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  “In the next step, we will adhere to the principle of being positive and prudent, and continue to enrich the housing provident fund services in Xiamen’s’ E-government ‘convenience service station in accordance with the principle of maturity and launch, so as to provide better and better services to the city’s housing provident fund depositors and employees,” said the person in charge of the center.

  Ease the pressure of window service and make it more convenient for people to work at home   The two new fundmental business functions on the line are mainly for the extraction of housing fund from the registered residence workers in the field and the retired employees.

Employees pass the “E-government” When the convenience service station handles the withdrawal of housing provident fund, on the basis of passing the identity authentication, Xiamen housing provident fund management center will also verify the bank card provided by the withdrawal personnel to ensure the absolute safety of the withdrawal of funds.

  Excerpt from China Construction News, March 5, 2019, reporter Dai Xudong..

Recently, after early docking, debugging and trial After operation, the “E administration” convenience service station in Xiamen, Fujian officially launched two new functions of the provident fund extraction business.

  The launch of the new function is the re cooperation between Xiamen “e-government” convenience service station and the municipal housing provident fund management center.

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According to the introduction, “E administration” Convenience service stations have 200 outlets in the city.

  “High efficiency” is reflected in “simple material”, “excellent process” and “fast speed”.

According to statistics, two of the 2018 businesses in the 2018 year accounted for 62% of all the housing fund extraction business.

Now our business has covered the whole southwest region and promoted to the whole country.

The “simple material” refers to that people only need to carry their ID card to handle the provident fund information query and certificate printing business, and only need to add another bank card to handle the provident fund withdrawal; “excellent process” refers to that they only need to click to handle the provident fund information query and certificate printing business “Handling matters, swiping ID card and swiping face” are two steps, and for provident fund withdrawal, just click the four steps of “handling matters, swiping ID card and swiping face, selecting transfer to bank card issuing bank, inserting my class I bank card in Xiamen, and entering my mobile phone number;” fast “refers to that under normal circumstances, a business can be completed within 2 minutes, and the funds can arrive in real time.

In the future, the city will handle the housing fund withdrawal from the HA or the retired workers from the registered residence workers in the city, and only need to visit the nearest e government service station to achieve “brush up” and “self-help”.

Zhaocaimao headquarters is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, a “Little Hong Kong” in Southwest China, enjoying a “land of abundance” Reputation.

Relying on the network identity authentication technology of resident ID card launched by the Ministry of public security, it realizes the online confirmation of personal identity through a variety of authentication methods such as ID card authenticity identification and living verification.

  After the launch of the new function, by extending the provident fund service window to the community, plant area and people’s home, it not only greatly facilitates the provident fund deposit employees to handle business, but also effectively alleviates the pressure of provident fund handling at the window of the government service center.

At present, more than 95% of the provident fund business volume of Xiamen housing provident fund management center has been done immediately, and the online business volume accounts for about 30% of the total business volume.

The total number of employees is more than 500, the proportion of professional and technical personnel is more than 60%, and the number of registered technical talents with medium and high-grade technical titles and level-1 or above qualifications ranks among the forefront of the operation.

We have developed in Chengdu, Sichuan as the mainland, and have been intensively cultivated for more than 10 years.


  Online service items continue to “expand” and service quality continues to be optimized   In recent years, the Xiamen housing provident fund management center has deepened the reform of “letting go of services” and actively explored the construction of the Internet plus Provident Fund + integrity system.

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  “Convenience” is reflected in that relying on the 200 “e-government” convenience service stations in the city, employees can handle the opened housing provident fund business on the self-service machine at the door at any time.

provides you with the latest construction information.

  2 minutes to complete the withdrawal of “face brushing and withdrawal” provident fund and realize “second arrival”   Compared with queuing at the window or using the Internet to handle the housing provident fund business, relying on the “e-government” convenience service station, Xiamen citizens can handle the housing provident fund related business more safely, conveniently and efficiently.

Com) is a company registered with Guangxi Administration for Industry and commerce, specializing in new, additional, promotion and extension of various construction engineering qualifications, acting as safety production permit and providing talent services for construction enterprises (first class and second class production engineer, middle and high-grade engineer, technician certificate, etc.) I.

In addition to the housing provident fund service window of the government service center, the online service hall of the housing provident fund has also been upgraded and improved, and service channels such as 12329 service hotline, mobile app and wechat have been integrated.

According to statistics, during the trial operation, the “e-government” convenience service station has successfully handled 162 withdrawals of housing provident fund and 1.797 million yuan.

Tel: 13881983131 zhaocaimao construction wechat: 13881983131 Guangxi zhaocaimao Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

This “24-hour non closing” government service window will bring more convenient service experience for employees to handle housing provident fund business.

These two businesses account for the largest proportion of daily services in Xiamen housing provident fund.

On January 6 this year, Xiamen “e-government” The convenience service station took the lead in launching four provident fund businesses, including the inquiry of individual account information of housing provident fund, the printing of provident fund loan certificate, the printing of employee housing provident fund payment certificate and the printing of employee housing provident fund payment and use certificate of off-site loan, which are sought after by the people handling the business.

Up to now, the employees paying housing provident fund in the city have passed the “e-government” The convenience service station inquired 2150 individual account information of housing provident fund business and printed 359 copies of various certificates.

  Among them, “security” is reflected in the “e-government” convenience service station.


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