Architectural map | small European “vegetable market” you don’t know

It is divided into upper and lower floors.

The wavy ceiling shape, coupled with modern materials with metallic luster, has become a landmark in this traditional Italian style town.

Lifting Anchor

“The charm of the European market is that it is not only a place to buy fresh food, but also a place carrying a variety of urban life scenes…

If you come to a European city, in addition to punching in international famous scenic spots, you must come to the most lively local market, where you can feel the local people’s life enthusiasm to the greatest extent.” Participant of this issue: he studied in the Department of architecture of Huazhong University of science and technology, and obtained a master’s degree in urban and rural planning from Tongji University and a double master’s degree from Milan University of technology.

The market space became a place for citizens’ leisure activities.

Compared with the pure open-air market, it has more flexibility to deal with bad weather.

The booth is of steel frame structure, which is completely separated from the main building structure.

Under the tall ceiling, vehicles can pass smoothly.

Almost all kinds of seafood products sold in the market are caught on the same day, with fresh ingredients and rich varieties.

It mainly serves traditional Italian Genoa dishes, including garlic sauce, pizza, pasta, ice cream, ham and tortilla.

Mogmercato orientale is a modern market model with highly complex functions, which opens the “new” market concept of cooking, food, sharing and aggregation.

There is a height difference of several steps between the food market and the food plaza.

Genoa is a famous port city in Italy.


After the morning market, businesses pushed their stalls and cars to leave.

Especially on weekends, after the family purchased food materials in the market, the parents and their children had a big meal in the food Square, and friends drank some wine and chatted about interesting things for a week..

Mercato ottofruticoloe ittico address: Piazza Camillo bensocontedicavour, 19121 La Spezia SP, Italy La Spezia (Italian: La Spezia) is a port city located in the southeast end of Italy.

The address of Genoa MOG modern market: viaxxsettembre, 7516124genovage, Italy mogmecatoorientale is located in the central area of the old city of Genoa, Italy, with a history of more than 300 years.

Under the arched transparent glass ceiling is a 2000 square meter food Square, which can provide 350 seats.

When you catch a glimpse of the indoor scene from the door opening, you will think it’s just an ordinary vegetable market, but when you go inside, you find a different cave.

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You can get a glimpse of the food plaza and other multi-functional areas from the food market.

From the perspective of space design, Las pezia life market is a typical market that effectively uses gray space to organize activities.

Although the volume is huge, it has not become a traffic jam.

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There are all kinds of barbecue delis and bakeries, and even three newsstands.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood are served every day.

It is more open and open than traditional indoor space.

Our eyes fall on a lively “vegetable market” in the center of La Spezia.

In addition to the traditional fresh food purchasing function (food market), the market also has a variety of composite functions, such as food Square, Michelin star restaurant, bar, multi-functional conference room, small private gathering place, small studio, food workshop and so on.

The indoor clearance is more than 30m.

Known as coven garden in Italy, it is a typical Victorian architecture.

At first glance, you may feel that it is too small and uninterested, but if it is the portal of the famous net red Resort Wuyu village, Is there another desire to understand.

In the center of the food plaza is a large bar, which serves all kinds of drinks and seasoning wine.

The fruit stall on the first floor of steel structure is neatly placed and smells delicious.

But let’s not discuss the colorful small houses in Wuyu village here.

The lower floor is a retail booth, and the upper floor sells some handicraft products.

You can enter the food plaza through this glass door.

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The food plaza is arranged in a row of long tables, and most customers take families as units.

The main entrance of MOG market is very low-key, which is perfectly integrated into the surrounding urban environment from the perspective of architectural scale and building materials.

In the morning of this town, take a walk to the downtown market, drink a cup of espresso to get rid of sleepiness, buy the food materials needed by the family for a day, and then hold a bunch of dew stained flowers to start a new day.

In the public square in the center of the town, wavy roofs are erected, which cover each other, providing an open and comfortable life market for the residents in the center of La Spezia.

Cars under the roof passed as usual.

After entering the main gate, you can see a wide and tidy passage between the two rows of neat stalls.


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