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In the lifesuitengumae, iin studio maximizes the potential of space and regenerates the living space of an existing apartment.

The sculptural wooden table and the wall finish form a bright contrast between one deep and one shallow, and it looks very harmonious because of the consistency of tone.

Warp studio is located in Tokyo, Japan and designed by iin.

The main light lamp surrounds the whole room, and the lamps above the kitchen counter are simple and unique.

The wooden wardrobe is integrated with the floor to create a perfect forest world.

In the busy life in Tokyo, it is indeed a comfort to have such a place to live.

The color is elegant without texture modification.

The lifesuitengumae is a newly completed project of iininc, located in Tokyo, Japan.

Log, white wall and dark wood furniture are one of the simple classic standard accessories.

The material performance has firmness and depth, and soft and lightweight details interact in the space, so as to realize the exquisite and luxurious space.

The walk-in wardrobe is wrapped in wood, and the lighting is integrated with each storage room.

The minimalist tea table is clean and neat, showing a simple tone as a whole.

Its indoor location space is relatively narrow and has a history of 40 years.

The plaster finish constantly captures the changing light and brings a sense of time flow in the space.

As a whole, the cabinets of the dining table and kitchen are made of wood.

The partition between the bathroom and here is made of corrugated glass.

Metal in contrast to wood reacts to light, creating an advanced and fresh impression.

The living room is separated from the bedroom, and the geometric works of art on it are properly decorated.

Helife Shubuya project is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

The color of indoor wood floor and wood wall is unified, and the wall and sofa are white, giving people a natural sense of breathing.

The wooden storage furniture separates the bed from the living space, which not only increases the overall feeling, but also makes the space more spacious.

This space is different from the usual office space.

Equal height French windows bring the gorgeous urban scenery and natural light of Tokyo, which is a place to return when you are occasionally tired.

The walls and columns are made of soft gypsum materials, which softens the line feeling of the space.

The rust red sofa forms a sharp contrast with the gray blue sofa in the central area, which intensifies the sense of drama in the space.

Refurbishment is carried out by iin.

In this case, iin proposed a new lifestyle of living space, with an unprecedented sense of delicacy and luxury.

It is an interior design company headquartered in Tokyo.

They believe that human behavior and experience are diverse and unstable.

Therefore, each space has a comfortable sense of scale and makes the home atmosphere more warm and gentle.

Iininc was founded in 2018 by yoheiterui and hiromu Yuyama.

The edge of the wooden wall is curved, which is inspired by the treatment of old Japanese details.

A green stick poked its head out from behind the glass to “tease” outsiders to explore their inner curiosity.

The office is an open plan layout with a large sunken sofa area in the center.

  Warpstudiowarp studio “the design presented by our door should not only be a basic aesthetic, but also a noble aesthetic feeling and powerful concept.” – iininc.

The red sofa has a romantic feeling like cherry blossoms, which is very prominent in this white empty space.

Walking through the lobby is the kitchen and dining room.

Abstract natural light fills the space, and the feeling of tenderness and brightness comes face to face.

The overall tone of the sunken sofa area is cold, which is isolated from the surrounding tone and layout.

Iin pursues new possibilities of space design and creates impressive interior design again and again.

Cotton linen woven blanket covers the bed, which is more fresh and natural.

In the entrance hall, a bench made of Cherry Blossom solid wood stands in the warm light, very much like an uninhabited place.

The grey blue sofa embedded in the sofa and the short velvet carpet complement each other, showing the high quality and quality of a studio.

The island is decorated with beige and gray.

Only the collision and integration of color blocks touch the soul gently in the sun.

Only the burning flame echoes with red and adds dynamic.

The backstage replies to “design theory”.

The art sculpture in folded shape is accompanied by dreamy and fuzzy colors and textures, and the breath of high-grade and romance is warm to the heart.

This design makes people ignore the existence of artificial light, as if they are in a future world with only natural light.

The ground on which the bed is placed is raised to form a step ladder, which makes the space more staggered and highlights the simple and simple white bed.

It supports people to work together at the same time, allows people from different teams to share a space, and feels physical and mental pleasure in the process of work.

The corrugated glass wall receives the light in the room and captures the rich light flowing through the whole space.

Iin firmly jumps out of the secular framework.

Symmetrical design makes the space look more exquisite and harmonious.

You will push a design story for 365 days, 365 classic sentences, which is only updated once a day.

This minimalist style space creates a new living space for customers, and changes the overall idea of renovation with unique layout and materials.

By using them, design can be more creative.

In different light, the wooden table shows different texture and becomes a work of art in the process of time flowing.

THELIFESUITENGUMAE   Thilife living space “any design must present an impressive space, have a resonance and create a lasting memory.” – iininc.

The experience of each space, such as an entrance, corridor and entrance hall, slowly reveals the level of space from public space to private space.

In the living room, it is a modern fireplace, and in the bedroom, it is a bedside wall.

The material characteristics and texture of corrugated glass are a wonderful combination for light, which will blur the light while separating the scene.

With a sculpture like wooden table as the axis of symmetry, discussion areas and rest areas are set up in both East and West.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin Nail Plate

By reconstructing the light, shape and materials, the whole office becomes a comfortable space and presents a new perspective-.

A sculpture with strange shape is full of mystery after the light.

Thielifeshibuya Shibuya residence “the connection between light and air and each function in the space is a necessary element of future living space.” – iininc.

The meeting room surrounded by a curved wall with plaster contrasts with the open space, with a more peaceful tranquility in the soft shadows.

The kitchen, dining room and living room form a corner L-shaped layout, making the space look very refined.

The texture and soft luster of the wooden wall are reminiscent of the columns of Japanese architecture, which are familiar and quiet in this space.


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