Space | red brick Architecture — a casual and dreamy net red art town

There are traces of local crafts in every detail, and they tell their own stories quietly.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

The cement background wall, columns, tile shaped lighting and geometric three-dimensional front desk are full of the sense of strength, three-dimensional and stability of the sculpture form.

On the premise of respecting the structure of the building and local culture, it uses the natural and simple materials such as red brick, cement, clay and earthen pot made of local laterite to make the indoor color tone unified, simple and natural, and integrated with the building itself.

Building 1 is the main part of the hotel and public area (business), in which hotel lobby, breakfast restaurant, Chinese restaurant, conference and public service functions are set.

△ the entrance is matched with the pouring sky light, which floats in the air with the flow of light and shadow.

Half a cloud the whole building itself is like a giant art installation.

It simply stopped suddenly and was named “half a cloud”.

Half cloud is located in the core area of red brick buildings in Dongfeng Yun town.

△ the wall of the full day restaurant is designed with local red bricks and the grape trellis as the prototype.

It was originally planned to be a tall building.

It seems that after the washing and baptism of time, it is also like kneading it with a pair of simple big hands, and creeping quietly on the red soil with the momentum of “lying majestic”.

The surrounding curved wall playfully reflects the scene.

CCD focuses on the architectural entrance design of each project, which can not be missed this time.

” The “warm” temperature and “true” attitude are fully injected into the space, which fully shows the hotel’s aesthetic proposition of “art talks about everything, inspiration draws life”..

Buildings are containers to capture light, just as musical instruments capture music.”—— Corbusier light, in half a cloud, is an extremely important existence.

Under the original creativity of “clumsy, simple and true” of well-known domestic artist Luo Xu, the building of the project is round, honest and simple.

Half a cloud not only continues the red brick architectural style of Dongfeng rhyme Town, but also maintains its own characteristics, which is a bit more casual and dreamy.

The designer guides light and shadow and plays with light and shadow.

Each has an independent gas field, but it can also blend with each other.

Sunshine and shadow reveal these shapes.

It combines modern innovation with the texture of the past, and creates infinite possibilities through diversified methods.

Building 2 is the couple theme guest room area, building 3 is the parent-child theme guest room area, building 4 is the golf theme guest room area, and building 5 is the administrative theme guest room area.

△ the naming and creation of all guest rooms pay tribute to the local art of Yunnan – painting, pottery making, printing and dyeing, music spectrum and specialty treasures – beautiful jade and precious beads.

Based on the local design thinking of “de modernity” and “de industrialization”, the whole project tries and practices with local cultural experience creation combined with rigorous, meticulous and high completion engineering operation.

When it was half built, it was found to be like half a cloud rising and falling in the sky.

Without a steel bar or a nail, the Utopia on this red soil is completely built from local red bricks and returns to nature.

△ entrance – night effect · interior chapter – Meijing Pavilion interior design is based on the local design thinking of architecture de “Modernity” and de “industrialization”, combines local cultural experience and creation, turns complexity into simplicity, returns to nature and returns to nature.

The bowl shaped “arrival Pavilion” at the entrance has an opening facing the sky at the top and a moving echo effect in the pavilion.

It continues the architectural style created by architect Luo Xu, and skillfully integrates the artdeco decorative style to maintain its own characteristics.

“Atmosphere is born in light, space is formed with light, and architecture is described in light; our eyes are born to see only buildings under the sun.

In such a natural concept space, the design method of the lobby is more continuous.

The natural light sources of the whole building are evenly distributed, and people have the feeling of wandering together with the sky and clouds.

This is an unexpected red architectural art group growing on the red earth, full of the stubbornness and heat of the original ecological art, stretching the artist’s rich imagination and genius creativity · Maitreya Dongfeng rhyme town has become a new stronghold of Yunnan culture and art with the rapid development of the city.

With a total planning area of 3.69 square kilometers and a core area of 1.6 square kilometers, Dongfeng rhyme of “one axis, one ring and three areas” has also become an artistic characteristic town showing Maitreya’s unique temperament and artistic tension· Architecture – half a cloud artist and architect Luo Xu used red bricks fired by local people to build a group of red earth buildings on the colorful flower fields on the plateau.

The outer wall is thick, the curve is round, stacked, concave and convex, like half a cloud in the sky.

The natural light falls from the sky.

Natural light is skillfully introduced into the building, in which people can still feel the change of natural light every hour and every minute· Architecture – meijingge hotel is located in Dongfeng Yun art Town, Maitreya City, Yunnan Province, separated by half a cloud.

The wall is like the sparkling water surface, which makes people daydream infinitely.

The changing rhythm of light and shadow, the sensory experience of travel, and the refinement of details make every guest feel touched by this solemn sense of ceremony when they arrive.

The total number of rooms in the hotel is 232.

The interior continues the natural curve outside the building, the arch beam extends in a long span, the dome is high, the dome extends the brick wall, and a circular window is cut at the top of the building.

Don’t make cumbersome and fancy decorations, let these objects slowly give off their original flavor in the passage of time.

It is inspired by the terraces in the south of colorful clouds, and skillfully extracts the architectural form to give it a new look.

In Dongfeng Yun town, 10 minutes’ drive south of Maitreya City, Yunnan Province, and at the west end of changtangzi reservoir of Dongfeng Farm, there are not only profound memories, but also full of vitality and rebirth.


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