Xuzhou Jiawang District Chengtou Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (state-owned enterprise)

is a district owned enterprise approved by the people’s Government of Jiawang District and authorized the state owned assets supervision and Administration Bureau of Jiawang District to perform the duties of state-owned investor.

Be familiar with the construction and production process, safety protection, fire protection, temporary electricity and other relevant safety regulations, standards and daily safety management, and have a high sense of responsibility; 5.

Carry out safety supervision, inspection and guidance on the construction site, and make safety inspection records; 3.

Its business scope includes real estate development and operation; Various engineering construction activities; estate management; Engineering management services; Brand management, etc.

Be responsible for site project implementation and coordination, and be responsible for construction progress, quality, cost and safety; 4.

College degree or above, major in architecture and structure; 2.

Organize the preparation of safety documents, safety education and management of safety documents; 2.

Correctly fill in the safety production report on the inspection of safety measures on the construction site, and regularly put forward the opinions on the analysis report of safety production; 6.

Timely supervise and urge relevant personnel to handle economic visas, be responsible for centralized summary, collect various visas for settlement basis, and assist the project manager in the visa work of subcontracting.

Organize safety inspection, safety education, safety activities and training and assessment of special operation personnel; 7.

Be familiar with national safety laws and regulations, safety work flow, safety operation specifications and safety management procedures at the production site, and be able to find and correct potential safety hazards in time; 4.

Job responsibilities of the project manager: 1.


and Xuzhou Jiawang Urban Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd., under which it has subsidiaries such as urban investment company, tourism investment company, transportation investment company, water investment company, Hongkang logistics company, urban investment construction engineering company, Qiantong property company and Jiuxin Jiaju company.

Strong learning ability, high professionalism and good communication skills; 4.

Have certain coordination, organization and communication skills, and have certain language expression skills.

Handle general safety accidents.

College degree or above, major in civil engineering, project management and project cost; 2.

Be responsible for the preparation and related work of bidding budget bill of quantities quotation; 2.

Be responsible for guiding the construction of on-site subcontractors and providing technical consultation and guidance to construction and installation subcontractors; 5.

Job responsibilities of Safety Officer: 1.

Pan’an Lake National Wetland Park is a landmark project of Jiawang District’s whole region tourism demonstration area, And won the national habitat demonstration project award, which has made outstanding contributions to the construction of a tourism city in Jiawang District.

Over the past 15 years since its establishment, the company has established the concept of helping Jia Wang’s development and benefiting the people, with the goal of “focusing on the center, serving the overall situation, exploration, innovation, transformation and development”, and has walked out of a new path in line with the actual development of the group company.

Obey the company’s flexible arrangement for work and complete other work assigned by leaders.

Carry out safety education and punishment for teams and individuals who do not comply with safety specifications, and order them to make rectification in time; 4.

Be able to grasp the accurate market price and budget price, and adjust the budget and settlement in time; 4.

In line with the transformation trend of resource exhausted cities, we vigorously implemented the transformation of shantytowns, built resettlement housing communities, actively participated in the treatment project of coal mining subsidence areas, and successively participated in the development of Pan’an Lake Ecological Park, Dadong mountain scenic spot, dugong Lake scenic spot, fengminghai scenic spot and other ecological tourism projects.

Prepare on-site equipment and material demand list and procurement demand plan; 3.

Job requirements: 1.

Be responsible for organizing and solving various technical problems existing in the construction process; 6.

Xuzhou Jiawang Urban Investment Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.: Xuzhou Jiawang urban tourism Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Be responsible for the preparation of budget and settlement of the project department; 3.

Be responsible for the preparation of safety plan and improvement plan; 5.

Be responsible for the construction management of the company’s projects, timely deal with the quality, technology and progress problems in the construction process, strive to improve the project quality and reduce the project cost, Organize completion acceptance and handover.

Have the certificate of cost controller, have more than 5 years of working experience in budget and settlement, be familiar with list quota pricing, skillfully use Guanglianda Xindian software, and be able to take charge of the project independently; 3.


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Treatment: the annual salary is about 150000 yuan, including the individual payment of social security (6000 yuan per month, and the rest will be paid separately according to the performance evaluation at the end of the year).

Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

Its predecessor was Xuzhou Jiawang Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

Review the progress payment requirements proposed by the construction and installation subcontractor and verify the quantities..

Job requirements: 1.

More than 3 years working experience in engineering safety management, with post qualification certificate of Safety Officer (Class C); 3.

Budgeter (Civil Engineering and installation) 6000-10000 yuan post responsibilities: 1.

Organize phased construction quality inspection, intermediate handover and handover acceptance; 7.

Treatment: the annual salary is about 80000 yuan, including the individual payment of social security (5000 yuan per month temporarily, and the rest will be paid separately according to the performance evaluation at the end of the year).


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