Hospital Architecture – design points + excellent cases

The indoor clear height shall meet the following requirements:     1.

The streamline shall be reasonable and avoid nosocomial infection.

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The setting of rooms for gynecology, obstetrics and family planning shall meet the following requirements:      1.

The setting of stairs shall meet the following requirements:     1.

Barrier free entrances and exits shall be set for outpatient, emergency, first aid and inpatient;        2 the main entrances and exits of outpatient, emergency, first aid and hospitalization shall have a platform for motor vehicles and a canopy.

Keep away from the production and storage areas of inflammables and explosives, and high-voltage lines and their facilities;   6.

Outpatient, emergency and ward should make full use of natural ventilation and natural lighting.

The morgue and pathological anatomy room shall be located in the hidden place of the hospital.

The general layout design shall meet the following requirements:       1.

It shall be a self-contained area with separate entrances and exits.

The public walkway shall not be less than 2.30m;     4 medical technology departments should be determined according to needs.

Those with height difference shall be connected by ramp, and the slope of ramp shall be designed as barrier free ramp.


Parking spaces shall be set near the entrances of outpatient, emergency and inpatient rooms.

can be set.


   2 the elevator and dirt elevator for patients shall be hospital bed elevator.

The ward should be well oriented;       5.

The setting of waiting room shall meet the following requirements:      1.

The identification system with guidance, management and other functions shall be set, and shall meet the following requirements:      1.

It shall not be close to places with dense activities of children;   7.



   4 the elevator shaft shall not be adjacent to the room with quiet requirements.


The setting of diagnosis room shall meet the following requirements:      1.

The toilet shall be equipped with front room and non manual hand washing facilities.


The site selection of the hospital shall meet the requirements of local town planning, regional health planning and environmental protection assessment.


▲   In the beginning of 2020, the raid of New Coronavirus had a great impact on our work and life.

Operating room and rest room can be added for Gynecology; Obstetrics can add abortion operation room and consultation room.


General Layout 1.

Rest rooms and special toilets shall be added for obstetrics and family planning.

Other areas of the city shall not be polluted or affected.


As a key position of public health service, the hospital as a position for the treatment of major epidemics is very important for us to establish a scientific, rational and complete hospital.

Medical waste and domestic waste shall be disposed of separately.


The inpatient department of the hospital should add passenger elevators for medical staff, food delivery elevators and cargo elevators for dirt.


No staff residence shall be built in the medical land.

The outpatient department should be divided into different departments for waiting, and the outpatient volume can be combined with different departments for waiting in an hour;      2 when waiting on one side of the aisle, the clear width of the aisle shall not be less than 2.40M, and when waiting on both sides, the clear width of the aisle shall not be less than 3.00m;      3.

The clear width of the passage passing through the push bed shall not be less than 2.40M.

There should be a complete greening plan;       7 make proper arrangements for waste disposal and comply with the provisions of relevant environmental protection laws and regulations.

Infusion hook shall be set in toilet compartment.

The net size of the double examination room shall not be less than 3.00m, and the use area shall not be less than 12.00m2;      2 the net size of the single person examination room shall not be less than 2.50M, and the use area shall not be less than 8.00m2.

The transportation route of corpses should avoid crossing with the access route.


Make comprehensive design for greening, landscape, internal and external space, environment and indoor and outdoor sign guidance system.

The consulting room should not be less than 2.60M;     2.

Dressing changing room, treatment room, debridement room, X-ray examination room, function examination room, on duty dressing room, sundry storage room, toilet, etc.

General regulations 1.

Ensure the quiet environment of rooms for hospitalization, surgery, functional examination, teaching and scientific research;       4.



The setting of building entrances and exits shall meet the following requirements:        1.

(2) 1.

The terrain should be regular and suitable for the functional layout of the hospital;   5.

There should be no less than 2 entrances and exits in the hospital area.

The outpatient department shall be located near the traffic entrance of the hospital, adjacent to the medical technology room, and deal with the relationship between various departments in the outpatient department.

The ward should not be less than 2.80M;     3.

Special toilets for patients without gender and barrier should be set.



Separate doctor-patient channels, electronic call, appointment registration, layered registration and other methods can be adopted.

The environmental design shall meet the following requirements:    1.

    4 when the outdoor toilet is used, the corridor should be connected with the outpatient and ward buildings.

Sign guidance classification table 3.

3 the architectural design of various functional rooms seems to be a myriad of things, but in fact, its functional pattern has a strong regularity.

The setting of outpatient room shall meet the following requirements:      1.

The width of the main staircase shall not be less than 1.65m, the step width shall not be less than 0.28M, and the height shall not be greater than 0.16m.

A safety grab bar shall be installed next to the toilet.

The setting of toilet shall meet the following requirements:     1 the plane size of toilet compartment used by patients shall not be less than 1.10M × 1.40M, the door shall open outward, and the latch shall be able to open inside and outside.

The front and rear spacing of ward buildings shall meet the requirements of sunshine and sanitary spacing, and shall not be less than 12m.

It should be convenient to use urban infrastructure;   3.


Today, let’s learn about the key points of hospital architectural design.


Land for development, reconstruction and expansion should be reserved;       6.


Isolation consulting room, gynecological examination room and special toilet shall be added for gynecology, and the combination mode of no more than two consulting rooms and one gynecological examination room shall be adopted.

The building layout is compact and the traffic is convenient, which shall be convenient for management and reduce energy consumption;       3.

    6 the barrier free facilities and design of barrier free special toilets and public toilets shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current standard code for design of accessibility (gb50763).

Make full use of the terrain of the hospital area to arrange green landscape, and there should be special green space for patients’ rehabilitation activities;    2.

Carry out reasonable functional zoning, clear organization of cleaning, doctor-patient, people and vehicles, and avoid the risk of nosocomial infection;       2.

The identification system can be realized in a variety of ways;      2.

The position of stairs shall meet the requirements of fire prevention, evacuation and functional zoning at the same time;     2.

With convenient transportation, it is suitable to face two urban roads;   2.

Base selection shall meet the following requirements:   1.



When an incinerator is required, the influence of wind direction shall be avoided and shall be isolated from the main building.


    2 the sitting ring of the sitting toilet used by patients should be of the type that is not easy to be polluted and easy to disinfect, and there should be no height difference when entering the squatting toilet compartment.

△ hospital function module diagram (I).



Each department shall be equipped with consulting room, treatment room, nurse station, sewage washing room, etc;      3.

The setting of elevator shall comply with the following provisions:    1.

     5 each room shall be provided with measures to block the sight of the outside world..

The medical room on the second floor should be equipped with an elevator; Medical rooms on the third floor and above shall be equipped with elevators, which shall not be less than 2.

When the medical land is adjacent to the staff residential land, it shall be separated, and another entrance and exit shall be set.

The public part shall be equipped with lobby, registration, inquiry, medical records, pre inspection and triage, bookkeeping, charging, pharmacy, waiting, blood collection, inspection, infusion, injection, outpatient office, toilet and other public facilities for patients;      2.

The environment should be quiet and away from pollution sources;   4.


The classification of sign guidance should be set according to the following table.


Taking the general hospital as an example, its building functions are divided into seven parts: outpatient, emergency, medical technology, hospitalization, logistics support system, administration and hospital life.

More than 50% of the ward sunshine shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standard general rules for design of civil buildings gb50352.


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