The building structure is strictly standardized. The building has become a “stuffy can”. Has the designer been scolded and wronged?

However, the system is only opened in case of fire, and residents can not open it by themselves, nor can it solve the problem of normal ventilation in the corridor.

However, the reporter checked layer by layer and did not see relevant equipment.

As designers, we can’t help but design according to the specifications.

The designer was scolded by the residents…

Please ask the experts who prepared the norms to answer the disaster caused by the **********************************************************************, Who do you think is responsible? If you solve it from the source, modify the specification..

The windows can’t be opened, and every family is miserable.

If residents in the community insist on opening windows, they violate the fire protection specifications.

The residents reflected the problem in many ways, but it still can’t be solved so far.

It can only be blamed on the people who formulated the norms.

I also hope the relevant departments will urge the specification team to revise the specifications from the actual consideration and the feasibility of construction and use as soon as possible! Don’t let designers take the blame***** Dry design does not carry this pot.

I hope the majority of friends can understand it.

The developer replied that the construction according to the drawings was a fire protection design.

As soon as this news came out, the design circle was completely fried.

Aunt Liu told reporters that the new houses decorated and occupied in 2018 were all good, that is, the corridor windows “couldn’t be opened”.

If dry design does not comply with the provisions of the specification, it will be impossible to dry design***** This pot, ask the experts who prepare the specifications to explain ********************************************************************************** The standard is wrong and contradictory.

“If you want to continue to receive the official account, please note that the” WeChat “is a public key.

A positive pressure air supply fan system connected to the fire control center is installed on the top of the corridor.

When a fire occurs and residents escape, the positive pressure fan system will pressurize and supply air, so that the indoor smoke can not reach the stairs, creating conditions for escape.

In China, the norms are written by some elderly people, and the level is not necessarily high.

Xinzeyuan, huizeyuan and yongzeyuan have about 3000 residents, a total of 63 corridors, and more than 800 corridor windows are “dead” and cannot be opened, but this is the original design.

The so-called experts only prepare specifications based on theoretical experiments, without considering actual use and construction feasibility, It’s long time for revision.

Only a central air-conditioning air supply equipment is installed on the top of the corridor directly leading to the roof of the top floor, but the equipment is silent and has no air supply“ Compared with muggy and peculiar smell, in case of fire in the corridor, the windows can’t be opened and the thick smoke can’t be discharged, which is the most worrying.

No wonder the design.

We also want to open the window, but in order to ensure the positive pressure state in the staircase in case of fire, the window must be closed.

Liu, a resident of huizeyuan, Sheshan Town, Songjiang District, reported to the summer hotline of Xinmin Evening News that there were windows in the corridor that could not be opened.

The smell is strong and the dust dance can’t be dispersed.

The following are some netizens’ comments (the following comment echelon should be professional designers) * * * * * the technical standard of building smoke control and smoke exhaust system has been implemented hastily for three years since 2018.

At present, the occupancy rate and other conditions of the community have not met the requirements of the Chengdu industry committee, and the maintenance funds cannot be used.

I guess the fire code only considered the safety issue when it was formulated, and did not consider the resident’s living experience at all.

When decorating and cleaning, there is dust everywhere and it can’t be discharged; In the corridor, all kinds of peculiar smell diffuse and cannot be dispersed; When it’s hot, it’s airtight, stuffy in the chest and sweating all over.

For the developer’s reply, residents raised a series of questions: is this fire protection requirement a mandatory standard for residential buildings? Why can the windows of the stairs in Jiafeng garden nearby be opened? Since the corridor is designed with windows, why not open the windows for natural smoke exhaust, but use mechanical pressurized air supply to prevent smoke? In the face of many questions, the relevant staff said that they would ask for further instructions and reports, which would be answered by professionals.

Can you take these into account***** Yes, this is the mandatory standard.

The reporter contacted the personnel of the developer’s engineering department through the property company and asked: why can’t the peculiar smell and dust in the window corridor be dispersed? Why can’t the exhaust system be opened? If the window cannot be opened, what about fire safety? The developer explained: the community is constructed in strict accordance with the design drawings of the Architectural Design Institute.

For the transformation funds, residents also questioned a lot: why use maintenance funds when it is clear that the developer’s design is defective·   The original design turned into a “stuffy can”.

The corridor windows are sealed! Residential buildings, stuffy! Ms.

After all, suffocation can’t kill people, but it can really kill to evacuate the stairwell and smoke in a fire***** No way, norms are the law.

When I wanted to open the window, I found that the window frame and glass were fixed.

” Uncle Zhang, a resident living on the 14th floor, said he had never seen the equipment turned on.

Positive pressure forced draft fan equipment similar to central air conditioner   Source: Xinmin Evening News   Wang Junzhao’s neighborhood committee and the property company have also calculated that the reconstruction of windows needs to be filed with the relevant design institute, and the reconstruction cost is at least RMB 4.5 million.

The corridor windows are required to be closed and cannot be opened.

The reporter then learned that there were 63 corridors and more than 800 windows in huizeyuan, xinzeyuan and yongzeyuan, which were only transparent and airless, and the building became a “stuffy can”.

The neighborhood committee and the property company have not implemented the relevant transformation yet.

There are windows, but there is only daylighting, but there is no ventilation.

Everyone says that this kind of window is a fake leader.

The reporter learned about the situation from the community neighborhood committee and the property company, and the staff confirmed that they had received feedback from many residents.

The smell is strong and the dust dance can’t be dispersed.

Because the official account official has adjusted the push rules, if you want to continue to receive the contents of the official account, please set the public building number of the building as the star sign, and more points of the “look at” and “praise” in the end of the article.

I feel flustered.

Waco Scaffold Frames

Star setting: enter the official account homepage, click the “top” corner, click “set star”, and the official account will appear yellow Pentagram (Android   Recently, there was a hot news in the design circle, which was completely popular and attracted more and more attention ~ ~ ~ because of a strong regulation, the designer changed all the external wall windows of the stairs to fixed windows, resulting in only light transmission and no ventilation, and the building became a “stuffy can”.

Many criticisms have been made.

The explanation was that although the corridor windows could not be opened, the corridor was uniformly installed with exhaust equipment.

2 the following are some netizens’ comments.

I feel flustered.

The residents reflected in many ways.

Please do not buckle this hat to a designer at will.

For the reporter’s question whether the unified transformation can be implemented by the developer, a reply will be given after research and consideration.

I didn’t care at first, but over time, the taste in the corridor was too strong, the dust couldn’t get out, and the high temperature couldn’t disperse.

Why? Let’s take a look at ~1 some reports of Xinmin Evening News.

There were 14 windows in a 14 storey building, and the fans were “sealed”.

More than 800 corridor windows are “dead”?   Source: photographed by Wang Jun of Xinmin Evening News·   The transformation of windows requires hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Is this operation distracted? How do you live these days? The glass window is fixed and cannot be pushed or pulled, nor can it be opened inside or outside   Source: photographed by Wang Jun of Xinmin Evening News·   The residents were flustered by the smell and dust.


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