What is building intelligent exterior wall?

High performance, weather resistance, heat reduction and dimming can reduce the acquisition of solar heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Its color can be controlled by changing the stress applied on the glass sheet, so as to change the indoor light intensity At the same time, the ultraviolet and infrared intensity transmitted by the material improves the indoor comfort and significantly reduces the energy consumption.

Rabel 14000 shading system rabel 14000 is a new shading system that can be used in modern buildings, It is suitable for renovation applications.

In addition, This kind of glass can also be used for dynamic projection of video and images to turn the outer wall into a large screen.

It is worth mentioning that this glass will not affect the field of vision.

Hello, designers! The facade is the most conspicuous and noticeable part of a building.

At the same time, it helps to reduce the blinding effect.

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Because it is the place where building heat gain or heat loss occurs, an external wall that can be adjusted adaptively according to external environmental conditions appears, that is, intelligent external wall.

It is worth noting that although the technology of exterior walls is constantly improving, many achievements in building sustainability are realized through conscious design and material selection suitable for climate and environment The combination of new materials can improve the comfort and efficiency of buildings.

It not only protects the building from the influence of external environmental factors, but also the main factor to create an indoor comfortable environment.

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In the current market of intelligent exterior walls, there are many materials that can control light transmittance, transparency and save building energy consumption to help the building become more intelligent and ecological, Share some existing products in the market:   one   This adaptability of glass curtain wall intelligent exterior wall is more common.

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The first two products of eglas invisible heating glass are designed for cold countries.

It can be prefabricated with a length of up to 150cm.

The photocatalyst action layer is coated on the substrate, which can effectively control the dirt accumulated outside the window by using the ultraviolet radiation in the sun and rain.

The coloring of this dynamic glass is controlled by the intelligent system, and the sensor is used to automatically color according to the external lighting conditions, Users can also control the appearance through their mobile phone.

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This product makes the facade lifelike and allows designers to give consideration to thermal comfort Sunlight control and natural lighting optimization create rich shadow effects while digital ceramic printing shutters  |  Dip tech uses dip tech digital glass printing technology to manufacture glass panels with durability, high efficiency and complete functions.

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Eglas is an integrated invisible heating glass developed in Finland in 1986.

Its main advantage is to maintain the natural light and obtain the privacy of the internal space.

It is an active glass driven by electricity.

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The designer’s idea is to reduce the cleaning demand by half and reduce the scaffold Cranes or all hazardous operations involving cleaning the exterior walls of high-rise buildings   two   Terracottabaguettes facade sunshade terrace uses a variety of poles made of clay to build sunshade wall panels, walls or visual screens as one of the components of the facade to ensure a certain degree of thermal comfort.

At the same time, a large amount of natural light is introduced to create a pleasant indoor environment, Dip tech printed glass has a beautiful appearance, which can expand the space or integrate with other designs.

According to different conditions and glass structure, in addition to helping to improve the room temperature, it can also realize the function of preventing condensation and even snow melting.

The blade of this product is up to 4 meters, can cover the building floor, and can operate any blade combination configuration electrically or manually.

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As an exterior wall, its main advantage is easy to maintain.

It is durable and easy to install.

Sageglass electrochromic glass is an electrochromic glass from Saint Gobain.

Lunawood’s solar sun visor provides an ecological method to cool the building without consuming additional energy.

“Intelligent exterior wall adaptable to climate”   Lai asked for the intelligent facade to control Rizhao, and to adapt the skin to the climate.

In the application of glass curtain wall, the light transmittance is changed by changing the voltage of glass, so as to change the intensity and wavelength of light emitted into the room.

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Its standard version can install flying screen lunawood hot wood strip.

In addition to heat insulation and heating, self-cleaning glass (coating) can, Another intelligent exterior wall is the self-cleaning function.

Priva-lite active glass is one that controls the brightness (transparency and translucency) in real time It is a unique product for managing space.

Magnet Recess Former

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Intelligent external wall refers to the group passing through the external wall Components (passive or active) to adapt to the environmental changes inside and outside the building, maximize the introduction of natural lighting, reduce solar radiation, and control ventilation and heat input / output.

It can change from translucent to transparent without changing the transmittance.

It can improve the comfort of internal space, including visual effect and space temperature The design is based on two factors: current and metal oxide layer on the glass surface, so as to obtain heat from the glass.

Lunawood’s hot wood strip can prevent excessive sunlight from passing through In addition, lunawood is weather resistant, stable in size, suitable for all climates, non-toxic and resin free, Thermal insulation can be used to open and close mobile sun shading systems.


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