[jianjiantong] 5.17 million migrant workers evacuate the construction site!

There are many choices after getting old, but age has become a shackle.

This is also a true portrayal of most people.

Besides, after working on the construction site for a lifetime, I won’t do anything except those things on the construction site.

Compared with the various incentives and benefits for returning home to start a business, it is obvious which one to choose for such an unstable job.

The smell of sweat, feet and food are mixed together.

After arriving at the construction site, most of these young people work in supervision, project management personnel of the construction unit and management personnel of the construction party.

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It is the older generation of workers who really start construction.

In short, it is too late.

In this case, even if you know that it will do great harm to your body if you continue to work on the construction site, there is no other way to use your body overload, and you can only stay on the construction site all the time.

Working hours are long, usually six in the morning and six in the evening, and there is no fixed rest time every month.

There are few young people after 80 and 90.

It is always finished.

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It is not difficult to find that the construction industry rarely injects fresh blood.

They have no education, technology and contacts.

Before people went out to work, it was for future generations to enter urban life.

In the absence of purpose, the relatively high salary but extremely hard work on the construction site is obviously no longer the first choice.

The so-called soil and dust have long been integrated into life.

Such positions do not need to experience the wind and sun.

In the middle, only a little living expenses are paid.

However, you may find that many migrant workers still engaged in the construction industry are still the first generation of migrant workers.

At the same time, in the society at that time, you could still buy your own house in the city after working hard and saving your life.

In 2020, the average age of migrant workers was 41.4 years, an increase of 0.6 years over the previous year.

There are nearly 300 million migrant workers in China today, of which 40 to 50 million are workers in the construction industry.

Hard work at the construction site, the most important thing is instability.

They pay only after a short construction site is completed, and they pay only after a long year.

We all know the special settlement methods of migrant workers.

The reason why there are few young people on the construction site has been mentioned earlier, so why do the older generation of migrant workers stick to the construction site? 4 old migrant workers have no more choice.

Although the work is not high or low, it is inevitable that everyone takes “moving bricks on the construction site” as a kind of ridicule.

In such a social situation, buying a house seems to be a luxury, and many young people give up buying a house.

The living environment on the construction site is very poor.

Many people prefer to enter the factory, deliver takeout and run didi rather than enter the construction site.

They live in movable plank houses.

If you finish a construction site and don’t find a new construction site, it means that there is no income in the middle of this period.

After the introduction of the policy of encouraging returning home to start a business last year, a large number of migrant workers chose to return home to start a business.

According to the content of the monitoring and investigation report on migrant workers in 2020 issued by the National Bureau of statistics, the total number of migrant workers in China was 285.6 million in 2020, a decrease of 5.17 million over the previous year, a decrease of 1.8%.

They come from rural areas.

It’s only sooner or later to leave the city and return home.

Most of them choose to go out to work in order to make their families live better.

The average age of migrant workers in China was 34 years old in 2008 and 37.3 years old in 2012.

For simple migrant workers, idleness, no work and no income is a sin, and even cause anxiety.

It is precisely because of this special way of settlement that countless people default on their salaries and take their lives in order to get paid at the end of the year.

At present, many migrant workers who are still working on the construction site can be said to have worked on the construction site for a lifetime.

Part of the instability comes from: a construction site is not long-term.

Generally, young people can’t bear it for long.

In other words, the average age of migrant workers has increased by 7.4 years in the past 12 years.

It is not difficult to find that young people on the construction site are more in behind the scenes management or testing positions.

So where did the middle-aged migrant workers go? For middle-aged migrant workers, following the country is the best choice.

The average age of migrant workers is still increasing according to the current trend, so what is the reason why the new generation of young people are not willing to set foot in this industry, and the remaining old generation of migrant workers who are nearly half a hundred years old stick to the front line of the construction industry? 1.

5.6 people are crowded into one room.

For the older generation of farmers, every day is facing the Loess and back to the sky.

Another part of the instability comes from the instability of wages.

You can make fun of others, but you are not so happy as the object of ridicule.

This is also one of the important reasons why young people refuse to work on the construction site.

The old are unable to change, and the young are unwilling to enter the construction site.

When they were young, they had no choice but to stay on the construction site.

The choice to enter the construction site is more of a helpless choice.

Too tired and too bitter 3 young people are mostly in management positions.

The company will not recruit employees of this age.

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It is often seen that “face” is naturally very important to them in their twenties.

You don’t have to face the Loess and back to the sky like yourself.

However, with the development of society, problems also follow.

They have nowhere to go except the construction site.

Therefore, although some young people enter the construction site every year, there are few young people on the construction site.

Most of the young people who go to work on the construction site now graduate from the College of civil engineering.

The construction site is dirty, messy and faceless.

“Face” has never been in their consideration, but the younger generation’s schools are in big cities and a group of friends are also in cities.

Young people are basically crowded in the first tier cities from the University, and their jobs are in the cities they are familiar with.

However, by 2021, the average unit price of holidays in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen has reached about 70000, and the average house price in 50 second tier cities has also exceeded 20000.


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