[lighting up professional dream and sowing ideal hope] freshman entrance education of College of Architectural Engineering (V) — Lecture on

In order to enable the new freshmen majoring in civil engineering of our college to fully understand the relevant knowledge of the major, so as to make the students more systematically understand the learning contents of the major, the school of architectural engineering held an educational lecture on civil engineering of the school of Architectural Engineering in classroom 106 of Li Neng building on September 28, 2021.

Through this lecture, the grade 21 Civil Engineering Freshmen of our college systematically understand the relevant knowledge of civil engineering, clarify the direction and determine the goal for the students’ study and life in the next four years of University.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr.

Finally, Mr.

In terms of campus life, Mr.

Wang Shengnan taught students to learn to be independent in thought, actively and correctly cross an important watershed in life.

Wang Shengnan had a profound discussion and communication with the students on the three topics of “what is university”, “how to spend the four years of University” and “how to have a wonderful life”, and actively solved a series of problems about learning and life at the beginning of admission.

Subsequently, Mr.

Elephant Foot Ferrule

Wang Shengnan gave the students a detailed professional introduction with his senior professional knowledge and his understanding of the current society.

It has stimulated the students’ learning enthusiasm and expectations for future life, and created a good learning atmosphere for our college..

Wang Shengnan proposed to the students that the focus of the lecture was on learning, life and career.

This lecture was given by teacher Wang Shengnan, All students majoring in civil engineering of grade 21 of the College of architectural engineering attended.


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