High definition dynamic graphics display 3D printed architecture! China Communications Construction takes you to the art of architecture in

China Communications Construction Corporation (CCCC) is listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai, with operations in over 150 countries and regions worldwide.

116 original content When talking about 3D printing on the official account, you must be familiar with the relatively mature application of this technology in the field of plastic, metal and other materials.

In the science fiction blockbuster Wandering Earth 2 at the beginning of this year, the scene of using 3D printing technology to build a moon base was shown.

I believe you have seen relevant printing products, but not many in the field of architecture.

Now CCCC has quietly moved from materials, equipment, systems Starting with key technologies such as path design, we aim to bring “science fiction” into reality.

Today, the editor takes you into the 3D printing construction project site of the fence gate of the Yigong Science and Technology Industrial Park in Xi’an to experience the magic of concrete 3D printing technology.

China Communications Construction Corporation (CCCC) is a large-scale central enterprise mainly engaged in investment, construction, and operation of transportation infrastructure, as well as equipment manufacturing and real estate development.

The project uses 3D printing technology to “print” 769 columns with different shapes for the technology industrial park, forming a 304 meter long fence, And four gatehouses composed of over 200 prefabricated components, with a total printing capacity of 300 tons and a total printing time of approximately 625 hours, are rare large-scale 3D printing construction projects in China

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