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Now it is subordinate to China Construction Science and technology group, a large backbone science and technology central enterprise directly under the SASAC of the State Council.

Subject application and implementation; 3 application and organization preparation of standard planning.

  ★ undertake the registration management of scientific and technological achievements of the construction system and scientific and technological novelty search and retrieval consulting services, take the lead in organizing the preparation of standards and specifications, industry development report (green paper), carry out consulting activities such as technology integration and market research, and provide characteristic technical consulting services for competent departments at all levels of the industry and relevant enterprises at home and abroad.

Now, due to the needs of business development, the Information Institute sincerely recruits scientific and technological talents and invites excellent you to join us!   1-2 chief scientific research engineers at the Institute level.

Job requirements: 1.

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Its architectural structure, architectural technology, construction technology, water supply and drainage, HVAC, intelligent building electrical technology, building economy and urban housing are influential national journals in their respective fields, of which many magazines are core journals, forming a strong matrix of construction industry journals, And has the total number of fans of WeChat’s official account of nearly 2 million of the public.

With nearly 180 employees, it is a national high-tech enterprise, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise and Beijing Municipal Enterprise Science and technology research and development institution.

Writing of scientific and technological information report and industrial scientific and Technological Development Report; 2.

Salary: no less than 400000 yuan / year (excluding bonus Commission for additional projects).

Tel.: 010-5736878618500192668 email: Address: 4th floor, China Construction Technology Group, No.

After more than 60 years of development, the Information Institute has become a comprehensive scientific and technological information research institution with strong technical strength and high popularity in the national construction industry.

Introduction to Asia Pacific Construction Technology Information Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Attached is the organization chart of the secondary subsidiary of China Construction Technology Group, the superior competent unit of the Information Institute.

36, Deshengmenwai street, Xicheng District, Beijing remarks: please indicate “application + name” in the email title and resume attachment respectively-.

Main achievements and business scope: ★ has more than 60 years of experience in running journals.

At the same time, it has 12 academic associations and organizes more than 100 offline and online high-end academic activities every year.

★ it has undertaken and completed a large number of scientific research tasks of countries, ministries and commissions, local and international organizations, won more than 30 national scientific and technological progress awards and provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, and has become a research institution with high authority and influence in the field of construction science and technology in China.

(hereinafter referred to as Information Institute) was founded in 1958, formerly known as the science and Technology Information Research Institute of the Ministry of construction.

(nature of unit: central enterprise, location: Beijing)   Asia Pacific Construction Science and Technology Information Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Scientific and technological talents with more than 10 years of scientific research experience (topic, industry report, scientific and technological information research, standard preparation, etc.) or above the deputy senior title of 985 colleges and universities; 2 major in structural engineering, architecture or electrical.

Scope of work: 1.


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