apples undoubtedly pushed the continuous popularity of Tadao Ando this year to the extreme.

Green apple “eternal youth” device landing       © Chunmuyuan town      It’s hard for people to live in this digital age.

In 2000 square meters, the internal space is unfolded layer by layer like movement.

In his words, many of them have been praised The unacceptable ideas of Japan and other places are more likely to be realized in today’s China.

Is that the original words There is no way to verify, but when the local famous developer speaks, he is still full of small losses and regrets.

Although he has accepted and designed many design projects in China in recent years, people familiar with his style know that in the face of overwhelming design invitations, he can agree instantly and often refuse decisively.

Ma Weidong often plays the role of screening projects for Ando, usually for the reason of declining, “There are only about 20 people in the firm, and the scale is limited, so they can’t take so many.” however, only they know the subtlety of how to choose and choose.

It is a place where people perceive and confirm the thing of “living”.

For architects who pursue excellence, it is equivalent to self abandonment to a certain extent..

From the renderings, we can try to read Tadao Ando’s wishes in the design – using “green” and “water” as important elements of the design, introducing the “mother of nature” with geometric methods to create a unique place for symbiosis with the environment.

In recent ten years, his works have frequently appeared in China.

A small cafe will bring the thoughts of running away back to daily life, and life will continue, perhaps different.

The auditorium of poetry is located in Heyuan chunmuyuan Town, which is 3 hours away from Shenzhen.

When we speculate all the way, we face the “spiritual building” of Guo Deying, the founder and scientist “mayor” of chunmuyuan town When Tadao Ando thought about the topic and gave the answer, the 80 year old Ando responded to people’s curiosity in his office with a green apple in his hand through a video connection.

The so-called youth, the so-called life, has nothing to do with age.

On September 25, the design scheme of the auditorium of poetry was officially released, directly pointing to the “spiritual building”.

I hope it can gather a lot of people here to perceive and confirm the “living” thing—— Tadao Ando, a tough man, is tender and firm.

I also hope to make everyone here feel “ah! It’s good to live!” The auditorium of poetry has green water in front and Aomori in the back.

A bird’s-eye view of the poetry auditorium by the river at night (renderings)      © Tadao Ando Architecture&Associates       Since hearing that Tadao Ando gave the fourth part of his beloved auditorium series to Dawan District, strong curiosity surged into his heart.

Why not the curve shape flowing due to water? According to Tadao Ando, geometry is the basic form of everything in nature, from water droplets, snowflakes to plant cells.

The changes of nature will also be projected on the buildings.

The water surface reflects the scenery and shows the shape of the wind in the fluctuation The sky and green trees in the water are rippled by the wind, which enriches the expression of the building.

The first movement is the prelude to the sky.

I hope to design a building that can introduce natural elements into the space, and it will develop with this area.

The second movement is the core space, living in two places The third movement is life itself.

Light and shadow under the lens of Tadao Ando   © Tadao Ando’s Architecture Research Institute heard a story about Beiqing · home furnishing in the early years.

The Church of wind, the Church of light, the Church of water…

Tadao Ando, spiritual architecture, Dawan District, chunmuyuan.

Spiral staircase under circular space (effect drawing)     © Tadao Ando Architecture&Associates     Although all associations are based on the observation of renderings and videos, because it is Tadao Ando and because it is the “auditorium of poetry”, the “masterpiece effect” that will take place in the town has been deeply envied by viewers like us – how lucky the residents there will be to be neighbors with the master architecture in the future.

What I want to build is a place where people can take root.

Many followers and admirers regard him as a great God.

© The special plot where the two rivers meet in the daily life of chunmuyuan town presents an extremely strong sense of direction due to the firm triangular shape of the poetry auditorium.

It is located at the intersection of the two rivers in the valley.

Now the world is developing rapidly and changing with each passing day.

When a developer in Qingdao invited Tadao Ando several times and invited him to the project site, Tadao Ando was noncommittal about whether to do it or not.

People are determined to work hard in their twenties and thirties, thinking of serving the world What can we do? What can we do for ourselves? What contribution can we make to the place where we are? I hope we can see that it can make everyone regain their dream and high spirited state.

Model diagram of the auditorium of poetry © In a further spoiler by Ma Weidong, Chinese partner of Tadao Ando Architecture Research Institute, the outline of the auditorium of poetry is clearer.

This is a world-renowned architect who is rebellious, willful and unusual Master Zhu is a famous “picky” He chooses Party A, location, timing, and even bluntly criticizes everything.

After entering, look up and stay away from the noise of the previous second in the gaze.

For the creative mind of the poetry auditorium, Tadao Ando himself spoke clearly and sincerely in the above video.

Look at the outdoor waterscape from the interior of light and shadow geometry (renderings) © Tadao Ando of the Tadao Ando Institute of architecture has always believed that green can bring comfort to people’s hearts.

The final completion and perfection of a building are closely related to the level and tone of all parties involved.


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