The most mysterious building on the Bund! The Sammy building, which has been closed for many years, is reopened! From here, the beauty of

L3 has a piano designed in Europe ↓ many Mordor trendsetters have clocked in in advance to share their experience of watching the exhibition ~ “it’s really comfortable to shoot, chat and stay in a daze.” “after the repair of Shami building, any shot is a large film.” “furniture, outdoor scenery and Mordor’s fashionable little sister have become the scenery in my eyes.” “The furniture exhibits are beautiful, and the interior of historical buildings is also worth seeing.

What does the repaired Sammy building look like? Let’s follow the photos to have a preview: the entrance is located in the semicircular arch hole, with a complete classical colonnade, full of gas!   The interior is elegant and simple.

It is very beautiful when the sun is good.

Solid Lifting Socket

The revolving staircase is a popular punch in point for many netizens.

This building was not allowed to go up at the beginning, and it was vacant for a long time.

Different angles, different curves and amazing.

Some climbed in at night and some went in through the small door.

● address: it is located in the historical and cultural area of Shanghai Bund west of Huangpu River and south of Suzhou River ● purpose: it has been used as Shami foreign bank and Shanghai Trust, and later as residential and corporate office.

At present, an exhibition entitled “pioneer revival” is being held in the building.

It gives people a sense of wandering between history and the future.

Look at the “pioneer revival” in the century old buildings on the Bund.

Source: xiaohongshu netizen @ weed min source: xiaohongshu netizen @yipop3 source: xiaohongshu netizen @ IMQ_ Rickins can also take a beautiful antique elevator…

The Bund has another beautiful new space! Do you want to go and have a look?  】 News source: @ Shanghai Huangpu, some pictures are from public comments and xiaohongshu netizens.

Some netizens said: another tower is Paris ~ if you are lucky, you can also take a group of pigeons flying in the blue sky ~ source: xiaohongshu netizen @ clouds like the wind…

Friends who have ideas about the most beautiful balcony might as well look forward to it ~ how to enter the Shami building? How to make an appointment to visit the exhibition? Long press the QR code picture below to identify and pay attention to “Nonghao Shanghai” The official account home page dialog box answers key words: Sha Mei gets it right away! The mysterious building unravels the veil.

The atrium on the third floor is the glass top floor.

The source of the Bund is regarded as the starting point of the Bund.

Some are close to the guard, and some slip in when people don’t pay attention ~ these all aggravate its mystery! Closed for many years, the Sammy building reopened good news! Now the Sammy building is reopened! Allah can enter the ~ Shami building, a mysterious building, which has been re injected with artistic vitality on the occasion of its 100th birthday.

Because some people claim that “the most beautiful balcony in magic capital” is in this building.

It is one of the early important works of Tonghe foreign firm in the Bund area of modern Shanghai.

No one can say why.

If you have any offense, please contact us.

● appearance: five floors high, three-stage composition, stone finish, rich facade architectural elements, local Baroque decoration, emphasizing curves and reliefs.

Copyright notice: declined without authorization.

For the perfect balcony scenery, many people try every means to go inside and have a look.

As the fourth batch of excellent historical buildings in Shanghai, after seven years of repair works, shamei building, a century old building, is rejuvenated and welcomes the arrival of the public with a new look.

In short, it’s not worth the trip.” The exhibition will last until November 8 ~ according to netizens, other floors are a brand hotel.

Source: xiaohongshu netizen @ oopscare can say that you can feel the elegance and richness of century old buildings every step.

A number of excellent historical buildings with a history of 100 years gather here, which can always make people linger and forget to return to its strong cultural heritage.

At the intersection of Beijing East Road near Sichuan middle road, there is an old building called shamei building, which can be said to be the “most mysterious building” on the Bund! Where is the mystery of the Sammy building? In the little red book, the Shami building is a building that the “building climbing party” must conquer.

Photo source: Little Red Book netizen @ASHLEY0723 takes pictures very beautifully, and can be in the same frame with the Oriental Pearl.

L1-L3 of the building is the exhibition area, displaying nearly 30 pieces of modern furniture representing the best technology and design level in Europe in the 20th century and nearly 20 pieces of overseas contemporary art exclusively represented by cobra Gallery in China.

Photo source: xiaohongshu netizen @ oopscare, let’s take a look at the small archives of Sammy building ↓↓↓● original name: Sammy bank building ● date of Construction: 1918 ● Designer: designed by Tonghe foreign firm and comprador Ying Ziyun for French businessman Sasson Solomon Sammy 100 years ago.

At present, they are also in intensive decoration.


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