The design plans for these public buildings and landscape projects in the five new cities are recommended to be collected by the people.

The ecological landscape projects participating in this solicitation focus on the demonstration demonstration area adjacent to the new city or located near the green ring of the new city.

Looking forward to your participation~For more information, please refer to ↓ Five New City Areas Schematic Diagram Jiading New City Questionnaire Project Introduction ☆ Future City Jiamian Road Kindergarten: located in the eastern part of the “Future City Ideal Unit” of Jiading New City, to make up for the lack of basic education facilities in the surrounding area, address the enrollment needs of surrounding residents, and create a high standard and high-quality kindergarten with practical functions, advanced concepts, and green environmental protection.

The public service facility projects participating in this solicitation are all located in the key areas of the new city or in the adjacent blue green spaces of the new city, with the characteristic of prioritizing the service of people’s livelihood guarantee.

The design principle is to adhere to the principle of putting the people at the center and creating high-quality life, and to showcase the beautiful prospect of the future life of the new city with high-quality design.

The Municipal Planning and Resources Bureau introduced that the five new cities in the city will carry out a new year’s public architecture and landscape project design proposal solicitation activity with the theme of “design empowerment and integrated creation”.

Map of Zhaojing Green Belt Area Aerial View of Zhaojing Green Belt Surrounding Area (2023.2 Aerial Photo) ☆ Community Sports Facilities in Malu Town, Jiading: Committed to building high-quality community sports facilities, better meeting the fitness needs of all ages and the whole population, and creating a multifunctional and intelligent new carrier for national fitness.

Map of Malu Town Community Sports Facilities Area Aerial View of Malu Town Community Sports Facilities Surrounding Area (2023.2 Aerial Photo) Jiading New City Public Building Scheme Questionnaire QR Code (Long press QR code to fill in) Qingpu New City Questionnaire Project Introduction ☆ Qingpu Shangdahe Wharf Complex: Committed to building a park tourist service building group with a composite functional business format

The activity will focus on new city construction projects such as education, culture, housing, community services, and ecological landscapes, and will solicit outstanding design proposals that can be implemented and implemented from both domestic and foreign sources.

Map of Jiamian Road Kindergarten in the Future City – Aerial View of the Surrounding Area of Jiamian Road Kindergarten in the Future City (2023.2 Aerial Photo) ☆ Jiading Zhaojing Green Belt: Committed to providing more green shared waterfront space for residents of the new city, creating a harmonious urban environment between humans and nature, and creating a park city demonstration point.

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With the concept of “introducing nature into the new city and integrating the new city into nature” and the design principle of “ecological priority, green and low-carbon, and distinctive features”, different types of ecological resource utilization demonstration sites are created.


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