A fire broke out in the landmark building and lasted for 7 hours! What’s more worrying is

At present, the fire has been controlled without casualties.

According to the latest information released by the official microblog @ Jinpu of Jinpu New Area in Dalian at 19:00 last night (the 27th), we preliminarily understood the cause of the fire.

Dalian emergency Bureau, Dalian fire rescue detachment, local emergency, public security and streets rushed to the scene for disposal.

The cause of the fire remains to be investigated.

When the fire broke out, the train was still running through thick smoke.

The people around the fire scene were evacuated urgently.

According to the data, the planning and design of Triumph International project is completed by a world-famous design company.

The alarm bell of disaster keeps ringing, and the awareness of fire prevention cannot be relaxed! Source: CCTV news client, news workshop, Beijing News, Beijing Daily, interface news, @ Jinpu release, @ Dalian emergency, @ Dalian fire control, etc..

“There’s no time to be quiet.

At present, the fire site is being cleaned up, hidden dangers are being investigated, and the detailed cause of the fire is being investigated.

Where was such a serious fire? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ According to CCTV news client, a fire broke out in a high-rise building called Triumph International in Jinpu new area, Dalian on the afternoon of August 27.

The fire was too big.

Erection Anchor One Sided

At about 16:00 yesterday, a household on the 19th floor caught fire.

After the property arrived, the room was full of thick smoke, and then called the police.

From the video taken by netizens, it can be seen that the fire was on the upper part of the building, the flame burned up along the building, and the burning plates were constantly falling from the high altitude.

Finally, there was no danger.

The shape is inspired by the “Arc de Triomphe” property in ladfangs, CBD area of France.

I felt that the whole building was about to collapse.

The property categories are ordinary residence, apartment The total construction area of commercial and residential buildings is 63000 square meters.

In the fire scene, a group of pictures also made netizens cry.

Other rehabilitation work has also been carried out in an orderly manner, and the residents in the building have been properly resettled to temporary living places such as hotels.

Local street staff evacuated more than 1800 people from the burning building and surrounding residents, and the power supply and gas of the building were cut off at the first time.

Triumph International Building is an apartment building with 419 households and 818 people living in.

The air was filled with a pungent smell.

Around 13 p.m., Dalian’s Dacai market caught fire.

Black smoke could be seen several kilometers away.

Black smoke billowed around.

Affected by the fire, the two-way shutdown from Xianglujiao station of Dalian Metro Line 3 to Dalian station of Dalian Metro is understood.

Dalian station of Dalian Metro Line 3 is close to Dacai market.

Shortly after the fire occurred, the fire department immediately sent more than 30 fire engines and more than 100 people to the scene for rescue, and high spray trucks were used to extinguish the fire outside, During the internal attack, the internal personnel carried out search and rescue door to door to see if any personnel were trapped.

Dalian municipal emergency bureau announced that the fire of the shops next to Dalian Shuangxing commodity city had been controlled.

In addition to Triumph International Building, there was a fire in Dalian yesterday.

The owner went to the property for help.

At about 16:00 on August 27, some netizens posted a video of a high-rise building burning on the Internet.

At 13:16 on August 27, 2021, the sundries of the vegetable shops next to Dalian Shuangxing commodity city caught fire.

It is also understood that relevant experts have arrived at the site to assess the construction safety.

Firefighters stood on the roof not far from the fire with water guns.

Seeing this picture, netizens couldn’t hold their breath.

I hope the firefighters will return safely!” Fortunately, after emergency rescue by various forces, as of 23:00 on August 27, the open fire on the site had been extinguished without casualties.

Netizens in the building photographed the fire outside the window before evacuating the building.


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