[carry out fraud prevention education and strengthen campus safety line] freshmen admission education of College of Construction Engineering

Secondly, Mr.

Then, Mr.

Miao emphasized fire safety and pointed out that fire is one of the important disasters threatening human security.

Miao talked about the knowledge of national security and stressed that students must keep state secrets, establish national security awareness, and consciously care about and maintain national security.

In the lecture, teacher Miao warned the students to protect their personal safety and call the police in time in case of emergencies.

On the evening of September 28, 2021, the College of construction engineering held a safety lecture on beware of fraud for freshmen of the College of Construction Engineering in room 106 of Li Neng building.

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This lecture was given by Mr.

I hope the students can learn more safety knowledge in this process, truly improve their safety awareness and learn self-protection, Jointly create a good campus security environment..

Safety is the cornerstone of a good life.

Then, Mr.

Through this entrance safety education conference, the students’ safety awareness has been improved, which has laid a good foundation for the majority of freshmen to better adapt to university life, and played a guiding role in preventing unsafe factors for the students.

In order to improve Freshmen’s safety awareness, enhance personal prevention and control ability, let freshmen face school life more calmly, and then enhance students’ awareness of fraud prevention.

Miao warned the students to take proper means of transportation, abide by traffic rules and pay attention to traffic safety.

Students should establish the attitude that safety responsibility is no small matter and life safety is a big thing, so that life safety can be guaranteed.

So far, the safety education conference ended with warm applause.

Miao Luwei, safety propagandist of the security office of Shanxi Institute of business and technology, and all freshmen of grade 21 of the College of construction engineering attended.

Miao pointed out that campus safety is the top priority.

Finally, Mr.

Students should always be vigilant to prevent “burning”.


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