8 Chinese architecture buildings among professional foreign media t0p10 are “outstanding”!

It is located in Yujiapu Financial District, Binhai District, Tianjin, China.

The lighting arrangement with the theme of “Malevich – classic geometric lines” highlights the aesthetic feeling of the abstract art of the interior space of the building..

In order to emphasize this point, Shandong white hemp granite, which is harmonious and unified with the surrounding environment, is mainly used in the selection of building materials, so that tourists have begun to experience the building after entering this area.

Regular courses can be taught in the workshop, or students can read and write pictures alone or build a place for discussion together, blurring the boundary between teaching and learning, research and practice.

Shanghai Pudong Art Museum, a building with supremacy style, is located in Lujiazui, where there are many tall buildings.

After entering the museum, visitors can directly interact with various astronomical phenomena, and improve people’s basic understanding of the sun and earth’s orbital motion through careful treatment of proportion, shape and light, so as to obtain an immersive architectural experience.

© Zhang Chao © Zhang Chao © Zhang Chao © Zhang Chao © Zhang Chao © Zhang Chao © Zhang Chao © Zhang Chao 2 Shanghai Qingpu Pinghe bilingual school is a school that redefines the face of modern educational institutions.

It is mainly composed of four multi facade venues and five glass corridor bridges, and has many public spaces to welcome the public to participate in the music creation process and performance.

The five glass corridor bridges span the open public space, making the building integrated with the surrounding parks, which is convenient for students, tourists and concert audiences to communicate with each other.


Book theater, sports canteen and Art Center are the three core buildings of the campus.

The vertical layout of workshops, public spaces and dormitories from bottom to top integrates students’ life and learning, reflecting the concept of “campus is community”.

Tianjin Julia college is an art center integrating performance, rehearsal, research and exhibition.

© Chen Hao © Wu Qingshan © Wu Qingshan © Lei Tan Tan © Lei Tan Tan © Wu Qingshan © Wu Qingshan © Wu Qingshan © Wu Qingshan © Chen Hao © Wu Qingshan © Lei Tan Tan © Wu Qingshan © Leitan 3 Liangzhu campus of China Academy of fine arts is here.

In the clean and dreamy clouds, a school full of love and freedom is gently wrapped.

In Liangzhu, there is no distinction between teaching area and living area.

The traditional teaching space is redefined as an open and continuous workshop.

The sustainable design of the whole building further improves the comfort and energy saving of the building.

The facade, ceiling and ground of the internal space have been transformed independently, so that the space presents a soft shape like clouds.

Recently, designboom, a well-known foreign architectural media, announced that museum, education, public art space and other architectural types have entered the list of top 10 buildings in 2021.

Among these unique architectural types, there are not only cube teaching building and administrative experimental building, but also spiral dormitory and free-form kindergarten.

The interior of the building is mainly based on the experience of light.

Architecture is a part of the education system.

At the same time, some public spaces of the school can be opened to the public alone to maximize the social influence of the school.

It is organically combined with 13 unique buildings.

The most prominent feature of the building is its acoustic design and sustainable design, appropriate selection of building materials, surface treatment technology and spatial structure design, so that the building not only has a certain openness and transparency, but also can meet the world-class acoustic and sound insulation requirements.

The designer regards the building as a part of the environment.

Let’s see what Chinese buildings have entered the list.

In terms of architectural appearance, arc design is mainly adopted to symbolize the curved orbit of celestial bodies.

The designer interprets the concept of “Museum” and presents the brand’s educational concept with the strategic design of visual language, atmosphere field shaping and space experience.

©  Arch-Exist ©  Arch-Exist ©  Arch-Exist ©  Arch-Exist ©  Arch-Exist ©  Arch-Exist ©  Arch-Exist ©  Arch-Exist6.

© Yiyi architectural photography © Yiyi architectural photography © Yiyi architectural photography © Yiyi architectural photography © Yiyi architectural photography © Yiyi architectural photography 5 As the world’s largest astronomy themed Museum, the designer of Shanghai planetarium draws inspiration from the classic “three body problem” of physics, integrates it into the architectural spatial experience and modeling design, and fully integrates the architectural functions and architectural entities, making the architecture itself have teaching significance.

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Here, the campus is as full of vitality as nature.

© Tian Fangfang © Tian Fangfang © Tian Fangfang © Wu Qingshan © Tian Fangfang © Tian Fangfang © Tian Fangfang © Tian Fangfang © Wu Qingshan © Wu Qingshan © Tian Fangfang © Wu Qingshan © Wu Qingshan 4 Huzhou Ziling Changxing kindergarten} adheres to the school running concept of returning education to its essence, and the brand side has put forward the school running vision of “moving the world into the kindergarten”.

The center surrounded by these orbits is the three “celestial bodies” in the building – “round hole skylight, inverted dome and celestial hall sphere”, which jointly interpret the basic law of celestial body operation.

Through architecture, the idea of “life is education” is promoted to students, and all buildings are connected by corridors to form a campus with only one building.

The designer integrates function and aesthetics with mature thinking, integrates avant-garde artistic expression, and presents a set of children’s aesthetic system.

Halfen Channel

It is also the first art institution in China to award an American Certified Master of music degree.

The glass reflection scene changes with the change of light, like a flowing “painting”.

The most conspicuous is the glass curtain wall facing the river bank.


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